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Telephone reminder vital to chiropractice success

December 4th, 2008

Chiropractic care is still very much a controversial medical practice. Though popular opinion seems to be moving more and more toward acceptance of muscle and bone manipulation as a medical treatment, there is still a large segment of people who are opposed to the use of chiropractic care. While chiropractors are certainly investing time and resources into educating the public on the benefits of treatment, they should also be focused on maintain relationships with people who have already demonstrated a willingness to receive care. A simple patient appointment reminder goes along way toward keeping patients coming.

There is now a large enough population of people that are comfortable with chiropractic care to satisfy the business needs of many providers. The challenge for providers is to make an immediate connection with patients and establish ongoing relationships. For some people, chiropractic treatment is used as part of rehabilitation from injury or as a one-time use. Others, however, are turning to the industry to assist with ongoing physical ailments. People with chronic back pain, muscle soreness, and other aches and pains recognize the long-term effects that consistent treatment can give them.

It sounds simple enough – deliver a patient appointment reminder to people about upcoming appointments or to schedule follow up appointments, and they will come. This is true. Reminder calls can help reduce patient no shows which are a revenue drain and can help with getting repeat visits from patients after initial care. The challenge lies in having a receptionist who has the time, ability, and inclination to consistently and effectively deliver phone reminder calls every day to confirm appointments or schedule follow ups. In many chiropractic care facilities, one receptionist is relied on to manage the office. This includes in-clinic patient assistance, answering phone calls, filing, completing insurance paperwork, billing, running errands, and more. There is not always time for an accurate and thorough deliver of an appointment reminder call.

Enter the automated reminder program. An automated appointment reminder software program is a tool that can be customized to deliver efficient and effective appointment reminder calls every day, without fail, and a cost-effective manner. Reminder calls are delivered through an automated system that enables the patient to confirm or cancel an appointment. This helps ensure the appointment time is filled by that patient or another. Notes can also be included with the call based on particular needs or direction for the given patient. Additionally, reminder calls can be used to follow up with patients to encourage them to schedule their next appointment.

The best news about the great benefits provided by a patient appointment reminder solution is that it been be obtained with a moderate investment. Top systems typically come with an up front cost and little to no ongoing expense and maintenance. Given the significant business advantages addressed, especially the one about the importance of maintaining patient relationships, an investment in an automated appointment reminder solution seems like one sure to pay off for most chiropractic offices.

The ideal healthcare receptionist

December 2nd, 2008

The voices coming from your office front desk area are growing louder. A patient of yours is very upset about his appointment scheduling. The front desk girl is again failed her task that seems so simple – ANSWERING TELEPHONE.

To be fair, most front office receptionist are doing their best. Yet answering telephone involves more human factors than expected by all of us and can be a major source of patient discontent about your practice. Mistakes made when staff answering telephone are always seen as being unprofessional and could reflect poorly on your practice.

You can avoid this scene by finding the ideal health care receptionist. Easier said than done, right? Where will you find the ideal medical receptionist? Give a virtual medical office receptionist a try in your office. These services provide 24/7 medical reception that have an efficiency that can exceed the best live answering service.

You want nothing but positive testimonials from your patients; not only about your stellar diagnostic skills and bedside manner but also about your well run office. A virtual medical office receptionist provides self-service patient appointment scheduling that completely avoids the same-name fiasco. An automated telephone reminder feature helps your patients (the right patient!) keep their appointments. The best reminder services even offer multilingual appointment reminder capability.

An emergency after-hours doctor answering service is a must for any well run medical practice. Some virtual answering services can triage emergent calls from urgent from a plain old appointment request, and route the call directly to the appropriate contact number. Your patients get the immediate attention they need and will never have to listen to call-waiting music again. Plus the service that I use has a very natural voice dialog.

A recent survey discovered that a majority of online users look to for physicians that have integrated the internet into their practices. Your patients are expecting follow up emails after appointments and many more appreciate preventative care reminders.

One of the unfortunate consequences of managed care is the amount of time that patients are afforded during an appointment. Many patients forget to ask all the questions they have about their health care while with their physician. Medical answering service with email support can help bridge this informational gap.

As a dedicated physician who values personal relationships with your patients, you may feel apprehensive at the thought of virtual services. Keep in mind, your patients can actually experience a better automated answering service than your live answering service. Also, rest assured, web-based doctor appointment scheduling and other online services still protect patient privacy and security. Search for a HIPAA compliant virtual receptionist. Choose one that allows you or recognized office staff to set and reset access for each patient.

Medical office assistant online programs can complete many of the office tasks that are currently bogging down your medical staff. Many web-based doctor appointment services do not even require hardware installation and can be administered offsite. In fact, some simply require a subscription. That means that the ideal health care receptionist could be just a few clicks away.

