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Why the Complete Satisfaction of Your Patients Matters

October 30th, 2010

Newsflash, there’s more to a medical practice than just providing quality and accurate medical help and advice to your patients. While their health is the main concern, your patients would definitely appreciate an improved service in all fronts. These are some main sour points that patients usually have to deal with and what your medical office can do to avoid being in such a situation.

Calling your office is a nightmare

This is a classic problem that many medical offices face. Some offices don’t pay too much attention to the staff placement in the front desk, this despite the fact that it will be the first point of contact with patients and potential patients. You may have a similar bad experience before when you call one company only to be greeted with an unfriendly receptionist in a hostile manner. Sometimes, it’s enough to put you off from doing business with the company. You should put your shoes in your patient’s place and always remember that first impression does matter in the service industry. Now, human receptionist is prone to mood swings and personal problems. Though they may be friendly and bubbly in the morning, once things get too crowded and busy, there’s a good chance that the receptionist will start answering the phone calls in a less than polite manner.

Then we have the problem of patients not able to reach your medical office because it’s either too busy or nobody picks up the phone. When you fail to pick up one phone call from potential patient, you are already losing revenue. There are many reasons why these things happen, but mostly it’s due to your staff being too overwhelmed with the influx of patients.

The effective solution

In order to avoid such catastrophe, your medical practice should be equipped with a virtual medical receptionist. It’s one of the best and most cost-effective solutions to all the problems mentioned above. By having a virtual receptionist in place, you have a reliable and dependable system that can consistently answer the phone in a friendly and warm voice. Even better, the virtual medical receptionist can communicate in many different languages, which include English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

A virtual medical receptionist can also take multiple calls at the same time. This means patients calling your office will never experience a busy tone anymore. When things get very hectic in your medical office, the virtual medical receptionist can take over and become the oil that smoothen the operational wheel.


You may not think that it’s important to provide an added value to your medical service, but the little things mentioned above can make your patients even more satisfied. When they are happy and completely satisfied, it will no doubt has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Boost Productivity with Automated Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Calls

October 23rd, 2010

Automated Appointment Scheduling and Voice message broadcasting software has been available to the medical profession for some time. Today this software has never been more advanced, nor has the American health industry. As the health sector becomes more competitive the need to provide better service while keeping costs to a minimum has become essential. Appointment Scheduling Software is ideal for providing 24/7 Appointment Scheduling to your patients as well as deal with Reminder Calls.

Needs Must

Appointment Scheduling is an absolute necessity for medical practitioners. A Patient Appointment can be scheduled weeks if not months ahead: Hence no-shows happen. Reminder Calls can reduce the percentage of no-shows. Even so, in a busy practice there is not always time to carry out the task. Appointment Scheduling Software can make scheduled Reminder Calls every day: And it can make them faster than even the most experienced Receptionist: Able to make multiple Reminder Calls at once, Automated Appointment Scheduling can actually boost productivity and improve the overall management of a medical practice.

Make Time

With these essential but time consuming tasks dealt with your Receptionist – and/or personnel – is free to deal with all those other crucial and demanding tasks that require attention. There are times when a machine is the faster and more economical option: However, there are also times when the humans touch is necessary. Automated Appointment Scheduling services can be utilized when and where you need them most.

Secure 24.7 Solutions

24/7 Appointment Scheduling Software is advanced and all your patient’s details are secure if it is HIPPA compliant. It can deal with tasks automatically and in a highly professional manner. The message can be customized specifically to suit: The Patient Appointment can be rescheduled and canceled as well as confirmed – This software can also communicate naturally in several languages. Some Automated Schedulers can also send an email AND SMS Text to remind patients of their up and coming Patient Appointment. With economy a HUGE advantage also, it is no wonder more and more medical practitioners are utilizing Automated Appointment Scheduling Software.

Making the Most of Your Online Appointment Scheduler: More Features to Know

October 23rd, 2010

We have covered some of the features that you should definitely know to use the online appointment scheduling system to its true potential, which includes the automated appointment system, customizable form, and the online patient reminder. Here are more features that you can utilize to improve the bottom line and quality of your medical practice.

Prepaid appointment

You have provided an easy access for your patients to book appointments. Moreover, you also have an online patient appointment reminder in place that can remind them about their appointment. But life is still full of uncertain circumstances that may force your patients to not show up. In such a case, you can avoid incurring losses by using the prepaid appointment feature.

This is a nifty feature that allows you to collect payment from your patients prior to their visit. When they book their appointment, in order for them to secure an empty appointment slot, you can set the system so that they will have to pay for the appointment in full first. This means even if they don’t show up, you will not be incurring any loss of income.

