How do we support you?

We are committed to supporting our customers and our business partners with a clear focus on different business areas and phases:

  • Because no software or hardware is ever installed in your office, our best and most critical support efforts are not directly visible to you; your web-based services are monitored and maintained 24/7 by professional system engineers whose job is to ensure better-than-99.5% system up-time and complete Internet security.

  • As a new customer, you'll receive free telephone or on-site user support during the first month following service sign-up. This support is provided by our service reseller or our own support staff and will focus on helping new customers migrate ANGELA into their medical clinics' existing practice work flow quickly and smoothly.

  • Free online user support is available to you for the life time of any service account. Single sign-on users will not only connect to their Web Appointment Book, but also to all support functions, including email contact to our support staff, support desk ticket handling, online user tutorials, and automated online service invoice management.

  • Pre-sales support desk FAQ is designed to address the most-frequently asked questions and answers with our pre-sales customers. In addition, our pre-sales support staff can be contacted at the provided number.

  • The reseller support page is only available to AngelSpeech resellers or our business partners.