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Is Medical Appointment Scheduling Software Reliable?

May 29th, 2011

The primary objective of any medical practitioner is to provide a level of care that will ultimately mean their medical practice is a success: And an awful lot of that success relies upon day to day medical practice management – If it is poor then regardless of how good the medical practitioner is patients will often go elsewhere: After all, even if they are the best medical practitioner in the area if getting a patient appointment is consistently thwart with difficulties patients will regard this as ‘poor service’…. and that is never good for business.

First Impressions

Successful medical practice management relies upon efficiency. Indeed, in this day and age efficiency is a requisite demand. People are busy and to stay ahead you need to impress them with good orginisation – which to most means reliability. One of the first points of contact with your patients is when they schedule a patient appointment.

Patient appointment scheduling is an essential albeit time consuming neccicity that can create a positive or negative impression. Keeping them hanging on the end of a phone is definitely not the way to create a positive impression: Neither is making a mistake with regards to their appointment. In addition, an answering service with call-back for emergency calls can leave them feeling anxious – not positive. The problem is for most, how to offer a 24/7 scheduling service cost effectively – After all, efficient and capable staff on hand 24/7 is an expensive commodity…

The Cost Effective Solution

Medical appointment scheduling software can deal with patient appointment scheduling 24/7. More advanced software can also deal with emergency calls – Directing the call to a specific number any time of day. They are reliable in that they never have a ‘bad day’ or take holidays. Indeed, they simply never need to take a break at all! Unlike busy front desk staff medical appointment scheduling software never gets distracted or stressed – In fact it can multi task like no receptionist on the planet.

But what about cost? Invariably, taking on board an appointment scheduling system will be notably less than contracting a 24/7 receptionist. Want to put that to the test? Try out the software and THEN make up your mind – Chances are you are going to be extremely glad you did.

24/7 Patient Scheduling – Giving Patients What They Need

May 29th, 2011

Never has it been so essential to offer 24/7 appointment scheduling to patients. Why? Because today we live in a world that just keeps on ticking twenty four hours a day seven days a week.  Today people lead busy lives and need flexibility. If you cannot give them that then they just might move on to a medical practitioner that can: And with the health sector as competitive as any other business sector – and becoming notably more so than many – It is important to ensure your patients are receiving the services and care they need.

Twenty-First Century Solutions

Some web based appointment scheduling systems can deal with appointments and even emergency calls to the front desk 24/7. Providing 24/7 patient scheduling need not be expensive. An automated patient appointment scheduling system is invariably less budget consuming than the alternative options available. Scheduling patient appointments is vital. Providing self-service patient appointment scheduling 24/7 can take the pressure off the front desk during office hours: And it can do it efficiently as well as economically – Solutions that are cost effective as well as practical are what every business needs in the twenty-first century.

Dealing With Patient Reminders

No shows can really eat into revenues and can lead to reduced levels of patient care – After all, that appointment could have meant another patient could have been seen sooner. Over the months the numbers can really start to add up. Patient appointment reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. Automated appointment scheduling systems can also deal with reminder calls.

Keeping Up

The health sector is competitive. Some of the largest health organisations in the US and Canada are already providing 24/7 patient scheduling by making available self-service patient appointment scheduling systems: Both online and off.  This is because they are reliable, efficient and cost effective. Web-based systems do not need any special ‘in-house’ hardware: Nor do they make excessive demands upon your existing staff – For example, it is not necessary for them to spend three weeks becoming trained to use them! Nor will they have to plough their way through a instruction manual the size of the Encarta Dictionary! These systems are straight-forward. They are designed to make life easier around the office: And invariably they succeed.

Improve Medical Practice Management with 24/7 Patient Scheduling

May 21st, 2011

Every medical practice needs a sound patient appointment scheduling system. Even a sole medical practitioner needs to ensure they stay on top of appointment scheduling – Unquestionably, medical appointment scheduling is the mainstay service for practitioners and patients: Therefore it seems curious that in the twenty-first century, in an age where technology within the health sector has never been so advanced or relied upon, some medical practitioners continue to rely on the old pen and paper method.

Following The Lead

However, if one was to look at the appointment scheduling systems of some of the largest health organizations around the world, you would discover they are indeed automated. This is because automated appointment scheduling is efficient and cost-effective: Allowing these organizations to improve medical practice management by streamlining operations without cutting services: This being the way to stay competitive in a modern business world – And while the health sector may be about care, it is also about business.

