Top 3 Patient Complaints Regarding Doctor’s Offices

October 28th, 2013

As the healthcare industry changes, doctors and medical practitioners have to stay on top of their game in regards to patient service and best practices. Not only do they have to stay abreast of all medical discoveries and process changes, but they have to constantly look at the way their practice treats its patients to make sure they are providing the best service. With more and more health practices popping up, potential patients have plenty of choices. Here are the top complaints people have about their doctor’s office.

My Doctor Thinks His Time is More Valuable Than Mine

This is the top complaint across the board. Whether patients are talking about their primary care physician or their dentist, nothing frustrates people more than showing up 15-30 minutes prior to their appointment only to wait an hour or more to be seen. Many large practices allot only 15 minutes for appointment, which should open the market up for smaller practices, but the ins and outs of running a practice limit a doctor’s time as well. That’s why a service like Angela can help you serve your patients. You and your staff spend less time on administrative duties so you can spend more time with your patients.

Poor Communication

Patients complain about doctors who take a long time to call with test results, or practices who don’t have staff available after hours to schedule appointments. While Angela doesn’t deliver test results, she takes care of the scheduling so that the doctor can spend more time following up with patients.

Rude or Disconnected Staff

Unfortunately, human error can impact even the service your patients receive when they call your practice.  Studies show that medical employees who have to spend time with scheduling, cancellations and no shows have less tolerance for patients who call with questions or patients who are physically in the office. Angela takes the scheduling, cancellation and no show pressure off your practice staff so that workers have more time, and hopefully more patience to deliver the service people really want.

Steps for an Efficient, Well-Run Medical Practice

October 4th, 2013

Running a medical practice can be time-consuming, frustrating, yet extremely rewarding. Knowing you are using your medical expertise to help people is really the goal most people have when they enter the medical field. Yet, many people get it wrong when it comes to running the business of a practice. Luckily, there are some tried-and -true tips that help you run your practice successfully so you can provide the best care available.

Understand the Difficult Details

As the American population ages, more and more patients participate in Medicare. Up until now, many medical practices have failed to master the ins and outs of Medicare reimbursement and filing because they had plenty of other business with insurance companies. Well, now that landscape is changing too, and with the Affordable Care Act and all the other things going on in the healthcare industry, it is vital that you understand what prevention care services are covered by Medicare and other insurance plans. It’s worth it to become an insurance expert, because that is the one area where patients are most in need of help in regards to understanding. An educated practice will retain clients simply because they can be a vital asset to a patient’s understanding, budget and piece of mind.

Make Time for Patients

As more people require healthcare for treatment as well as preventative care, it’s very hard to grow the bottom line and still spend considerable time during patient visits. Don’t make the mistake of scheduling patients too close together. There are tools (like Angela) that help your practice with scheduling and managing rescheduling requests, cancellations and no shows, so don’t let the fear of an open half hour window deprive your patients of the care they deserve. A doctor or medical professional who spends time listening to their patient, talking to them about their health and recommending treatment options is a person who gains faithful and loyal patients.

Make It Easy for Patients to Contact You

One of the top complaints about medical practices is that the communication is poor. Now, with tools like Angela, medical professionals can streamline their scheduling, rescheduling, confirmation and cancellations so that any time a patient calls they can accomplish what they need to. That, combined with the proper bedside manner and a great understanding of the scary red tape, will help you succeed in your medial practice.

Autonomous Patient Appointment Reminders – A look into the Future

August 24th, 2013

Automated front desk services have become more and more popular in the recent years, mainly because of the developments that came not too long before 2010. A lot has happened in the sphere of autonomous robots, a lot of development and improvement, this allowed for services like automated front desk answering machines, automated appointment systems and reminder services to be implemented everywhere. A place where they would find great application is in a doctor’s office, where it can be hard to find well-qualified staff that can handle all of the workload.

These types of services are extremely applicable in cases where a doctor’s office is severely understaffed and said doctor cannot afford to hire another person, this means that patients can be overlooked, unwillingly of course, problems can be half-solved, and overall chaos can ensue if measures are not taken quickly. Here is where automated services come in handy, they will not only cost just the fraction of what the paycheck and health insurance of a human would, but with the newest improvements, these services have become even more reliable in some instances. Where a human cannot cope, the system will because it needs no sleep and if it does need maintenance all of it can be done online, that is right, no software or hardware installation is needed.

The system also allows for different kinds of reminders that will shorten the amount of people who forget their appointments, something highly unpleasant for both the doctor and patient. There are three kinds of reminder services, the email one, the phone reminder service, and text reminder services. All of them have their flaws but if used together they will create an almost fool proof system that will make sure your patients know when to come.

The email system allows for a direct contact with the patient, since most people already have access to the internet and emails this is the most reliable of the three. The phone service is also very reliable though the chance of a missed call is always there, the textual service is a good option, however, not all people have text service, so in order to ensure that everything is right one must choose to use all three services, just to make sure.

