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Achieve High Level of Client Satisfaction with Doctor Appointment Scheduler Software

November 29th, 2009

The best way to survive in any business is keep your clients satisfied by providing the services to best of your abilities. Most of the medical offices are managed by people today and when there are humans involved there is always a chance of an error. Don’t you think it will be a good idea to use some kind of software that will help you manage your medical services and improve your quality of service substantially? Everybody is becoming internet savvy these days and even your clients will want to do most of the communication with you online. If you provide them a platform and let them schedule and books their appointments online it will give you that extra edge over others as well as save you a lot of money in the long run.

Medical Practice is like any other small business in that cost of business directly affect your bottom line.  If you can do better streamlining the appointment scheduling procedure then you will be able to concentrate more on your core area of expertise. It will result in high levels patient satisfaction and ultimately increase your revenues.

Medical software for online appointment schedule has many benefits associated with it such as reducing paperwork, schedules recurring appointments, provide patient reminder services, act as a virtual receptionist 24/7 and many more.

You have to be a little careful in buying an online appointment scheduler for your automated office and make sure that you get all the necessary features that should be present in such software. Typically you should look out for the following features:

  • Most importantly it should be HIPAA compliant to ensure the security of your client’s information
  • It should let you customize itself as per your medical specialty
  • If you are a little tech savvy then you should definitely look up for the feature of synchronizing your appointments with Google Calendar so that they can be accessible from handheld devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry or Smart-phone
  • It should let you check your appointments through SMS commands or text messages
  • Support for most of the important languages like English, Spanish, French and Chinese

If you get all or most of these features in your online doctor appointment scheduler software then you should conclude that you have found the right software that will cater to all your needs.

Why should you switch to an Online Doctor Appointment Scheduler?

November 29th, 2009

Although, it is said that humans are more intelligent than machines but it will not be wrong if we say that machines are more dependable than humans. Even we as humans do not trust other humans but we trust the computers. Technology has really made machines so powerful that they have outperformed humans in efficiency and reliability.

As any other office, medical offices also have receptionists to help doctors coordinate with the patients and perform jobs like answering to the queries of patients, fixing appointments and do a basic level of management. With the advances of technology these routine jobs can be done very well with medical software for online appointment schedule. A medical professional who is a little techno savvy can get the information of all the appointments directly on to his handheld device like iphone or blackberry, if the online appointment scheduler is synchronized with the Google calendar. Some of the best software also let you know about the appointments by single word command SMS or using a text message.

A virtual receptionist is also capable of communicating in several languages such as English, French, Spanish and Chinese. Look out for a Doctor Appointment Scheduler that should also has patient reminder services bundled with it so that it can also help you from loosing any revenue resulting from no shows by patient. This is done by either and automated email notification and a telephonic reminder to the patient. Things will be a lot easier to handle with you will have an automated office. An online appointment scheduler works all the responsibilities of a virtual receptionist and also able to respond to your patients using an automated answering machine.

We have seen the advantages of a doctor appointment scheduler but there are few things you should consider when you decide to purchase such software.

Before you decide to buy and online doctor appointment scheduler make sure that it is HIPAA compliant to ensure security and privacy of the conversation as well as patient information. You should also ask for additional features that the product has when compared with the competitive products. One such important feature you should look for is the ability of the software to let you customize it as per your medical specialty.

Do not shy away from asking for a Demo of the short listed medical software as it will give you a clear picture of the features supported as well as let you have a look at the user interface of the system.

Prepaid Appointment –Good business and Good Patient Relationship

November 26th, 2009

How do you collect fee from patient when they miss or no-show for an appointment? How do you enforce your own appointement cancellation policy without damage the good relationship you had with them?

A true relationship is very important in running the business and your socio-economical status! Any bitterness in relationship may bring unwanted damage that may tarnish your service or personal image. Especially, in the field of health care, where doctors are seen with a great respect by rest of the executives, maintaining the relationship with patients and other customers becomes mandatory that otherwise would bring down the sales (revenue) and will defame the health care providers.

Latest technology in medical management has not only made things easier to perform but it has also come up with the solution that would save the doctor-patient-doctor relationship. Software that comes for a smooth medical management allows the health care provider to tailor it for a pre-paid appointment service.

Pre-paid appointment system –saving your relationship

The survey reveals that a lot of health care providers suffer from financial loss when they fix up appointments and do not find patients reaching them. The business situation turns from bad to worse when fixed appointment gets wasted as the time allotted to that cannot be spared to other genuine customers. On the other hand, the health care providers find it very difficult to cope up the financial loss as they cannot charge the patients about this. Recovering the loss of money from the patients who booked appointments but did not come is the biggest task doctors find. They get into catch-22 situation escaping from which is a backbreaking matter.

