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November 27th, 2010

Automated appointment scheduling is a convenient commodity that is efficient and extremely cost-effective: For any size medical practice or sole practitioner. Imagine how much more organized (and quiet) your medical practice would be without the consistent bombardment of calls to the front desk. Your staff would be free to deal with the needs of your patients and without the stress and distractions the entire ambiance of your medical practice can change for the better: To a welcome calm that both your staff and patients will appreciate.

Streamlined Efficiency

There are few medical practitioners who would not benefit from the streamlined efficiency of automated appointment scheduling: Particularly multi-speciality clinics. Web-based doctor appointment scheduling software can coordinate and integrate schedules with ease. Patients can schedule, reschedule or cancel a doctor appointment online as well as by calling the front desk: And in a modern world options are always good – For some, scheduling a doctor appointment online would certainly be the most convenient option: Therefore, web based doctor appointment scheduling can enhance not hinder customer satisfaction.

Safe and Secure

Some medical practitioners may feel automated appointment scheduling might seem offhand. However, keeping patients waiting on the telephone or at the front desk is surely more so. Disorganization and chaos doing little to enhance customer care. Web based doctor appointment scheduling systems which are HIPAA compliant are entirely safe and secure. They can be used when and where needed – as backup during busier periods – or relied upon 24.7.

Reduce No-Shows

These systems can deal with patient appointments as well as patient appointment reminders. No-shows cost in more ways than one. Not only do they represent lost revenue they represent lost opportunities for delivering a better level of patient care. Less no-shows means less waiting for patients – Over the year, this lost time can certainly add up. Automated patient appointment reminder calls as well as SMS and email can go a long way to reducing losses incurred by no-shows: Making these systems extremely cost-effective as well as efficient.

Web Based Doctor Appointment Scheduling Can:

  • Allow Patients to Make Appointments Online or By Calling the Front Desk
  • Send Patient Appointment Reminder Calls – SMS – Emails At A Specific, Scheduled Time
  • Take The Pressure Off The Front Desk
  • Streamline Medical Practice Management Overall

With so many benefits it automated appointment scheduling is definitely MORE than something to think about…..

Integrated Online Appointment Scheduling – BE Organised

November 21st, 2010

Outsourcing has helped many business sectors expand and remain competitive in the marketplace: Online appointment scheduling software can help your medical practice in much the same way. Regardless of whether you run a solo practice or several multi-specialty practices web-based patient appointment scheduling services could be extremely useful with regards to organization – Indeed, many health practitioners find utilizing an online scheduler improves overall medical practice management and automated reminder calls significantly help to reduce no-shows.

Integrate Multiple Schedules

If you practice in several clinics appointment scheduling software will integrate your schedules easily. These systems are flexible and streamlined. The scheduling of a single as well as multiple patient appointments, re-scheduling and patient reminders between several medical practices and/or clinics can prove to be a scheduling nightmare.  With online appointment scheduling services room for error is significantly reduced. Features vary: It is possible to allow patients to book online, reschedule and cancel appointments as well as send email, SMS and make automated calls to remind patients of an up and coming appointment – All the appointment scheduling tasks which can consume your day: Freeing up you and/or your staff to deal with more immediate issues relative to patient care.

Patient Reminders

The statistics prove over and over again that making patient appointment reminder calls reduces no-shows. Even so, far too many medical practices fail to make the all important call. Why? Because they simply do not have time: Which is somewhat of a hypocrisy. Appointment scheduling software can make the calls automatically and extremely quickly – much faster than your receptionist, no matter how good they are at multi-tasking! Patients are able to cancel or reschedule their appointment which helps to reduce no-shows. Invariably, patient appointment scheduling services will more than pay for themselves making them extremely cost-effective.

Flexible Options

The level of service you choose is entirely flexible. Features include multi-lingual emergency call forwarding, appointment scheduling and reminder calls: Some systems are more advanced than others. Many large medical practices use these systems nowadays because they are efficient and extremely cost-effective – Much more economical than employing staff to carry out these tasks. Web-based software is maintenance free and requires no technical knowledge to employ – Simply sign up for the services you need and enjoy being organized!

Using Technology to Improve the Quality of Your Medical Practice

November 21st, 2010

Technology help simplify many aspects of our lives. One technology that you can use to enhance and improve the performance of your medical practice is the online appointment scheduler. Using the scheduler means providing your office with the necessary ammo to put you ahead of the competition. Read on to learn the many features of an online appointment scheduler and how it can help improve your bottom line.