Google calendar synchronization

Do you have trouble getting yourself up to speed to the appointment schedule of your patients? You’d be glad to know that you can use the online calendar synchronization feature to make sure that you have the latest schedule with you wherever you are. This feature is possible if you have a Google calendar account, as well as a smartphone such as a BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile or the iPhone. Even though you are out of the office, you can have access to the patients’ schedule data.

Virtual Receptionist

Ever made a phone call to a company only to be greeted with a grumpy voice on the other line? No doubt you will be less keen on dealing with said company. Now, try to see things from the perspective of your patients. How would they feel if the calls that they make to your office are answered by your receptionist who happens to be in a bad mood? This would certainly give out a bad impression. A virtual receptionist, on the other hand, can always answer in a consistently friendly and warm voice. Further, it is multi-lingual and can handle multiple calls at the same time.

Automated Appointment Scheduling – Patients and Profit

October 17th, 2010

The health sector within the USA and Canada utilizes some of the most sophisticated technology in the world: This is an advanced and cosmopolitan place that is highly competitive – Therefore, it could only be prudent to take this into account when assessing your Medical Practice Management processes: As well as the level of health care on offer to your patients – Indeed, the two walk hand in hand. Good organization can have a positive affect upon patient care: Just as a chaotic environment will invariably have a negative affect.

It’s A Competitive World

While an efficient Medical Receptionist able to speak several languages would be an incredible asset to any Medical Practice: The cost may not be quite such a welcome liability. Although in more cosmopolitan cities and states this could invariably give any Medical Practice the edge; with regards to the competition and attracting new patients: And there is no mistaking, the health sector in the US and Canada IS a competitive one.

Economical Solutions That WORK

Automated Appointment Scheduling that is multi-lingual AND that can deal with multiple calls at once can have a positive affect upon overall Medical Practice Management. With more routine matters such as Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Calls dealt with personnel are free to concentrate on the Front Desk, more pressing and important matters: And Automated Appointment Scheduling is far more economical when compared to the cost of taking on extra staff.

The Front Desk, Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Calls are fundamental to productive Medical Practice Management. Invariably, Doctor Appointment Reminder Calls to patients reduces the number of no-shows: therefore can increase revenue. The advanced technology of the latest Automated Appointment Scheduling software allows calls to be pre-scheduled each day in a variety of languages as well as customized – Reminders can also be sent via email and SMS.

Welcome News

Medical Appointment Scheduling can consume much of your personnel’s time. It is possible to keep all angles covered with an automated Appointment Scheduling system: And achieve this at a relatively minimal cost – Therefore keeping patient care and profit margins at a favorable level which can only be welcome news for ALL those concerned.

Making the Most of Your Online Appointment Scheduler

October 16th, 2010

While getting an online appointment scheduling system is a step in the right direction toward a better medical practice, you have to learn all of the features to really make use of the online scheduler to its full potential. These are some key features that you should know.

Automated appointment

The key feature of the online appointment scheduler is the ability you provide to your patients to make appointments themselves. Basically you are giving the liberty to your patients to make the appointment without any time restriction; meaning, they are not bound by the usual 9 to 5 working hours. That’s the beauty of the online appointment scheduling system: it can run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It works a treat for both your patients and your medical practice, since the system can run automatically, it does not need any supervision from your end. It means it will also cut down your operational costs.

Customizable forms

You can create customizable forms for your patients to answer when they make the appointments. The forms can be used by doctors to ask questions regarding the nature of their visits. The questions can be made as detailed as possible or something basic, all depends on each doctor’s needs. It’s a great way to improve the medical service you provide to the patients, as the information is already available prior to their visits. Further, it allows you to take more patients within a day as the visit time per patient can be cut down.

Online patient reminder

No medical practice likes patient no-shows. One of the key features of an online appointment scheduler is the online patient reminder. This feature allows the system to remind the patients about their appointments either by phone call, e-mail or text messages. By having the online patient reminder in place, no longer will you be wondering whether your staff has called a patient to remind about their appointments, because the system will make sure of that. It’s worth nothing that the system is very reliable and dependable.

The features mentioned above are just some of many features that you can use to enhance the performance and level of service of your medical practice. There are many more that we will cover in the next post.

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling – Patient Reminders – HIPPA Compliant

October 8th, 2010

An Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling system used by Doctors in the US and Canada should be HIPPA Compliant. This means when patients make their Doctor Appointment any personal data transferred online must be secure.

24/7 Synchronicity

Angela is a HIPPA compliant Online Appointment Scheduler which allows patients to book their Doctor Appointment online – This 24/7 appointment scheduling system is suitable for healthcare professionals and can be synchronised with the Google Calendar: Allowing Doctors to access their schedule 24/7 from any handheld device (A Smart or iPhone for example)

Lightening The Load

Doctor Appointment Scheduling is an essential process for any medical practice – And in a busy practice this can occupy a major part of the day – Even without accounting for patient appointment reminders. If a Doctor moves between medical practices this task becomes even more complicated and when staff are under pressure, mistakes can be made: After all, people are only human!