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Automated 24/7 Medical Answering Service – Keeping Things in Check

August 19th, 2013

These kinds of services have many benefits for the doctors, their staff, and most importantly their patients. The automated service will allow you to be at several places at once, it will do the work of people who you would usually pay, it is a lot cheaper than a trained professional is and in most instances, it is even more reliable.

The reason these types of services are very suitable for doctor’s offices is that they do not require to be maintained in any way. They are online based and the company providing the service do all of the support that is needed, the patients and the doctor have no part in the maintenance of the entire service.

Automated services have answering capabilities that frees staff from hanging around the phone and allows them to work on more important matters like patient care and such. This service is also available 24/7, which means that people can call any time of the week, any day, and they will still get answers to the most commonly asked question or will be redirected to a live person who can answer their question better.

There is also online scheduling, the reason this is a good service is because most patients will not have to deal with receptionists, they will not have to deal with waiting. The scheduling is done in seconds and everyone is happy. The doctor has an extra pair of hands to help around the office and the patients are happy because their needs are being met with a lighting fast speed.

This particular service is very safe; it has systems in place that will make sure all of your personal information is safe and locked away, for your eyes only. You can also use this system as an automated appointment reminder, it is immediate and it has custom settings, which will fit any preexisting conditions you might have, you can put custom alarms that will ring a couple of hours before the appointment so you are aware.

Doctors will no longer have to worry if their patient’s needs are being met, all they need is an automated system that can take care of such trivial tasks, and it enables all of the staff to work on more important tasks like patient care.

Be sure to check out the Automated Online Scheduling provided by AngelSpeech Inc, a very successful automated online scheduling and front desk management service, a cheap and reliable solution to a medical professionals staffing problems.

Automated Patient Appointment Scheduling – A Step In The Right Direction

December 15th, 2012

Today, many sole medical practitioners, family and specialist medical practices, are utilising the same doctor – patient scheduling technology, as some of the worlds leading health authorities. An automated patient appointment scheduling system can help improve efficiency and bring your medical practice up to par with the rest of the ‘advancing’ world in the twenty-first century. Without doubt, automation is becoming the norm for more routine tasks in the world of business: And while of course people’s health is a ‘personal’ matter, at the end of the day a medical practice has to make money; just like any other business – Indeed, the health care industry is in fact worth billions of dollars a year.

Keeping Up With Business

To keep up, businesses (including medical practices and practitioners) need to be competitive, and one of the best ways to do that is ensure the services they provide are meeting the needs of their clients: With regards to health care, this could not be truer. An automated patient appointment scheduling system can help to improve overall medical practice management by improving office efficiency. Think about the time staff spends on the phone dealing with patient appointments and reminder calls: In a busy office, this can actually amount to ‘most of the time’! Is this really a cost effective way for them to spend their working hours? The hours you (and your patients) are in fact paying for.

Improve Workflows

With an automated scheduler in place your staff will have more time to deal with patients – In this way, workflows can be improved. Nobody likes to spend time hanging around on the end of a phone. Automated patient appointment scheduling systems can deal with multiple calls, usually in a fraction of the time. Most medical practitioners can substantially improve services using a relatively simple patient appointment scheduler. Basic (necessary) features include patient appointment scheduling and automated reminder calls. Reminder calls have proven to help reduce no-shows. Automating ensures reminder calls are always made, as well as always made on time: In this way revenues can in fact be improved by reducing no-shows. Advanced systems can deal with much more. Features include multiple languages, customisations, billing, pre paid appointments and much more.

Does Your Medical Practice Need an Automated Patient Appointment Scheduler?

If your medical practice is still ‘getting by’ using pen and paper then it is probably time to consider moving on and into the twenty first century – Give some of the systems and their features a try out: Surely a step in the right direction.

Online Medical Scheduler – Getting What You Pay For

December 2nd, 2012

For any practitioner (medical, specialist, dental, holistic etc) patient appointment scheduling is essential: Indeed, it is no secret that revenues depend upon it. As the world becomes an increasingly competitive place, it is essential for businesses to streamline work processes as effectively and so cost effectively as possible. Over the last decade many of the world’s largest health organisations have turned to automated patient appointment scheduling to achieve just that. Automating patient appointment scheduling tasks invariably results in the improved overall performance: Less mistakes are made and patients are able to schedule an appointment at any time, which can save staff a lot of valuable time.

Affordable Solutions

Today, this technology is available and affordable even for sole practitioners. Of course, there are extremely advanced automated schedulers available. However, such advanced systems are rarely needed by smaller medical practices and sole practitioners. Basic features include automated patient appointment scheduling services and patient appointment reminder calls.

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Automated schedulers can be used during busy periods or applied 24/7: It depends upon how busy the practice is. Most online systems (as opposed to “in-house” systems) can also provide patients with 24/7 scheduling – In a modern world, providing this kind of convenience can keep you ahead of the competition.