Self-service booking

When you have an online doctor appointment scheduler in place, it allows patients to log in to the system and book the appointments themselves. They can simply choose a booking slot that is available and is the most convenient for them. In addition, they can also make changes to their appointments as easily as making them. Giving the patients the ability to do these things helps you avoid the dreaded patient no-shows.

Customizable question form

Doctors can create forms that the patients must answer when they book their appointments. The questions can range from essential patient information, such as their insurance detail, to specific question about the nature of their visit. The best thing about the feature is that it is highly customizable, which means different doctor can ask different questions.The finished form will be sent to both the patient and doctor. By asking these questions in advanced, doctors will be able to provide better medical advice.

Remind patients about their appointments

An online scheduler also comes with a feature that reminds patients about their appointments. The system can be set to remind patients by calling them — on their landline or mobile numbers, or send e-mail and text messages. This is a great feature that, again, can cut down patient no-shows significantly.

Streamline your medical office

By having the system in place, it allows you to streamline your medical office. Since everything is done electronically by the system, it means no longer must your receptionist write appointments down manually. Every appointment that is made on the system will be recorded and placed on a secured database that is HIPAA compliant. Things will run more effectively and efficiently.

To conclude, an online appointment scheduling system is one investment that you will not regret making.

How to Turn Medical Office Chaos Into Order

November 14th, 2010

There is more to running a smooth medical practice than just providing a quality medical service. In many instances, trying to keep up with the regulation of the state is enough to keep your office manager and staff occupied — not to mention other typical medical office problems such as patient complaints, staff conflicts and many more. If you feel things have gotten too out of hands, it is best to seek assistance to get these challenges more manageable and under control. Using a virtual medical receptionist will help you turn your medical office chaos back into order.

Virtual Medical Receptionist

If you want to improve the workflow of your medical office, using a virtual receptionist is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. Don’t confine your staff into doing time-consuming clerical works, when they could be out and about providing better care and service for your patients. When you have a virtual receptionist in place, all incoming phone calls will be promptly answered by the system. Because the virtual medical receptionist can receive multiple calls at the same time, your patients will no longer complain about the phone lines being busy or staff not picking up the phone.

It’s also worth mentioning that the system is multi-lingual. It can communicate with your patients in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. The virtual receptionist can help you run your office 24/7 — thus allowing your patients to make or change their appointments even when the sun has long been replaced by the moon.

Worried about maintenance and the possible high investment you’ll have to make? Not to worry, you don’t have to invest in additional hardware to use a virtual receptionist. What’s even better, the system is 100 percent maintenance-free.


Given the many benefits that a virtual receptionist can provide to your medical office, it will be a missed opportunity for you not to get one. You can improve the workflow at your medical practice, let your staff focus doing their core tasks and enhance the satisfaction level of your patients. When your staff is happy and your patients are satisfied, your medical practice will reap the rewards.

Web-Based Doctor Appointment Scheduling and HIPAA – What You Should Know

November 14th, 2010

Some hospitals and specialist medical practices outsource their appointment scheduling tasks to competent web-based doctor appointment scheduling companies: Freeing up personnel enables them to dedicate more time to patients. Therefore, incorporating web-based scheduling systems can aid the smooth running of any medical practice and help improve the level of care offered – Hence, many healthcare practitioners are seriously considering online and automated appointment scheduling: Invariably a cost-effective solution for most.

No medical practice can afford to waste time: This is particularly true for the sole practitioner. Paper-based scheduling can be messy, confusing and ultimately frustrating: A primitive and somewhat old hat solution; in comparison to web-based systems. However, despite all the financial and overall medical practice management advantages some physicians remain dubious. Reasons do vary as to why. Nevertheless, compliancy with HIPAA regulations and guidelines seems to be a frequent concern….

Based upon the HIPAA Entity Definition web-based doctor appointment scheduling companies are not legally required to comply with HIPAA regulations. However, doctors are and these systems are effectively part of everyday doctor-patient medical practice management processes. Regardless of HIPAA regulations, safeguarding patient information should be paramount. Therefore, a medical appointment scheduling company that is committed to implementing HIPAA guidelines IS the right foot forward.

