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The Importance of Using an Online Scheduler with a Friendly User Interface

December 31st, 2009

There are very many aspects of a good online medical appointment scheduler. Basically, the online scheduler you use should make the entire process of booking appointments easier for both the patients and your medical staff.

First of all, let us look at the patients’ side. Is it convenient for patients ? They should be able to make their own appointments without having to wait in a queue. Secondly is it easy to use? If the patients will need to take some learning curve in order to grasp how the system works, many of them will simply give up and look for another service. Of course, you do not need to be told that such a step will be a blow to your business.

 Here is a check-list for a scheduler friendly for patients.

1) Is it easier to login? (i.e. the more access info it requires, the harder to perform login. is userid easy to remember by patient? Are they gonna forget about their login very soon?)

2) Does scheduler support automated new patient signup?

3) Is the scheduler easy to navagate? Patients will pickup their appointment slots easily?

4) How much info a patient has to fill in before an appointment is booked? i.e. Is there auto-search, auto-complete feature so booking an appointment should be point-and-click?

5) Is user instruction or alert message clear to users?

Your office also needs to have an easy time when using the online scheduler. In addition to the various features that enable the scheduler to synchronize with a variety of devices and applications, its interface should be intutive. If your medical staff will need to use a user manual in order to be able to operate your office automation system, then you need to think twice!

You should therefore ensure that you use a program that combines useful features with a easy to use modern Graphical User Interface (GUI). The user interface should have an aesthetic appeal,  it should be quick and easy for staff to access info they are looking.  Here is a check-list for a friendly scheduler for your staff.

1) Is the scheduler easily accessible? (can it be use it from home? on handheld device such as smartphones, blackberry, iphone?) Does it sync with Google Calendar?

2) Can your schedule be easily modified? (open or block your working time, modify schedule)

3) Does the scheduler includes office friendly features such as To-Do-list management, office messenger, auto-login to support desk?

4)  Can you make recurrent and emergency appointments easily?

5) Can you customize your appointments? (define name, duration, on what weekday it is available?, wether or not restriction applies to patient, wether or not it requires to be pre-paid on appointment booking?)

5) Can a shared practice with multiple doctor schedulers be managed using single login?

6) Can your scheduler make automated telephone reminder call to patients?

7) Can your scheduler act also as your virtual receptionist? i.e. taking phone call from your patients, engage in natural language dialog with them, booking appointment or dispatch them to emergency contact?

Believe or not, schedulers that meet this tall order do exist! Once you find one that meet this check list and your practice need, you will not look back again.

Patient Scheduler Online –Making appointment scheduling easier

December 26th, 2009

Advancement in medical informatics has gifted us with powerful medical office automation software. maiking the entire medical management easier than before. 

Good example of such automation is automated virtual receptionist that can book patient appointment over natural language dialog. Tuned with sweet friendly voice, a virtual medical receptionist can not only fixes up patients’ appointments without any error but it can also make automated reminder calls to patients in their preferred language through its multilingual option (such as Spanish, English and French).

If you have patients who love to surf Internet. Such system also provide doctor appointment online scheduler with user friendly modern visual design. Patient self-service scheduling is not only convenience to your patients, but also cost-saving to your medical practice.

Look for a system that can automatically sync patient appointments to Google Calendar so that you can manage business scheduling from any handheld devices such as Smartphone, iPhone and Blackberry.

If your suffer revenu loss because of patient no-shows, you can also use your virtual medical receptionist to make telephone reminder calls. Patient reminder calls can also be tailored as per health care provider’s requirements. For instance, it can be fitted with customized regimen and medical advices.

HIPPA compliant system that has strict norms about security and privacy protection, patient scheduler online is a perfect tool for smooth medical management for all health care providers.

To summarize what a modern office automation system (service) can do for you

  1. It is 24/7, serving calls with reliability and consistency. Patients can contact health care center at anytime they want
  2. Software will never gets tired as people do! There is no option for apathies and laziness in performing virtual medical assistant job. They are simply more dependable, more reliable than live agents.
  3. Automation allows your office staff  to focus their time and attention on other more important jobs. i.e. Your office should see revenu up by keeping your patients happier and by improving medical billing.
  4. Patient reminder calls can develop good relationship between customers and health care provider – cutting down no-shows as well as patient service satisfaction will be key to improved practice income.
  5. Two-way sync Google Calendar system enables health care providers to check, cancel or reschedule appointments when they are away from office.

