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Web- Based Appointment Scheduling – Proactive Solutions For Your Practice

November 27th, 2011

A web-based appointment scheduling system can provide medical practices as well as sole practitioners with an organized and reliable way to manage appointment scheduling. If you and your staff seem to be spending much of your valuable time managing appointments it is probably time to take the bull by the horns and update the way those appointments are being managed: Particularly if the “system” your practice currently has in place is “pen and paper”…

Not Just For Medical Practitioners
Automated appointment scheduling is being utilized by major medical organizations throughout the United States. While an online appointment scheduler (HIPAA approved) can provide access to a reliable 24/7 scheduling system for patients and staff its use is by no means limited to medical practices and doctors. Online and self-service appointment scheduling software can be a useful asset for hairdressers, beauticians, holistic practitioners – Many different professionals from a variety of sectors can and do use automated appointment scheduling to manage appointments.

A free trial of any software or system you might be considering is a step in the right direction: this provides an opportunity to try out the features and assess which are the most useful to your business. The capabilities of the software available is varied, as are the way in which the features can be utilized.

Helpful Suggestions
Often, even a seemingly small error can have a “knock-on” effect throughout the entire day: At best! At worst, it could cost you a patient. There are certain features that can particularly help your practice use the software to maximize profitability with better time-management.

Quick and easy access is one of the most crucial aspects of any online scheduler. Being able to access schedules to stay informed and in touch can be extremely advantageous for both practitioners and their patients: Particularly for those often ´on the move´.

Automated scheduling for repeat appointments and a patient appointment reminder system can help to reduce no-shows. An online scheduler that can deal with reminder calls via email and sms text is a modern and highly efficient way to ensure your patients turn up for their appointment: Or are able to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

Being proactive with regards to patient appointment scheduling can help you maximize efficiency and so increase productivity. Take the initiative – Invest in a reliable system that meets the demands of your practice.

Medical Online Scheduler – Its What YOU Expect…

November 20th, 2011

Patient appointment scheduling is routinely dealt with in any medical practice or medical practitioner. Within the health industry, it is “as they say” as essential as water. However, while pen and paper has tended to be the “number one choice” traditionally, today automated online scheduling systems are becoming a popular choice. Even so, not all are created equal. The more powerful online scheduling systems provide advanced features that bring logical order to even the most complex workflows: Multiple locations: Specialist clinics: Pre-paid appointments and online charge slips: New patient sign-up: Emergency calls: Recurring patient appointments: Reminder calls – Indeed, an advanced online scheduler can deal with much more than patient appointments: And probably much more than you might expect…

Organization in Just A Few Clicks
No-shows cost. Patient appointment reminder calls have proven to reduce no-show averages. Even so, they are time-consuming and staff cannot always spare that time regardless. Advanced medical appointment scheduling systems can ensure reminder calls are routinely carried out, and so help to reduce no-show averages. In addition, they can track cancellations – And they can do all this with just the touch of a button: Pure simplicity…

Simplicity AND Power
Simplicity concerning usability should balance power. The features you pay for should be as useful as they are efficient and straightforward. Many of the features provided by advanced appointment scheduling systems are useful: Although not necessarily useful to everyone. For a solo practicing practitioner a simple yet powerful online scheduler will often be sufficient. Even so, certain advanced features can be equally beneficial for a sole practitioner as well as larger health organizations – For example 24/7 online access to the system for patients and practitioners can be of great benefit to both. Being able to access the system from any location at any time is as useful and convenient for patients´ as it is for medical practitioners. Staff, practitioners and patients effectively and consistently in touch and updated.

Ultimately, it is all about expectations. The real beauty today is, with the technological advances which have been achieved you CAN expect a lot! The important thing is to ensure you have access to those features that will actually make life easier for all: To ensure you take advantage of those features which can help improve workflow and time management. Take the time to understand the features available and the benefits they can provide. That way the online scheduler you choose will meet YOUR expectations…

Heard About Online Medical Appointment Schedulers – Here´s The Good News…

November 11th, 2011

In the twenty-first century time-management, accuracy as well as attention to detail is essential within most professional fields. For those working within the medical industry it is crucial. Patient appointment scheduling can cause havoc with overall medical practice management if it is not efficient and most of all accurate. In times past medical practitioners had few options concerning how the practice handled its appointment scheduling tasks: Front desk staff would invariably deal with patient appointments and reminder calls.

Not So New… Nevertheless, Definitely Different…
Appointment scheduling software is not a brand new concept per se. However, today´s web-based online schedulers using state-of-the-art software are feature rich and more advanced than ever before. Indeed, things have moved on somewhat. Unquestionably, the software and systems of yesteryears, tantamount to little more than an answering machine, have become obsolete: As has the paper and pen!

24/7 Appointment Scheduling
With an online appointment scheduler, it is possible to improve productivity as well as the level of service patient´s receive. Automated appointment scheduling is faster and usually more accurate than even the most experienced receptionist is. Automated schedulers can deal with several calls simultaneously. The software can schedule, re-schedule and even cancel a patient appointment: As well as deal with emergency and patient reminder calls. MOREOVER, it can do all this twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week without so much as a coffee break….

Twenty-First Century Standards
The reputation of any practice is measured by the standard of care that medical practice provides and in the twenty-first century, reputation is generally relative to success. The health industry is more competitive than ever before. Some of the largest health organizations around the world rely on automated schedulers to keep overall medical practice management running efficiently and so cost-effectively.

On The Go…
An online scheduler can provide a cost-effective patient appointment scheduling solution for small practices and even sole practitioners. They are particularly advantageous for medical practitioners who work in several clinics and locations. In addition, medical staff and patients from any connection or mobile device can access web-based online scheduler. This means that medical practitioners can stay in touch and informed more easily. Today efficiency and communication is paramount to most. An online medical appointment scheduler can take the pressure off front desk staff efficiently and cost-effectively: Surely good news…