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Online patient appointment scheduling – the best out of the bests

April 11th, 2010

The clinic without good medical care is like a barber without blade! We all understand that for any health care center, quality of medical service is supreme. The patients want good medical care and that come with efficient staff that is never tiring and serving 24/7! Online appointment scheduler is a breakthrough that overcomes human errors and laziness that otherwise can affect the reputation of health care center and probably may also contribute in loss of revenue. If you are a health care provider and think about automating your office, the first thing that comes in the list is getting the system that works as medical virtual assistant.

The health of human body is unpredicted and it can fall sick anytime without alarming the victim. In this case, the access to medical center is very essential. The health care centers with a good 24/7 service win the race and you should join it without having second thought!

A web-based patient appointment scheduling system is a cost effective, safe and best way to cut down the amount of time human front desks spend doing the conventional jobs. Such system typically schedules the patients’ appointments and sends you the message or notification on handheld devices such as iPhone, Blackberry and Smartphone. Thanks to its unique feature of synchronizing patient appointments with Google Calendar,no matter where have you traveled, you can always be in touch with your center and can alter or reschedule the appointments.

Also, online appointment scheduler can be used as prepaid appointment fixing system that not only generates good revenue but can tackle no-show patient issue. Furthermore, the system can be tailored according to your expertise and can be used as medical answering system. No matter how many patients call your center at a time, they won’t get boring busy tone but would be answered and responded in friendly voice.

You can also maintain your relationship with patients by reminding them about their diet. Online patient reminder service calls patients and inform them about regimens suggested by you. Also, you can schedule your system to call them automatically and inform them about their forthcoming appointments and visits to the clinic.

Role of Online Appointment Scheduler in Medical Practice Management

April 2nd, 2010

If you are a health care professional and run a clinic, at some point of time, scheduling the appointments of patients might have worried you. Mismanagement of patient appointment scheduling may be forgiven once or twice but then a daily practice of such malfunctioning may cost your practice severely. Applying online appointment scheduler takes of your worries and makes you to enjoy flawless clinic management.

There are many vendors that provide system that works as virtual receptionist. The system works wonderfully especially when you have good flow of customers and the staff finds it difficult to handle.  

The system allows patients to book their appointments online reducing the chances of negligence, which is quite common with human medical front desk.  In addition, such system can be used in several ways –online patient appointment scheduler can also be used as patient reminder service that calls patients informing them about their forthcoming appointments or health care center visits. A doctor can tailor such system according to his/her expertise.

The role of online appointment scheduler in medical practice management is essential, as said by hundreds of thousands of physicians and surgeons using the system successfully. More and more health care providers are now opting for an automation of hospitals and clinics to avoid human errors that otherwise affect their business. The biggest benefit of such office automation is the system checks out for no-show patients since prepaid online patient appointment system assures customer to be there at given time and date. Also, such system can also work as backup receptionist and can work for 24/7.

Many doctors use online appointment scheduler cum patient reminder as their medical answering system, especially when they have events where the flow of patient is enormous such as medical camp held at center. Nevertheless, specially designed systems are just above simple recorded monologue answering machines and that is why, the system that is interactive and has friendly voice is in demand. Such system also has option to choose the language such as French, English, and Spanish etc. This is very useful in communicating foreign patients who prefer to be interacted in their language.

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Looking for a Manager for your Clinic? Try Patient Appointment Scheduler!

April 2nd, 2010

Due to staff’s apathy or incapability to tackle the flood of patients seeking appointments, you may think to appoint qualified manager that can tackle all such hassle and gives you smoother, better medical management. The idea is to retain old patients, make new ones and at the end of the day, generate good revenue without compromising the quality of service. Let us look at a unique system that can not only tackle appointments scheduling but can also do many tasks for bettering overall health care center management.

The system that can fix up patient appointments can also be used as virtual receptionist that can answer patients’ calls in a friendly way. Furthermore, doctors can feed their own answers according to their expertise. Additional features include its multilingual support that can be set as French, Spanish, and English etc. –this kind of support is useful in interacting with foreign patients.