Modern medical answering service – take more out of it

December 26th, 2009

Medical answering service is usually a call center or a automated system that picks up patients’ calls automatically. The calls should be answered as per health care provider’s instructions and expertise. i.e. contact doctors for emergency, dispatch a patient message, etc…

A modern state of art patient answering systems stands out in its class with multiple modern features and benefits. For instance, a specially designed patient answering system can also be used as patient reminder call system as well as online appointment scheduler.

Automated medical answering service has been made to be much more dependable, friendly and efficient compare to live agents. Because it is equipped with automated appointment reminder function, the system will very effectively slashes the patient no-shows and reverses the revenue loss.

An automated virtual receptionist will serve your patients or customers call 24/7 – there is no weekly off and the automated virtual receptionist never gets sick! The health care center with virtual receptionist is therefore accessible after office-hours. Because a virtual receptionist is designed to handle multiple calls at the same time, your patients will not get busy tone and are never kept on hold when you have automated virtual receptionist.

A modern virtual receptionist system can auto-connect a HIPAA compliant online patient appointment. Reminder calls from the virtual receptionist can be made multilingual (with language optionis such as Chinese, French, Spanish and English), creating very favorable impression of your medical practice if you patients are non-native English speakers. 

If you are often away from your office, you should look for one of those online patient appointment schedulers that  can synchronize patient appointment information to Google Calendar automatically. This feature allows doctors to check their appointments on cell phones using single-word command SMS or text messages.

When two-ways sync with Google Calendar is provided by your modern scheduling system you can manage, reschedule your own appointments from your handhelp device such as Blackberry, iphone and smartphone. 

A state-of-art virtual receptionist and online scheduler system must be flexible to allow customization per doctors expertise and specialty. Also, doctors should be able to feed answering machine in their own way and use it as and when required. Because such system is web-based, you will not need software/hardware (or zero maintenance)  in office. Once your medical office is automated with virtual receptionist that connect online patient appointment scheduler cum automated patient telephone reminder, you can breathe easy and focus your human staff on more important tasks such as patient care and medical billing. By the end of the day, happier patients and more accurate medical billing  will improve your business bottom line.


What is a Modern Scheduler for Doctors?

December 18th, 2009

Having an appointment scheduling software for your medical practice is undoubtedly important. However, this does not mean that you have to go for any program that you happen to find. You should take your time in order to ensure that you find a medical appointment scheduler that will give you the highest number of benefits at the lowest price possible. A good scheduler will not only make it easy to make your medical appointments but also offer you a variety of advantages on top. Here are some of the things that will help you to determine the best program that you should use.

Synchronizing with your front desk reception

Your office automation system should not leave you with two different appointment programs that you have to deal with. Your receptionist will not work on one program while the online scheduler also does a different thing. The system should have the ability to synchronize appointments that are made both online and at the office. Example of a top class scheduler could combine automated virtual receptionist function with your schedule. It allows not only your live staff but also the 24/7 virtual recptionist booking appointment from the same book.

In the process, a efficient, automated fron desk will help your staff to have more time to pay closer attention to other duties such as taking care of the bills. The patients will also be more satisfied in the sense that they will not have to deal with an exhausted and irritable receptionist!

Integrated patient reminder service

A modern scheduler for doctors will have a built-in reminder service that will get in touch with the patients through a variety of modes to ensure that they do not forget about their appointments. Every person forgets occasionally. The reminder service is very useful in avoiding patient no-shows, which often results in loss of revenue, let alone the frustration you will experience!

Synchronization with Google Calendar

You will not always be at your office to check on your medical appointments. In fact, the very nature of your medical practice may require you to be out of the office quite often. For example, you may need to carry out some visitations or attend other important functions. However, your office automation system should allow you to access the appointments wherever you may be.

When the system you use synchronizes with Google Calendar, you will be able to receive the records on your hand-held device such as blackberry, iphone. Appointments can be retrieved via a single-word commands by SMS or instant text message. A modern scheduler for doctors will not let you be just a passive recipient of the details. It will have a two-way system where you can also make adjustments in the appointments and upload them. You will never be out of touch again!