Good telephone answering service a chiropractor’s must-have

December 2nd, 2008

Chiropractic clinics come in all shapes and sizes. There are large practices that operate with several professionals and a few office staff members. Others may have one provider and one receptionist. Some smaller practices may just have a solo provider who operates as his own receptionist, multi-tasking between providing care and answering calls. Regardless of the setup, all chiropractic clinics can benefit from the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a high quality telephone answering service.

A virtual answering service is an automated response system that quickly and accurately handles patient phone calls ranging from appointment scheduling to transfer of emergency calls. Why would a bigger practice need a virtual answering service if they have staff people? The telephone answering service acts as a perfect backup receptionist in the even live agents are busy with a patient, on another line, completing daily reminder calls, or engrossed in other office tasks. Whereas a live receptionist can only handle one call at a time, sometimes not very efficiently, a virtual answering service could potentially book several appointments at once in a matter of moments. This frees up office staff to fulfill patient needs, complete other important tasks, and process insurance claims paperwork.

A backup receptionist is especially important in those smaller practices where one receptionist or even no receptionist is on hand. Multi-tasking in a busy small practice can be stressful for someone flying solo. Plus, taking restroom breaks, lunch breaks, and others create a need for an answering service solution. Some small town chiropractors may even opt to operate without a full time receptionist with the ability to use a virtual answering service to manage basic calls for scheduling appointments and other needs.

Another excellent reason for any chiropractic clinic to use a call answering service is for the need to offer an after-hours answering service. Again, many practices cannot afford to pay someone to answer phones 24/7. However, the moderate up front cost for a call answering service program is even more worth it if the solution can be used as the after-hours answering service. After-hours call support is important as many people attempt to schedule appointments, or may have urgent needs after business hours.

The reality is that the virtual answering service just makes sense for chiropractors concerned with driving revenue and making profit. It is much more affordable to buy a virtual answering service than it is to pay someone ongoing to perform call answering duties. The virtual answering service also does not suffer from human limitations. Stress and fatigue are common place in many medical offices as receptionists are overwhelmed and overworked.

A quality technology solution quickly manages patient calls, something that patients appreciate, does not get irritable or short with callers, and never needs a rest. Maintenance of a solution is very minimal. All of these great benefits of the call answering service should impress any chiropractor who wants to focus his or her time on patient care and not on managing stressed receptionists and dealing with poor office morale.

Psychiatrists depend on automated phone reminder

December 2nd, 2008

Operating a psychiatric practice can be stressful. Psychiatrists often work with patients that struggle with tough mental and emotional issues. The ability to work effectively with patients can be very rewarding to professionals, though, which is why providers select psychiatry as a profession.

Psychiatry is also a business. Like any other service provider, psychiatric practices must generate revenue and manage costs. This part of the industry can also contribute to the stress level of a provider and managing office staff can certainly be a strain on the real focus of the psychiatric professional.

Turnover is notoriously high in medical practice front desk positions. In many psychiatric clinics, one or two receptionists are relied upon to manage the office. This includes patient attentiveness, answering phone calls, filing, errands, delivering reminder calls, and completing insurance paperwork. This can be a massive undertaking for any human being and the stress has proved too much for many a receptionist. Fortunately, an automated appointment reminder program can be a problem solver and help in many facets of operating a practice.

Appointment reminder software offers solution for managing one of the more tedious tasks that office staff must complete. Daily reminder calls are necessary in any industry that relies on appointments for revenue. Patients, especially those burdened with other mental and emotional challenges can be forgetful. They can also forget to call and cancel appointments when something else comes up.

Appointment no-shows are a huge financial strain on a psychiatric practice as providers rely on consistent appointment bookings for ongoing revenue generation. Staff and resource expenses are still necessary even when appointment times are missed.

Why is appointment reminder software better than a live agent phone reminder? There are several reasons. First, as mentioned, receptionists are overwhelmed and delivering tedious telephone reminders every day can be exhausting. This may cause the live agent to be irritable in making the calls and potentially cause them to neglect effective performance of other important tasks. Since people deal with stress and fatigue and an automated appointment reminder software does not, there is much less ongoing management and maintenance of the virtual phone reminder.

Appointment reminder software operates efficiently and accurately. It delivers reminder calls precisely as it is programmed and in a quick fashion. This frees up the live agent to handle the other personalized care and paperwork needs. A good phone reminder program can be acquired for a modest up front investment, which is certainly repaid in the reduction of patient no-shows. The phone reminder enables the patient to either confirm or cancel their appointment. The confirmation serves as a friendly reminder and the cancellation lets the office know to reschedule that time slot. Either scenario helps protect the important revenue that might otherwise have been lost.

