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Connecting Your EMR Via HL7

HL7 (Health Level Seven), is an industry standard for healthcare informatics interoperability. HL7 provide a framework (and related standards) for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information. If your EMR system can receive scheduling data via HL7's SIU message. It is possible to establish a seamless electronic connection between your EMR and our scheduler via a HL7 channel. Please contact our support staff to discuss details regarding the set up of an HL7 channel.

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manage your appointment from smartphone

Manage your scheduler on IPhone App

Our iPhone app Doc's Msgr (Doctor's Messenger) is designed to help you manage your schedule while being away from your office. The app has a very friendly user interface that will allow you view, add, cancel, reschedule your appointments with a few simple touch. In addition, Doc's Msgr has also a contact manager that help you keep in touch with your patients or clients. If you travel frequently or do not always have computer access in your office, Doc's Msgr will be your best business helper.

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Sync your appointments with your google calendar

Sync your appointments with Google Calendar

For our user using a mobile device other than iPhone, Our 2ways Gsync function will auto-sync your schedule with Google Calendar and thus allow you to manage your schedule via Google Calendar on your device. Sync your appointments to Google has added benefits. For example, you can check your appointments via text message.

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importing your appointments from excel sheets and text files

Importing your appointments from Excel sheets, Text and PDF File

If you need a low cost appointment reminder service and your scheduler can save or export appointments to a report of any format. chances are you can use our prepaid user account for reminder service. Our system can read and import from Excel, Text, PDF in amlost any format. The set-up of a prepaid reminder service is free. Please show us a sample of your appointment report when you are intested for a trial. Our support staff will work with you to ensure a successful start-up.

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