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Online Appointment Scheduling – Achieve More For Less

January 30th, 2011

The capacities of the online appointment scheduling software available today are possibly far greater than most might imagine. Indeed, an online scheduler can achieve many things: Including:

  • Improved Organization – Less phone calls to the front-desk gives staff more time to deal with patients and other critical tasks.
  • Reduce No-Shows: Increase Revenue – Automated reminder calls to patients can be made on schedule in double time – At least!

Gain control

Online medical appointment scheduling centralises the whole process and can be accessed by doctors, staff and patients 24/7 anywhere. This gives greater control to everyone – Particularly useful for doctors practicing in several clinics as well as those health practitioners consistently on the move: Visiting patients at home for example. Online scheduling services do not require expensive hardware to set up or any on-site maintenance – making them extremely easy to utilise. They are also customisable which means the doctor can control how their patients schedule an appointment.

A Low Cost Option

An online medical appointment scheduler is suitable for anyone working within the Health Sector. Patients can schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments with ease. This means that the onus can be reduced upon front-desk staff to deal with appointment scheduling improving efficiency: Hiring more staff to deal with appointments is high cost in comparison to many of the web based solutions available: And in an increasingly competitive world this can be an important issue – Enabling medical practitioners to improve the services available to patients cost-effectively.

Reminder Calls

Not only can an online appointment scheduler deal with making appointments it can also make scheduled reminder calls – A task which can be omitted if the front-desk becomes too busy. No-shows cost and reminder calls have proven to reduce averages. This means an online scheduler can actually help to create more revenue. Advanced systems can call patients to remind them of an up and coming appointment: They can also send an SMS or email reminder. Patients can reschedule their appointment, cancel or confirm without the need to call your front-desk – Or visa versa: Definitely convenient!

Advanced online scheduling software can be customised to suit the needs of the medical practitioner or practice. Highly flexible they are convenient and cost-effective. Everything you need to keep your scheduling efficient and cost-effective.

Doctor Appointment Reminders – Get Automated

January 23rd, 2011

Organization is essential for efficient medical practice management: Dealing with patients attending your practice, answering calls, scheduling appointments as well as reminder calls, billing and all the other tasks set out for office staff can (and do) take their toll. Mistakes can and are made and tempers have been known to fray – Indeed, medical staff turnover is notoriously high. And while experienced medical staff understand that this can be a demanding environment, and invariably accept this as ‘the way it is’, there are cost-effective ways to take the pressure off the front desk and so help to improve overall medical practice management.

Appointment scheduling software can deal with much more than making a doctor appointment. Appointment scheduling software can deal with appointments in and out of office hours: It can answer the phone when your front desk is busy or be utilized 24/7…the choice is yours. Some more advanced systems can also deal with emergency calls and doctor appointment reminders.

Reminder Calls

While intentions may always be good, in a busy practice there are times when reminder calls will be low down on the priority list despite the fact they have proven to reduce no-shows.  This is because invariably (and quite correctly) patients attending the practice will take priority. Automated scheduling systems can be configured to make reminder calls at a specific time: By telephone call, SMS and email. The patient has the option to cancel their doctor appointment, re-schedule and confirm. Advanced systems are extremely reliable and FAST. Indeed, they can make calls much faster than even the deftest and most experienced medical receptionist.

Reduce No-Shows

Reminder calls have proven to reduce the percentage of no-shows. Automated appointment scheduling software is able to make those calls regardless of how busy your medical practice is – On time every time. Not only is software so much faster (making it very cost-effective) it can also help to increase revenue: By reducing no-shows and so avoiding lost revenue which can never be recuperated. Plus, this is one less task for the front-desk. Combine this with the fact your medical receptionist has back-up if and when needed and both your staff and patients should notice how much quieter and organized your practice is – Definitely  good for business….`

Automated Appointment Scheduling – More For Less

January 16th, 2011

Automated appointment scheduling has become a virtual necessity for busy medical practitioners and hospitals dedicated to providing the best levels of customer service possible.  More patients means more calls, more billing, more demands on your front-desk: And if you do not meet those growing demands cost-effectively and efficiently overall medical practice management and so patient care can (and is) often affected. The health sector within the US and Canada is a competitive one – Today, on the whole patients need more for less: This is simply the way of the world… par se… And, one effective (nay sure-fire) way to achieve this is not only to provide a good level of medical care; but to make your medical practice management processes such as patient appointment scheduling is as effective and streamlined as possible.

Always On Call

Having a front-desk receptionist as well as an automated appointment scheduling system ensures patient calls are dealt with swiftly and effectively 24/7: Even emergency and reminder calls can be handled quickly and cost-effectively with some of the more advanced automated appointment scheduling systems available. The software can be customised to meet the requirements of the medical practice or physician based upon their individual procedures and priorities. Automated systems are user friendly – Patients are never left hanging on the end of the line. They are answered immediately with the relevant pleasantries: Something your front-desk staff simply cannot always achieve.

Coordination Matters

Automated appointment scheduling software has proven to be invaluable to large medical practice establishments and hospitals. This is because they are particularly effective when coordinating patient appointments for numerous practitioners working within several departments and/or locations. Nevertheless, these systems are available to and have proven to be extremely effective and cost-effective for sole practitioners and smaller medical practices. While there may be no need to employ the advanced appointment scheduling hospital systems within a small practice – Utilising the methodology is entirely feasible and invariably just as cost-effective.

Provide More

If you wish to deliver efficient and cost-effective patient care as well as a good level of patient care automated appointment scheduling has helped many medical establishments and practitioners achieve just that. Indeed, with automated appointment scheduling in place so much more is possible…for less…

Online Scheduler – Putting Patients in Control

January 16th, 2011

Unquestionably, in a modern world people need (nay demand) flexibility – The days of 9-5 long gone for the part. Giving your patients access to an online scheduler gives them exactly that – Flexibility. Of course, not all your patients will prefer to go online and make an appointment. Nevertheless, giving them the option has to be a positive step in the right direction – For now and in the future; as more and more people utilise the internet to find the products and services they need. Indeed, there are people who rely heavily upon web-based facilities to organise their lives: Banking: Utilities: Communication: As well as Doctors – Noted by the introduction of Google’s Calendar for Doctors.

Reminder Calls

Web based appointment scheduling can take the pressure off the front desk. Not only can appointment scheduling software allow your patients to make a doctor appointment with ease 24/7, they can also make reminder calls to patients: Some more comprehensive systems can also remind patients of an up and coming doctor appointment via SMS and email. While no system can entirely eliminate no-shows, reminder calls have certainly proven to notably reduce the percentage. This not only improves revenues but can also improve patient care overall – Those ‘lost’ appointments being an opportunity for another patient to receive care more promptly.


Not only does an online scheduler give your patients control it is cost-effective. Medical practice management can be improved overall: Your front desk staff free to deal with other matters such as billing. Time management is crucial in a modern business world. Doctor appointment scheduling and reminder calls can be carried out with ease through these systems with far less costs involved than employing staff: Indeed, appointment scheduling software never sleeps and can multi-task much faster than any human receptionist. The simple fact is, there ARE certain tasks which are best left to automation!

Gain Control

While your receptionist and medical office management staff may be entirely dedicated and competent when the pressure is on they are only human: Mistakes can and are made – Particularly when a Doctor works in several locations. Web-based appointment scheduling software can eliminate many problems by providing a cost-effective solution. Leaving both Doctors and patients in control.