There is a go! Prepaid appointment software allows doctor to set the system that enables the patients to book their appointment paying fees in advance. The trick comes when they do not turn at clinic or health care center. When they book their appointment in advance, they have to choose the option of paying partial or full amount for the consultation. They are allotted with time only when they have paid an amount as per system requirement.

When patients, anyhow, do not turn as per their allotted time, the doctors or health care centers face no financial loss as they have already gotten the amount into their account. This way, the relationship is saved and not spoiled. The health care providers have fair reason for getting the money and not returning it as per the Prepaid Appointment Medical Management System. On the other hand, patients also cannot ask for the return of their money paid as consultation fees.

Protect Yourself by Using Pre-Paid Appointment Program

November 22nd, 2009

Every medical practice needs a good appointment scheduling program in order to make it easy to get in touch with the patients. Whenever you make an appointment with a patient, you set some time apart for this service. Now, think of the situation where the patient fails to come for the scheduled appointment. It is not only frustrating and a waste of time, but also costs you money. This is just one of the many reasons why you should consider a pre-paid appointment scheduling program.

When a patient misses the scheduled medical appointment for whatever reason, you may have a system whereby you charge some fee, which may be a percentage of what the patient should have paid. While this is not a bad way of protecting yourself, it has a number of limitations. Let me ask you, how do you track and collect the fee? Is it easy? You will certainly spend time hunting down the debtors, who will not be prepared to pay for a service they did not get, according to their perspectives.

This hide-and-seek situation has serious consequences, as it damages the relationship between you and your patients. It also results in invisible costs, since you will fail to receive revenue that would have been yours. A pre-paid appointment program will easily avoid this unfortunate situation.

Here is an overview of how a pre-paid appointment scheduling program functions. When a patient makes a medical appointment, he or she will be required to deposit a small fee during the booking process. This is something that the patient does willingly as a show of good faith.

The pre-paid appointment scheduler has a number of benefits, examples of which are:

• Protecting you against financial loss:

In case the patient fails to come for the scheduled appointment, you will already have some fee to protect you from what could have been wasted time. As we have mentioned, it is difficult to collect the fees you may charge for such no-shows.

• Making the patients be more committed:

It will be less likely for the patients to fail to show up while they have already made some prior payments. This will help to reduce patient no-shows, thereby increasing your revenue.

• Maintaining good relations

Since the patients make the payments beforehand and wilfully, there will not be any sour taste between you and them.

A pre-paid appointment program is a boon to your business that you should take advantage of in order to protect yourself from financial loss.

The Advantages of a Virtual Medical Receptionist for Doctors and Patients

November 20th, 2009

While it is necessary to have a human receptionist, using this option alone has a number of limitations that will affect your medical practice. A good virtual medical receptionist will benefit both you as a medical professional and your patients as well. What you will spend on such a medical office assistant is minimal when you compare it to the benefits you will gain. Here are some of the practical ways in which both you and your patients will benefit from this setup.

Advantages to the patients

A virtual medical receptionist will give the patients an easy time in a number of ways.

• In case the lines are busy, no patient will be put on hold. Some medical conditions are emergency cases that need immediate attention. Instead of being placed on hold or being redirected to a voicemail system, the backup medical receptionist will direct the emergency call to the relevant destinations immediately.
• A modern speech-recognition based virtual receptionist has the ability to set appointment using natural language dialog with caller. Isn’t this a HUGE convenience to your patients and business advantage to you?
• The 24/7 backup medical receptionist will allow the patients to get in touch with your office at virtually all times, even when your staff has left for the day.

Advantages to you as a medical practitioner

On your part, you will also receive a number of advantages when you set up a good medical office assistant. The following are a few examples.

• A medical office assistant will free you from taking some of the duties that you can automate. As a result, you will have more time to focus on your patients. You will thus be able to deliver better services that will improve customer confidence.
• Your medical staff will also have more time to concentrate on other matters such keeping of accounts.
• The cost of using a virtual medical receptionist is relatively low, which means that you will be able to make significant savings.
• You will also save in the sense that you will not have to incur maintenance expenses.

A good virtual medical receptionist will give you a free trial period so that you can verify its effectiveness for yourself. Do not take these benefits for granted.

Online appointment scheduler –multitasking in medical management

November 16th, 2009

Online appointment scheduler is basically an online patient appointment scheduling system that fixes up the appointments of the patients using software.  When the world is toward globalization and everything has gone computerized, why leave the clinic or health care center behind! The software can tackle multiple tasks at the health care center that otherwise becomes expensive recruiting more people for different works.

The system that provides online appointment schedule can be used for several reasons. For instance, the system can be fed with tailored answers by the doctor or health care provider according to the need and wish. These answers can be played as and when required. It can also be turned into answering machine if the hospital or clinic has flood of calls from patients. Also, during some campaign where more calls are expected, this answering machine can tackle all of them without any hassles. In addition, answering machine can answer all calls and no caller would be getting a ‘busy, frustrating tone’. The answers are professionally tailored and the voice they hear is soothing and satisfying.