Improved Efficiency

Medical appointment scheduling software can improve office efficiency. The system can be used to backup your front desk during busy periods, or to provide 24/7 patient scheduling. Giving patients the freedom to schedule a medical appointment 24/7 can only be a plus in a contemporary world: A facility that is usually welcomed by those with busy schedules.

Reduce No Shows

Another huge plus is, medical appointment scheduling software can also deal with patient reminder calls. Patient appointment reminders have proven to reduce no shows. However, making those calls can be time consuming which is not always practical or cost-effective. Automated patient reminders are the cost-effective solution. In addition some of the more advanced systems can make the call in many different languages – There are few medical receptionists who could do the same!


More and more people are quite literally running their lives using the internet. Giving them the option to schedule an appointment online adds another ‘scheduling string’ to your bow. Nowadays people like options. In this way you are giving them the options and so services they demand. And while this is important the fact that you are achieving this cost effectively is more so.

Automated and Online Appointment Scheduling – The Future Is Here

May 15th, 2011

Once upon a time we might have thought automated and online appointment scheduling was all a little ahead of its time – Futuristic even. However, over the last decade technology has projected life in the twenty-first century into a super rapid, super automated world. Unquestionably people want it done fast and they want it done now! This accounts for our domestic world as well as our professional one. This has made the world of business more competitive than ever: And this includes the health sector.

Giving Patients More For Less

It has never been so important to ensure medical practice management is streamlined and efficient: Which means cost effective. And while this might mean cutting costs in-house invariably is does not mean cutting services to patients. This can be very bad for business. One of the most time consuming jobs for the front desk is medical appointment scheduling. This is a crucial service that is not negotiable: It must be provided. However by utilizing an automated and online scheduling system it is VERY possible (and in fact very easy) to streamline the service – As in reduce the amount of time your staff spend making patient appointments. In addition, it is also possible to actually EXPAND the service – As in provide patients with 24/7 online appointment scheduling.

Saving Human Resources for ‘Human’ Tasks

Automated systems can deal with appointment scheduling calls to the front desk 24/7 as well as give patients the option of scheduling an appointment online. And it can do it without consuming those human resources which cost much more in comparison: Namely, your front desk staff. Automated and online systems can schedule appointments can multi-task in triple time as only a machine can. Leaving your staff free to deal with those tasks which demand the ‘human touch’.

Right Here Right Now

Some online appointment scheduling systems can send patient appointment reminders via email as well as SMS. They are also multilingual which provides two significant benefits in a busy and extraordinarily cosmopolitan world. By utilizing automated and online appointment scheduling you can streamline office tasks and so improve overall medical office management – Not only without reducing services but actually increasing them. And this is not some kind of optimistic, futuristic prediction… it is a reality right here and right now.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Systems – Everything To Gain

May 15th, 2011

Medical appointment scheduling software creates a reliable intersection where medical management efficiency and convenient patient health services can meet. Many experts believe that Health care expenditure will double in the Unites States by 2050. Premiums are going up in line with rising health costs and there are other social factors putting even more strain on health services: Such as an aging population and rising call for chronic care. With all the stresses and strains on resources and budget being thrown into the mix the pressure is rising upon medical practitioners to increase efficiency.

It’s All Good

Convenient and efficient patient appointment scheduling and emergency calls are fundamental to providing timely medical care. When delivered, this in itself can do wonders for doctor patient relationships therefore reputation. Advanced medical appointment scheduling systems can answer patient scheduling calls 24/7. If they are internet based most can also provide 24/7 scheduling online: A notable asset in a modern world. In addition, they can deal with emergency calls, forwarding them to a specified number which means your patients are not left hanging when they need you most. These are all very good reasons to consider automated appointment scheduling.

Looking To The Future

The U.S health industry is more competitive than ever: And if you believe the projections things are not going to get easier. It is vital to streamline costs without streamlining services. Automated appointment scheduling allows you to do that. Many of the large health organizations are already using automated systems. This is because they are reliable and economical – Two of the most vital elements to modern medical practice management.

Patient Appointment Reminders

No Shows cost and most medical practitioners know that appointment reminder calls can reduce no-shows. However, with an already pushed staff they simply do not get made. Medical appointment scheduling software can make the calls methodically on time every time. This alone could save you notable losses. Indeed, many medical practitioners find the reduction in no-shows, so rise in revenue, means these systems can pay for themselves. Give them a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say:

You will be amazed at just how much can be gained by using automated appointment scheduling systems.