Maintenance free

You need to make your medical practice management easier, not more complicated. You should therefore use an online appointment scheduler that does not require you to carry out any maintenance. You will have the opportunity of focusing on your profession without worrying about getting additional skills in a different line of profession. Your first priority is being a doctor, not an IT guru! Neither will you worry about hiring an expert to look after your system.

Ability to control patient access

With self-service patient appointment scheduling, you will not have to deal with every single patient as he or she makes an appointment. This is very convenient to both the patients and you as a doctor. However, this does not mean that you will have no control over how the patients access your system. A good program will give you the ability to control how the patients access the online scheduler you are using to ensure that everything operates smoothly.

Using a pre-paid service

Many doctors have incurred huge losses from missed appointments. Although they usually set up a program whereby the patients who miss their appointments pay a certain fee, the challenge comes in collecting that fee. This will just complicate your work and leave a sour taste between you and the patients. You should therefore opt for a pre-paid scheduler, whereby the patients make some upfront payment when they set up their appointments. In this way, you will always be protected even if the patients do not show up without affecting the relation between you and your patients. Such a system will also encourage the patients to show up since they will have made a deeper commitment.

These are some of the things that will assist you in finding a suitable medical appointment scheduler that will give you real value for your money. We will take a look at several other great benefits of such a good program.

To summarize, you should not rush to subscribe to any doctor appointment scheduling program that you happen to find. There are vast differences between the systems, and you should take the time to determine whether you are truly getting the best value for your money. After all, those modern features provided by a good medical appointment scheduler is at the heart of a efficient, dependable and friendly modern medical practice.

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduler –A Layperson’s Guide

December 16th, 2009

Online patient appointment scheduler is software that fixes up patients’ appointments with health care provider by patient self-service. Other than patient login to doctor’s scheduler to book appointment, they can also make call to the system and ask for appointments, the system, in the voice of an virtual receptionist,  automatically arranges the schedule without bothering medical staff at counter. A top class online appointment scheduler usually has multiple funxtions.  For instance, it can be used as front desk standby receptionist that pickup a business call when doctor’s staff is too busy.

Such virtual assistant or virtual receptionist can speak to your patients in a very professional way. Also, health care providers can also use them as patient reminder software. i.e. the calls can be made to patients from the automated system about their forthcoming appointments or any schedule with health care center.  Automated reminder call has been proven effiective in slash patient no-shows and increase practice revenu.

More and more health care providers are now opting for automated office that has online patient appointment scheduler for better medical management. 24/7 customer service support makes the clinic more accessible and famous among other competitors. Another benefit of getting office automated with online patient appointment planner is it can synchronize the schedules with Google calendar, which make your schedule accessible on handheld devices such as Blackberry, SmartPhone and iPhone. For health care providers who travel frequently, this system has proved itself as perfect tool for manage your schedule away from office and computer.

Other benefits that come with patient reminder system include customization. A doctor can tailor the system as per his or her medical specialty. Also, the system comes with multilingual options such as French, English, and Spanish for better communication with foreign patients.

All-in-one online scheduler with automated virtual receptionist

December 16th, 2009

Medical practice has witnesse advancement in medical technologies and that has brought much useful software, systems and office automation that can smoothen the medical practice routine and generate more revenues.

All-in-one online scheduler with virtual receptionist is one of the most sought-after systems that help health care providers to run their clinic or health care center with efficiency. The system makes reminder calls to the patients automatically. It informs patients about their forthcoming appointments, regimens and simple follow-ups. The system can also be used as online patient self service appointment scheduler. Top class of such systems can, in addition, function as your front-desk virtual medical receptionists.

The benefits that come from such a all-in-one system are many. This is 24/7 customer service support that helps patients to access the health care centers at any time they want. In addition,  The automated system is capable of multiple calls at the same time thus will never put your patient on-hold. The reminer system can be set into other international languages such as Spanish, Chinese and French. Which will sure please your non-English speaking patients.

If you are one of those doctors who frequently away from your office and  need to view and reschedule patients appointments, you are now find a online patient appointment scheduler that synchronizes with Google Calendar. With is feature, your appointments will be accessible on handheld devices such as iPhone, Smartphone and Blackberry.