The beauty of answering machine cum online appointment scheduler is it can be also used as a patient reminding system! The system can call the patients and ask them about the follow up and regimen. Following up the patients means that they feel being personally treated and it brings a good rapport of the health care provider and also the center.

Driven by the latest technology and advanced settings, multiple language (multilingual) option is possible in this system. This helps in tackling foreigners who come as patients. Spanish, French and English, being the major languages can be set as per the requirement. Also, online appointment scheduler can synchronize appointments with Google Calendar that can be accessed using handheld devices such as iPhone, SmartPhone and Blackberry. This way, the health care provider or doctor is never away from the center and can be aware of what all schedules are fixed for today and coming days.

Other benefits that come with automated office system include…

  1. It is a 24/7 service so patients are never said to call between a few hours. Even after office hours, the health care center is accessible. This improves the availability.
  2. No patients are kept on the hold! All get response and this is very useful when there’s a flood of calls.
  3. Online appointment scheduler can fix up appointments anytime. It sends you data on your handheld devices and hence keeps you updated. No need for a human receptionist to inform you.
  4. It is more reliable and trustworthy. No tiredness from this virtual medical front office executive!

Patient reminder call system –care your patients

November 16th, 2009

When it comes to a customer care, there should be no compromise because that is the strength that keeps the business on. Satisfied customer brings more customers and this is a never-ending process to increase significant revenue every month.

To leave hassles behind, doctors now bank on the system that does patient reminder calls automatically. The system helps in keeping the record of patients and calls them back about their feedback or regimen. The good thing about such system is it can also be used for multi-purpose for a smooth medical clinic management. For instance, the system can be fed with different answers and can also be used as answering machine to tackle patients’ calls. The beauty of such answering machine is the callers are never kept on hold and will never get a busy call. They are answered separately but precisely.

Professional patient call answering machine can also be used as online appointment scheduler that helps patients to fix up an appointment with a doctor or health care provider. They can also fix up an appointment for routine checkup. All they have to do is dial the number or simply approach the health care center through internet and fix up the appointment.

Patient reminder call system comes with many benefits. The first among all is it has an option of multiple languages and hence it is quite easier to tackle the patients from other countries, the foreigners. Foreigners can have the choice of languages such as French, Spanish and English etc. They fell homely and there is always a better communication. Patient reminding online system can also be tailored into 24/7 standby receptionists answering calls to the patients without any failure. Professional way to answer the patients’ calls is one of the best things that build the rapport of the health care provider and the clinic or healthcare center.

Another benefit of online virtual medical receptionists is it can synchronize the appointment information with Google Calendar and hence can be managed using handheld devices such as iPhone, SmartPhone and Blackberry. The appointments can be checked through cellular phone using single-word command SMS or plain text message.

Customized Pre-paid Appointment –business guaranteed

November 15th, 2009

This is the world of uncertainty and there, everybody wants surety! Whether it is a business or a personal commitment, assurance is what has become mandatory. Without guarantee, even the business worth millions seems gloomy and is not considered fruitful. On the other hand, the business worth thousands but with surety is appreciated. Let us talk the same about your clinic management. If you are a health care provider and do not want to get any un-paid appointment (no-show or un-collected bill), there is a way! You can simply install a pre-paid appointment system that allows patients to book their appointment by making the payment, in whole or partial, in advance!

The whole concept is new and it is very beneficial for the doctors and health care providers. Prepaid appointment comes with many benefits, guarantee of the patient coming and consulting the health care provider being the most important and fruitful one. The system requires no hi-fi gadgets and advanced software to install.

The prepaid appointment system is easy to access as what all it requires is getting on to the homepage of the health care center and clicking on the prepaid appointment option. The visitor (patient) is then redirected toward online money paying option –PayPal where they can pay in advance and book the appointment.

Make payment before service is rendered encourage commitement to the service visit. Also, pre-paid business is always considered safe and secure as there are no chances of losing the money. On the other hand, prepaying customer will also have the feeling of dealing with serious business. Thye are more likely to show up for the appointment on time.

The system that allows pre-paid appointment also has the facility to pay partially. Partial pay option has its own benefits such as…

  1. Filter out your potential financial risk; i.e. patient who do not have sufficient funds to pay for service is unlikely to book a pre-paid appointment.
  2. Reduce appointment No-shows.
  3. In some unlikely cases, if patients do not turn after a partially paid appointment schedule, the loss for a health care provider is minimal.

Prepaid appointment is beneficial for the patients and also for the health care providers and doctors. It not only improve your business bottom line but also the quality of services and your relationship with your customers or patients.

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