Patient Appointment Reminders
No-shows mean lost revenue. They also mean another patient has to wait longer – Neither is good for business. Invariably, patient appointment reminders can be automated through these systems: A proven strategy to reduce no-shows. HIPAA Privacy Regulations allow healthcare practitioners to communicate with patients at home with regards to their personal healthcare: Leaving a message on a patient’s answering machine is also acceptable – Therefore automated patient appointment reminders via email, text and call are permitted within HIPAA Guidelines.

Real Solutions
Any size healthcare organization can benefit from using a web-based, HIPAA Compliant medical appointment scheduling system. Easing the workload cost-effectively by automating patient appointment scheduling invariably gives way to improved patient care. These systems are flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs. If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to appointment scheduling and front desk overload, get automated and get online…

Automated Appointment Scheduling – That’s No Mistake

November 7th, 2010

Patient appointment scheduling is a fundamental necessity for every medical practitioner and/or practice – Indeed, where would we be without schedules! Invariably it is a time consuming task which demands the attention of front-desk. Incessant phone calls and inpatient patients can push even the most experienced and dedicated receptionist to the max – We are only Human after all: Which brings us to the solution: Automated patient appointment scheduling.

Safe Mode

Indeed, it is the age of the machine and while there may be certain tasks that will always be better deal with by humans, some are not. Automated appointment scheduling systems can work 24/7. The software never need a break and is always in the same mood….or perhaps we should say mode….. They can also multi task beyond your imagination!

Ease the Pressure

In a busy medical practice staff are invariably pushed to the max: Dealing with patients in the here and now as well as answer the phone, schedule patient appointments AND make reminder calls can get tricky (to say the least) – Sometimes simply impossible – Hence, tempers can (and do) become frayed. Automated appointment scheduling software can be used 24/7 or can be used to back-up the front desk whenever the pressure is on.

Patient Satisfaction

Not only will staff be glad of the helping hand; patients will also be more satisfied: Their call will be answered more quickly and patients at the front desk can also be dealt with more professionally (and faster) without said distractions. All in all, appointment scheduling software can help improve overall medical practice management as well as patient satisfaction – That surely has to be good news for everyone.

Reliable – Cost Effective

Automated appointment scheduling software offers up a reliable solution that is extremely cost-effective. Some of America’s leading medical practices are already using automated appointment scheduling systems – Because they work! The software can be particularly useful when cross-scheduling patient appointments for a doctor working in several practices: Resolving this potential administrative nightmare with ease.

Web-based systems are easy to use – They require neither installation nor maintenance. Pushed staff invariably means mistakes are made…and this can cost in many ways: Almost definitely more than the system itself…

Beat the Patient Appointment Blues – Get Automated

November 1st, 2010

Patient appointment is probably the first words that come to mind when someone brings up the topic of medical practice management – and with VERY good reason! Without a reliable patient appointment process in place life at the practice can get very hectic indeed: And when the pressure is on mistakes are made and tempers can become frayed…. This is not an ideal environment for building a reliable and positive reputation – And without that, the probability of any medical practice or practitioner surviving the competition or expanding their horizons are slim.

An accurate and efficient appointment scheduling system is the mainstay of every medical practice or practitioner: The smooth running of any practice being heavily reliant upon the precise administration of patient appointments and medical records. As the pressure mounts to raise the level of care without raising the price of that care; more and more medical practices are adopting online and automated appointment scheduling systems. Why? Because they work 24/7, are accurate and efficient, and so highly cost effective.

What to Expect

Expect benefits. The functionality of the automated call and online appointment scheduling software and services available do vary. Even so, invariably the software will offer up benefits to doctors, patients and staff alike. Features can include:

Automated e-mail and text reminders as well as automated reminder calls Emergency call forwarding Doctor appointment scheduling, rescheduling and cancellation via the front desk 24/7.

Multiple Language Options
Online appointment scheduling

In the US any online appointment scheduling software used by any medical practice in any state must be HIPAA compliant. This is to ensure patient’s details are kept safe and secure. When this type of software is safe, secure, efficient and cost effective it can have a positive influence upon overall medical practice management and so reputation – Hence, more and more medical practitioners (especially larger practices) are using this type of advanced automated technology.

Reminder Calls

While patient appointment reminder calls can reduce no-shows the time therefore labour costs involved can sway the odds: And there are also times when staff simply cannot spare the time to carry out the calls. Automated reminder calls remove the burden, reduce the percentage of no-shows and so increase revenue. If you are looking for a way to improve overall medical practice management and cure those patient appointment blues…get automated!