Patient Reminder Calls

The stats tell us time and time again that patient reminder calls can help to reduce no-shows. In any medical practice, time is money and no-shows cost: Time is one thing that can never be recuperated. Automating this task gives your front desk staff more time to deal with patients: No more hours spent making calls manually or writing out cards. For any medical practice or practitioner with a high No-show rate automated patient scheduling software can be extremely cost effective: Helping to reduce no-shows and so increase revenues as well as the level of patient care provided.

Free or Paid?

They say nothing in life is free, and that is generally the case online as it is offline. Free scheduling software invariably comes with terms and conditions attached: And usually, those conditions include giving the provider of that free system certain “information”. If you think your patients wouldn’t mind giving away their information they okay. However, for most this would cause a conflict of interests. Indeed, it would be hard to imagine these free systems being HIPAA compliant – Ultimately, you get what you pay for in this life and that includes patient appointment schedulers.

Automated Patient Appointment Scheduling – Everything You Need

November 24th, 2012

An advanced automated medical online scheduler can provide your medical practice with everything it needs to keep doctors and patient appointments organised. To survive in a consistently evolving world all businesses, including the health industry, need to keep connected with their clients: And the more ways they provide those clients with ways to connect the better.

A Welcome Service for Patients, Doctors & Staff

Research has certainly suggested that people want (and welcome) the opportunity to make a doctor appointment online – Indeed, most medical practitioners who do provide online patient scheduling find patients will book their doctor appointment online and in many instances the sheer convenience of it (patients are able schedule, re-schedule and cancel their doctor appointment online with ease 24/7), can help to reduce no-shows and increase revenues: With relatively little effort at all, on behalf of the staff or the medical practitioners.

User Friendly

The cost of implementing an online appointment scheduling system is relatively low when you balance up the advantages. An online scheduler can facilitate one of the most significant trends right now within business: Mobile internet. Patients can access the scheduling system while on the move, 24/7. Online systems can take a lot of the headache out of scheduling. Today’s systems are extremely user friendly; nobody will get frustrated. In fact most medical practitioners find patients love the new system and are amazed at the true simplicity of using it – Immediately they can see which appointments are free and are able to quickly and easily choose which suits them most: Of course, not every system is the same. However, invariably this is the case for medical practitioners that have opted for a reputable system with a proven track record.

Cost Effective

If you counted how many hours staff spent each week dealing with patient appointments it would almost undoubtedly surprise you. Without doubt, in a busy medical practice staff can spend a large percentage of the day answering calls, making and rearranging appointments. An online scheduler can deal with scheduling as well as reminder calls: Giving staff more free time to deal with patients and other vital medical practice management tasks such as billing.

More advanced systems will generally offer a more comprehensive range of features and customisations: It depends’ what the needs of the practitioner and patients are. A free trial can provide the opportunity to try out various online systems – Great for assessing what features are the most useful for your practice.

Online Medical Appointment Scheduling Systems – What Can They Do For You?

November 17th, 2012

Medical practice management and patient scheduling software can help practitioners improve services and so the level of patient care they provide. Indeed, some of the world’s largest health organisations have saved millions of dollars by streamlining patient scheduling. Providing patients with the opportunity to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment 24/7 has proven to help improve patient services as well as reduce no-shows. Automation liberates staff, giving them extra time to deal with more pressing, “hands-on” tasks.

Liberate Staff & Improve Services
All scheduling tasks can be dealt with by the system automatically, 24/7. Or these systems can be called upon during busy periods only; providing a cost effective way to have that “extra pair of hands” available as and when needed (invariably more cost effective than hiring “human hands”).

The Personal Touch
Some medical practitioners prefer to use automated patient scheduling during peak times only: Feeling this keeps patient services more personalised – And indeed, there is an real element of truth in this. However, research has indicated that most adults would actually welcome the opportunity to be able to make a doctor appointment 24/7 using an online or automated service. In addition, something to seriously consider: If the “personalised service” being provided is not actually adequate (as in dealing with demand), due to the fact staff do not have the time needed to deal with the tasks at hand, surely automation is the practical (as well as cost effective) solution – Indeed, this has in fact proven to be the case for medical practices, practitioners and health corporations worldwide.

Nothing in Life is Free
As they say, nothing in life is free: And like most things, if you want quality you have to pay for it. There are free appointment scheduling software downloads and systems available online. However, they usually come with a catch. For medical practitioners free appointment scheduling software can be a precarious area to tread. More often than not, the company providing the free service or the developer will be collecting data in some way – And as all medical practitioners have a duty to protect their patient’s data, free software is rarely an option.

On The Other Hand
On the other hand, free software and system “free trials” are extremely useful. They provide medical practitioners and staff to try out the software. Most professional (paid for) online medical appointment system providers understand the importance of “user friendly”: In general, staff do not need to be seriously savvied to work with these systems. Nevertheless, test driving before making any commitment is always the soundest way forward.

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