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Using Online Scheduler with BlackBerry, Iphone or Smart Phone

August 20th, 2009

If you thought the online appointment scheduler was good, it just got better. Now you can synchronize your online appointment scheduler with Google calendar and access it from anywhere. You need not have a computer with you always. You can now check and update your appointment book from your BlackBerry, Iphone or Smart Phone.

The first step to this life of freedom is to have a free Google account. You may choose to use your current account if you have one, but it is always best to have a separate account for business and personal items. Ensure that the time zone settings you use for your Google account are the same as those you used when setting up your online appointment scheduler. Your appointments will be reset to Google time zone if you use different time zones for your online scheduler and your Google account.

Now that you have set up your account open your online appointment scheduler and visit the SyncData Page. Activate the sync to Google Calendar option. You are now ready for synchronization.

The online appointment scheduler will automatically update your Google calendar. All appointments made within the two weeks prior to activating the Google sync option will be transferred to your accounts’ Google Calendar. The Google sync data function will be automatically activated several times everyday to ensure that the Google calendar stays up to date with all due appointments.

The addition of Google calendar sync function to the online appointment scheduler is a real asset to any medical practice. You can access Google calendar from anywhere. All you need is a BlackBerry, Smart Phone or iPhone. You can now conveniently check your appointments and send messages to your patients right from your phone. You no longer have to find a computer when you are away from your office.

The Google calendar data sync function not only allows you to have a portable appointment scheduler, but also helps you to avoid double booking. You can use your Blackberry, iPhone or Smartphone to set up business and private appointments. Google Calendar will be able to access your appointment book and synchronize these appointments with those transferred from the online appointment scheduler. You will therefore be able to know when business and patients’ appointments coincide. The Google Calendar sync function can also help you stop patients from booking appointments on dates or time blocks that you have set aside for business or personal appointments.

If you haven’t been able to attract business with the traditional methods of advertising, your online appointment scheduler can help you attract more traffic to your reception. Your patient will appreciate the convenience of booking appointments at their own convenience online. The addition of Google Calendar again will ensure that patients are not double booked. With Google calendar there is also no danger of their appointments clashing with your business or personal appointments. Your patient will be assured that the appointments they have made will be met, building their confidence in your practice.

Web Based Scheduling is a hit for your patients and your practice

August 4th, 2009

What do patients want out of you and your medical practice?

Well, we know they want good medical care. We know they want a personable, nice, cordial doctor and a nice environment to come to when they’re not feeling well. But, most patients desire one thing first and foremost – convenience.

Patients want access to you and your office anytime. That is, when they are sick unexpectedly. They want 24/7 access to make appointments. They don’t want busy signals, or rude office staff, or any other impediment to efficient and effective medical service.

So if you are look for remedy for medical practice efficiecy. There is one item you can add to your practice that will wow your patients and give them the convenience they need. It’s called web-based scheduling and it’s about to change the way you do business.

What is it that your front desk office staff spends most of its time doing? Scheduling new appointments and dealing with paperwork?

Web-based schedulings a cost effective, safe and secure way to cut down on the amount of time office staff spends doing the conventional tasks. It release your staff workload and give your patients the convenience of make an appointment with you 24/7.

We use the Internet for everything these days and your medical practice should join the party! With 24/7 web based scheduling, your patients can log onto your website at anytime of the day or night and schedule their appointments. What’s more, your patients can schedule follow-up appointments and even enter in their insurance information online. They can do it in the privacy of their own home, whenever they need it.

Simple task such as making an appointment is, by natural, best suitable for patient self-service; It will save your staff time over the phone helping patient on the other end of the phone, to go through a lengthy conversation just to select a suitable time slot. Most scheduling program allows the patients to log on at anytime of the day or night to check a doctor’s availablility. They can attach a note saying what is wrong with them, or a note to the doctor. All of this improves patient experience and gives the patient what they want – convenience and flexibility.

It does not take a genius to add up all the time such a scheduler can save for your staff. The web-based scheduling allows the office staff to focus more on the things that matter the most – patient care. No more multi-tasking on the phone or on administrative work. You staff will be happiers!

Online scheduler allows you to electronically check all of your appointments from any where, any time even if you don’t have computer or Internet access! When you are without Internet access you can use google sync to automatically sync your entire appointment book to your handheld device. This way you can check all appointments on your handheld device without a computer. Convenient and perfect for you and your patients!