Online Appointment Scheduling can simplify matters and so lighten the load. With staff free to deal with more immediate tasks productivity can be improved: And this can only be good for patients and staff – As well as the overall management of your medical practice.

Automated Doctor Appointment Reminders

Reminding patients of an up and coming Doctor Appointment notably reduces the percentage of no-shows. Even so, sometimes it simply is not possible for staff to find the time to make those calls. Angela is a versatile Online Appointment Scheduling system which can automatically send emails to remind patients – As well as make an automated call giving patients the option to cancel or reschedule: Angela can also send text reminders.

Automated Doctor Appointment Reminders along with 24/7 Appointment Scheduling Online can streamline your office operations and actually save money. Angela is a HIPPA compliant

Safe and Reliable – HIPPA Compliant

Angela is an advanced Online Appointment  Scheduling system. The system is multi lingual and can make automate Doctor Appointment reminder calls as well as send text and email.

Safe & Reliable – HIPPA Compliant – Contact AngelSpeech Inc for a FREE TRIAL Period

Top Reasons to Use an Online Patient Appointment Scheduler

October 1st, 2010

Effective and efficient – these are some characteristics that a medical practice should have in order for it to succeed in today’s  fierce competitive world. If you don’t feel that your medical office possess the two traits yet, it’s high time you invest in an online patient appointment scheduler. If you need more convincing, these are some reasons that should help you decide better.

1. Time and Cost-effective

Using an online patient appointment scheduler means providing ample time for your staff to focus on their core tasks. Understandably, it goes without saying that every phone call should be answered. But if it means distracting them from doing other important jobs, such as tending for the patients, then you should definitely have them do the former. The online scheduler is an effective backup that can replace most things that your receptionist can do. This includes taking phone calls from patients, as well as allowing patients to make appointments. You are saving both you and your patients’ time.

The fee for using an online appointment scheduler service is affordable and it can be renewed on a monthly basis. If you feel that it is helping your medical practice, which no doubt it will, then you can use it for the long run – as recommended.

2. Turn your office into a paperless one

Using an online appointment scheduler means turning your office into a paperless one. The use of paper can be reduced significantly, which in the end will boost productivity and save money. Since everything is done automatically by the computer and is stored electronically, you can easily get a patient’s file by a click of a button. No longer will you have to scour thousands of hard copy documents when a patient comes in.

3. Comes with a reliable patient reminder feature

An online appointment scheduling system also comes with a built-in patient reminder. This means you can significantly cut down on patient no-shows in your medical practice. Patients can set how they’d like to be contacted – either by phone call or text and e-mail messages. When you can reduce or eliminate patient no-shows, no doubt it will increase your bottom line.

24/7 Medical Appointment Scheduling – Angela Has it Covered

October 1st, 2010

An Automated Medical Appointment Scheduler is like having a receptionist on hand 24/7. Imagine all the advantages! Angela is Multi Lingual, excellent at multi tasking, HIPPA compliant and never takes a day off or needs a coffee break: And that is just a few of her capabilities!

The front desk can be somewhat of a battle field – Medical Receptionists need to schedule Patient Appointments, remind patients of their Doctor Appointment AND deal with all the other operations that ensure your medical practice runs efficiently: In a busy practice this can be a tall order; which invariably means reminder calls are not made and errors often are.

Appointment Reminders

Today patients have options and want the best health care they can afford. Invariably, this means any medical practice must keep costs to a minimum without cutting care. Angela can provide an efficient and economical way to deal with Medical Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Calls.

Automated Appointment Scheduling offers up an affordable and practical way to take the pressure off the front desk.  This can improve patient relations and actually increase income. No-Shows cost money. They also affect the overall running of your practice – All those lost appointments extend the time other patients need to wait for a Doctor Appointment: And patients do not like waiting.

On Call 24/7

Angela can be utilised to provide a 24/7 Appointment Scheduling call service; or be used to cover busy times and out of hours calls: Including Emergency Calls. This service can also be made available to patients online: Which means, any which way, Angela has it covered.

Online Scheduler

In a modern world Online Appointment Scheduling is a welcome offering for many patients. Angela is a HIPPA compliant Medical Appointment Scheduler that is easy to use and extremely secure. Your patients can safely access the system online 24/7; which means they can schedule their Doctor Appointment at their own convenience.

No matter the time of day Angela is ALWAYS efficient, friendly AND on call. Many healthcare professionals are realizing the huge advantages of having an automated Medical Appointment Scheduler in place to schedule appointments and make reminder calls: It pays to automate….

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