The phone reminder can also be programmed to include notes about the visit to ensure there are no issues or delays when the patient arrives at the office. Small features like this have prove to be big help to medical practice, making the service ever pupular among physicians.


December 2nd, 2008

It is now official that the US is in a recession. It started almost a year ago and the effects have been felt far and wide. Big companies continue to downsize while the not so big ones are looking for ways of remaining afloat in these treacherous economic times. The medical profession has not been spared either and practitioners are desperate for ways of retaining their clients as they endeavor to attract new ones. With the profession growing every new day the competition keeps on increasing. It takes experience, professionalism and apt customer care skills to maintain a loyal client base. Things like a good phone answering service may seem minor but if poorly handled its effects may be disastrous.

During peak hours clients may try to call and fail to get through because the line is busy. To avert the negative effects that this brings to your business, invest in a reliable physician answering service. A good physician answering service will handle all the incoming calls with outstanding efficiency. It can handle many calls at the same time thus reducing the inconveniences of clients having to wait on the line.

In addition, good physician answering service can prioritize calls and have the urgent ones get to you without delay. This makes your services very reliable and patients will trust you to always deliver especially when they need you most. A 24/7 doctor answering service guarantees your clients attention any time of day or night at an affordable cost.

With the prevailing economic times, investing in a virtual answering machine will save your business in terms of operating costs because the service does not require any maintenance. As far as productivity is concerned, a physician answering service performs way better than a human answering service because it does not get tired. The service does not ‘sleep on the job’ and there is no need to supervise how it is working unlike with humans. This will free and save you a lot of time.

An automated doctor answering service relieves your staff of tiresome and boring tasks and enables them to engage in other more important activities. By investing in this service you will offer more personalized attention to your clients and thus building their loyalty. The clients will feel appreciated and will find no need of looking for alternative services. Well, you may ask, ‘but, I can get the same from a human answering service by hiring more staff?’

A live answering service can do but at a higher cost. Human beings cannot handle many tasks at once. Thus, your clients will have to hold on the line in case there are many incoming calls at the same time. Human beings can also be unpredictable and their reactions are influenced by the external factors around them. As much as they may try mistakes are inevitable and with the ongoing credit crunch some mistakes can prove to be very costly both now and in the distant future.

So, try out something new this time round. Find for yourself how an automated answering service can completely turn around your medical profession. As other businesses count their losses be smart and see your clientele grow. That’s one sure way of beating the credit crisis!

Reminder call program keeps patients coming back for eye care

December 2nd, 2008

Eye care clinics are recognizing increased competition and the need to drive consistent revenue and maintain patient relationships. As is the case with other medical providers, optometrists depend on consistently utilized appointment times to collect revenue from patients. Patient no-shows or missed follow up business can harm the long-term viability of any practice. A virtual reminder call program has become the answer for many of the top optometrists. An automated reminder call service is the most efficient, cost-effective, and accurate way to deliver telephone reminders to patients, thus reducing the number of no-shows and last minute appointment cancellations.

Historically, receptionists have been responsible for making reminder calls in optometry clinics. However, turnover has been fairly high in many healthcare offices because receptionists are stressed, overwhelmed and fatigued. Many practices operate with one or two receptionists who are responsible for managing in-clinic patients, telephone calls, office communications, and insurance paperwork. The burden of doing all of these things, plus taking the time to making daily reminder phone calls can wear any person out. Even though good receptionists may try to accomplish all of these things effectively, at some point their stress causes them to lose effectiveness in handling personalized concerns of patients and accurately completing tasks.

The automated appointment reminder solution does not struggle with stress or fatigue. More importantly, it potentially relieves some of the stress and fatigue of the other members of an office staff. An optometrist relies on patient relationships for long-term success. An automated reminder helps reduce the number of forgotten appointments and helps increase revenue collection. Additionally, the reminder call enables the patient to either confirm or cancel. An early cancel allows the practice to schedule another patient during that time slot and not miss out on the revenue earning opportunity. The appointment reminder is also a good way to deliver important notes on what to bring or other instructions to patients based on their particular needs.

Automated reminder call program can perform these daily phone reminders efficiently and accurately without the possible irritability that accompanies some calls from receptionists. Top reminder call software programs also offer multilingual call capabilities to help serve a diverse population. The good news is that an automated reminder program does not have to cost too much. Solutions can be purchased for a moderate up front cost and typically require little to no ongoing maintenance. For many eye care practices, the use of an automated appointment reminder program can potentially mean the elimination of the need for a backup receptionist or part time receptionist to help with managing office tasks.

Additionally, the reminder call program not only performs its duties without fail, it also frees up the receptionist to complete his or her more important tasks efficiently and with less stress. The overall morale of the office is improved, patient care is more personable, and the practice benefits through a reduced number of patient no-shows and better long-term relationships with its patients.