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, every bit of advantages you gain from automation will help you get ahead of your game.  It is worth your efforts to find a great all-in-one system that is both your online scheduler and virtual receptionist, the type with a lot of nice features that help you run the most efficient, friendly medical practice.

Upgrade your Medical Office with Online Patient Scheduling Medical Software

December 8th, 2009

Technology has left its impact in each and every area of our day to day lives. It is also becoming a vital part of medical offices these days. Today there are software available that can manage a medical office end to end by automation. It doesn’t matter whether you are a dentist or psychologist these software have the ability to adapt themselves to serve your practice needs.

Have you ever thought how much time the receptionist spends in managing appointments, replying to patient queries and coordinate with you to maintain a glitch-less operation in your office? You can save a lot of human time by using virtual receptionist in doing the day to day routine jobs and manage your workforce more efficiently. It will be certainly a great idea to upgrade your old office into a new one equipped with the most up to date technology. You just have to be aware of a few nitty-gritties which will help you in deciding the right online appointment scheduler for your office.

  • If there are multiple doctors using the same office space then it should have features of multiple account creation. If the doctors using the same area have a different stream of medical practice then the scheduler should also let you customize itself according to different practice specialty.
  • The scheduler website should be supporting HTTPS protocol or in other words should be a secured website using SSL certificates. This lets the transfer of information in a secured manner over the internet.
  • With capabilities to let the user schedule their own appointments, it should also have reminder services for both the doctors and patients. There should be support for reminders in various forms such as emails, and phone calls.
  • Scheduling service is not HIPAA covered by law. As user you do not have to use HIPAA compliant scheduling service. However, many service providers take initiaitive to work with medical practice with regarding to HIPAA. Ask for their initiative that ensure full security and confidentiality of scheduling information.
  • If you have customers that are from all other countries. It’d be will be an added advantage to find a scheduler that support additional languages like Chinese, French or Spanish .
  • Your online scheduler should be easily compatible with your mobile device and let you manage all the appointments through them. For example some of the software updates all your schedule information on the Google calendar and you can access it from any place using a handheld device like iPhone, BlackBerry or Smart-phone.

When you decide that time to upgrade your office and make it more user-friendly by introducing automation, you should definitely spend some time in finding and selecting the best available option.

Advantages of an Online Doctor Appointment Scheduler

December 8th, 2009

The primary focus of the doctor should be in his practice. He should not be wasting his time in doing supporting activities like managing appointments, attending calls, try to keep the service levels of his office high. Generally, these activities were handled by a receptionist till now but things have drastically changed in the past few years. Technology is playing a huge role in providing support to medical practitioners.

An online appointment scheduler can take your level of services to a completely different level and there are several advantages associated with it.

24/7 Support to Patients

When you install medical software for online appointment schedule it naturally converts your office into a virtual call center that can provide support to patients 24/7. Patients can latch to the system anytime and use the various services provided by the software.

Impact on Earnings

A virtual assistant will relieve you from most of the routine jobs that unnecessarily eat up your time. You will also be able to slash no shows with automated phone reminder that is associated to your online scheduler. Slash also appointment cancellations by introducing  pre-paid appointment service to patient. This save you and staff a substantial amount of time which you can effective utilize to improve other area of your practice and boost your earnings.

Satisfaction of Patients

If your patients are satisfied they will certainly bring your more business. When you have an automated office they will not have to wait for the receptionist to get free and answer them. An automated answering machine is able to handle multiple patients at one time and keep them away from the frustration of waiting.

Staff becomes more Reachable

Good medical software will also comprise of features such as voice commands. These voice commands let the patients reach to emergency contact as well as telephone number for routine business matters. A voice controlled virtual medical receptionist can also take appointment call on your staff behalf.  You staff can now focus better on more important tasks such as caring for patients in waiting room and medical billing .

Reminder Services for the Patients

An online appointment scheduler not only lets the patients book their appointments but also use email and automated call to reminde their appointments time. These reminders is not only good for business but also a good practice to keep patient-doctor relationship. 

Zero Maintenance

Online doctor appointment schedulers does not requires software installation and are very easy to operate. Additionally, they require no maintenance at all. Once in service it can serve you year after year. As web-based computer service, it is reliable, efficient and user-friendly.

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