Online patient appointment scheduler is proven to be very useful tool for physicians and surgeons who frequently travel as the system helps them to get schedule on their handheld devices. This is because the scheduler synchronizes the appointments with Google Calendar, which is accessible on handheld devices such as iPhone, Smartphone and Blackberry. Furthermore, online appointment scheduler can have prepaid appointment facility that helps in tackling no-show patients, one of the reasons for revenue loss for any clinic.

Office automation using online appointment scheduler can serve you as medical answering system too! Patient reminder is a special feature of the system to call and remind patients about their forthcoming visits to clinic and also regimens suggested by experts. Automated medical answering can take over the job of human medical front desk reducing the chances of errors and apathy.

In event such as medical camp, the center expects hundreds of calls from patients and it becomes unmanageable tasks by staff to answer each of them. Fixing answering system can tackle patients’ calls and the best feature of this software is let many patients call at a time, no patient would get busy boring tone that otherwise annoy patients.

Keeping online appointment scheduler as you manager is the best deal you can ever have for better and smoother health center management.

Why Do Patients Forget About Their Appointments?

April 2nd, 2010

Using a reminder service to make sure that your patients don’t forget about their appointments is a great way to deliver a very useful service to your patients and make the life of your staff just a little easier.

Why Do Patients Forget About Appointments?

When the patient makes an appointment with your medical office you can be sure that they have a problem that they need you to fix.  They won’t make an appointment because they just want to chat about the weather or the latest news.

They have some sort of problem that bothered them enough to call and schedule an appointment that would take a chunk of time out of their day and cost them some money.

So why don’t they show up for the appointment?  While occasionally it might be because the problem went away or that another larger problem came up that required their attention, most of the time it’s just because they forgot.

So What Can You Do?

A lot of offices try to discourage no shows by charging them even if they didn’t come unless the appointment is not canceled 24 to 48 hours in advance.  But this is an adversarial tactic that will only annoy or even anger your patients.

A better way is to help them remember that they have an appointment.  Medical appointment reminder services are a great tool that you can use to do just that, help your patients remember.

A reminder service is a proactive step that you can take that will be greatly appreciated by your patients.  After all, they needed the appointment in the first place so what would be more user friendly than offering this service.

How Do You Do It?

Virtual medical reminder services are available that make reminders fast and painless.  Why take your staff away from their other duties when a reminder service can do the work for you?

Best of all, even if you have your staff making reminder calls, they are using only the phone and will be making the calls during business hours when your patients are likely busy at their own jobs.

A medical reminder service can contact your patients in a number of different ways including home phone, cell phone, e-mail or even mobile text message. A average reminder service with all of the reminder type mentionned-above cost you very affordable monthly fee. Usually that fee is lower than what a single no-show may cost you. (Do the math!)

This gives your office the ability to add an inexpensive service that will more than pay for itself in the long run with the extra income that is generated by cutting the number of no-shows to your office.

Is Your Medical Office Still Using Voice Mail?

April 2nd, 2010

If your medical office is still using voice-mail to answer your phones it’s time that you look at some of the new options that are available.

Virtual Medical Receptionist

It’s time that you start to think about upgrading your voice-mail to an interactive appointment setting service that can also handle all of your reminder calls to your patients.

Having a virtual receptionist will help your office staff be more efficient and offer a great service to your patients.

How It Works

A virtual medical answering service is much more than just taking a message.  They can even set appointments for your office 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

You can set up the service so that it answers your phone during the day after a set number of rings.  That way, if your staff is busy on another line, out to lunch, or helping you with a patient, the phone will still get answered.

After all, people don’t just get sick during office hours.  What a great service to offer your patients.  The ability to make their appointment during the day or in the evening, on the phone or even on line.

You set up your handheld device, smart phone’s calendar tool to sync with the online appointment scheduler as often as you want to make sure that there are no double bookings.  This also offers you a great way to check on appointments when you are away from the office on your blackberry or other web conectable device.

How Much Does It Cost?

An online appointment scheduler will actually make you money in the long run.  By making it easier for your patients to set and change their appointments, then adding the appointment reminder service so they don’t forget about your appointment these medical receptionist programs will slash the number of no shows.

No shows are lost opportunities to bring in the income that an appointment creates.  Just having one no show becoming a income generating appointment will pay for the cost of these easy to use programs.

Your medical practice has enough other balls that you need to juggle that using one of these services will help your office be more successful, profitable and efficient while offering your patients several great services that they will appreciate.

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