Dental patients love online scheduler

December 2nd, 2008

Many dental providers are seeing excellent benefits in operational efficiency and patient relationships through the use of an online scheduler. An online scheduler enables patients to schedule appointments and receive an automated appointment reminder through the web.

The reality of business today is that consumers are moving online at a fast-pace. Even face-to-face industries and service solutions are beginning to seeing the opportunities to offer appointments, bookings, and transactions through the web. A web-based dental appointment scheduler is a solution that dental practices must not only embrace for competitive advantages it is one that soon is going to be a competitive necessity.

There are many benefits to patients with a web-based appointment scheduler. First, internet sales are climbing at a pace around 20-25 percent per year and are expected to grow to about twelve percent of all business transactions by 2011-2012. This means that people are spending more time looking to make purchases online.

Additionally, many people are using the web for self-diagnosis of healthcare issues and are therefore an audience for providers that target consumers on the web. An online appointment scheduler is also an efficient and hassle-free experience for many people. The ability to schedule an appointment on your own, without the hassle of dealing with a busy receptionist, and at any time day or night, is desired by many people.

Speaking of those busy receptionists that are often stressed and fatigued from multi-tasking in a busy dental practice, they benefit as well from an online scheduler. As more patient traffic is moved to a web-based dental appointment scheduler, the receptionist does not have to manage as many routine appointment scheduling phone calls. This frees them up to offer more personalized attention to in-clinic patients or callers with more demanding needs. They are also more capable of completing other important office tasks including all-important insurance claims paperwork that is a key driver of office revenue. Morale of the office staff is greatly improved if the receptionist is not overwhelmed. In turn, patients also get a better experience when visiting the dentist office.

There are many excellent benefits to the dental practice as well when an automated appointment scheduler is used. First, it provides an additional medium to connect with potential new patients. As mentioned, many people surf the web and look for information on healthcare issues online. This means there is an audience available on the web that may not reach out to you on the phone or in person. Maintaining patient relationships is also important to the long-term success of any healthcare practice. When patients use an online scheduler, their data is collected and an automated e-mail appointment reminder program is used to reduce patient no-shows. Data collected is secured and private with the best online scheduler solutions. Most also come with effective backup systems that help ensure that dental providers can track patient behavior, monitor trends with no-shows and missed appointments, and also contact patients to schedule follow up visits.

Call answering service preferred by dental patients

December 2nd, 2008

For many people, dealing with irritable receptionists, being left on hold, or wasting time trying to schedule a dental appointment is more stressful and painful than anything that could happen in a dental chair. Dental care, though obviously important and necessary, is something that many people do not often look forward to. In order to make the overall experience more inviting and less overwhelming, dental providers need to make the process of scheduling appointments and getting assistance less of a burden. The virtual answering service is a big help in making this happen.

A virtual call answering service can help dental providers, their staffs, and patients alike. Personalized customer service is still important to most people. In an ideal scenario, a person calling a dentist office would have his or her call immediately picked up, answered, and the issue resolved. Unfortunately, humans are managing the front desk process and are therefore prone to human limitations and emotions. Good receptionists can still become overwhelmed with in-clinic patients, phone calls, and completing laborious insurance paperwork. Plus, a human can typically only handle one telephone call at a time. This means that if one receptionist is running a front desk, one caller is going to be responded to at a time.

So, what do dental patients prefer understanding the ideal scenario described above is not always feasible. Most people would suggest that an efficient response to their needs is a close substitute to personalized attention in certain circumstances. A large number of calls to a dental practice relate to appointment scheduling or questions. A virtual call answering service can respond better in many cases to the need for efficiency. Whereas humans have limitations, a top call answering service is an excellent multi-tasker. It can typically handle multiple phone calls at once and assist callers with routine tasks such as scheduling appointments.

A 24/7 medical answering service also supports the need of many dental providers to offer an after-hours answering service. For many, paying a live agent to respond to after-hours phone calls is not cost-effective. However, a virtual answering service that requires a moderate up front cost and little to no ongoing maintenance makes perfect sense as a solution to help schedule appointments and meet other needs in an after-hours dental office scenario.

Surprisingly to some patients, a virtual answering service is also more often the more efficient method for getting immediate transfer to a provider in an emergency. Dental practices may not often deal with emergencies, but tooth pains and urgent dental care does happen after hours at times. Sometimes, people simply cannot wait until the next day or next appointment time to get their problems resolved. Whereas people can be tires or irritable in assisting with emergency care calls, a virtual answering service is… well… a machine. The 24/7 medical answering service is a great support for patients of any dental practice as it helps as a backup receptionist by day, and as an after-hours answering service by night.

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