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Self Service Patient Appointment Scheduling – Easy Does It..

February 25th, 2012

Today some of the largest health organizations in the US and Canada have turned to appointment scheduling software to improve efficiency – Very successfully too. Self-service patient appointment scheduling can be made available to your patients 24/7. The sheer convenience of this alone helping to improve the services provided. For staff working in a busy medical practice ensuring a consistent level of efficiency can be extremely difficult. Juggling their time between answering patient appointment calls as well patients at the front desk can be a precarious balancing act. Being courteous and most of all friendly to patients at all times is extremely important. When staff are over-stretched mistakes can be made and nerves can become frayed; which can be extremely detrimental to patient – practice relations.

24/7 Patient Scheduling
Providing patients with 24/7 appointment scheduling can help to ease the pressure on the front desk. As any experienced receptionist or medical practitioner understands, there is little room for error when dealing with people´s health. Automated appointment scheduling gives staff the helping hand they need, allowing them to focus upon other tasks and of course, most important of all, your patients. 24/7 patient scheduling makes this possible.

Change is Coming…
Automated appointment scheduling is replacing the old pen and paper “calendar” scheduling in medical practices across the U.S and Canada. Online doctor appointment scheduling can do much more than schedule patient appointments. It can deal with reminder calls, helping to reduce no-shows and it can also gather vital statistics which can help doctors and staff improve productivity. Recurring appointments can be scheduled automatically and double bookings can become a thing of the past – Just like the pen and paper method!

Requirements & Training
Advanced online doctor appointment scheduling services are maintenance free and generally do not require any specific “in-house” hardware to be installed. Generally, self-service patient appointment scheduling is designed to be easy to use. Even so, a free trial period allows staff to investigate and familiarize with the software´s features. Using any demo available is an excellent way to get a feel for a particular software: In this way they can also be used to train staff. Most software companies do provide support as part of the user agreement. In addition, certain web tools can also provide staff and doctors with the support needed to better utilize the software.

Self Service Patient Appointment Scheduling can make life a lot easier for staff, patients and doctors – And when life is easier you can be sure that everyone is a lot happier….

Need A Medical Appointment Scheduling Solution? Online Appointment Scheduling Software is a Cost Effective Answer

February 19th, 2012

A professional online medical appointment scheduler can help doctors and staff to keep accurate records of patient appointments. There are many software systems available online, some paid and some free. Your first question might be why pay? In the US any medical appointment scheduling software should respect patient privacy: HIPPA compliant software can ensure this happens. The main problem with much of the free online appointment scheduling systems is that certain data could be made available to third parties by the provider of the free system. Check the small print! Medical appointment scheduling software is not a particularly new concept. However, it has come a long way in the last few years.

Scheduling in Real Time….
Advanced systems are specifically designed to streamline patient appointment scheduling and staff workflows. A badly organized medical practice reduces patient confidence, which can result in patients seeking treatment elsewhere. Patient appointment scheduling errors as well as no-shows can be expensive – In an increasingly competitive world this can lead to a notable downturn in business, perhaps even failure. Today people are busier than ever. An online scheduler allows them to make a medical appointment 24/7: Anytime, anywhere via the internet – Making it easy for both Doctors and patients to keep updated while´ on the go´ via the internet: A huge advantage for medical practitioners who work at several locations.

Adapt to Suit
Advanced online appointment scheduling software usually offers up a wide variety of features. Many can be adapted to suit specialist clinics, medical practices and individual medical practitioners. Being able to try out the software is extremely advantageous. It gives staff and doctors the opportunity to try out different features and ascertain which are the most appropriate and useful for your particular practice. A well-managed medical practice means happy staff and happy patients. Use the features available to streamline workflows, enhance productivity and so increase revenue. Online appointment scheduling software is reliable and maintenance free: For most, a cost-effective patient appointment scheduling solution.

It´s An Automated World
Every day our world moves toward automation: The health industry is no exception. If you are looking for a reliable medical appointment scheduling solution an online scheduler could well provide the answer. In a busy medical practice patient appointment scheduling can take up your staffs valuable time. An automated online scheduler can take the pressure off the front desk, helping to improve patient care and reduce no-show: As well as a whole lot more besides!

Discover WHY More and More Medical Practices are Turning To Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

February 12th, 2012

More and more private medical practices and sole practitioners are following in the footsteps of some of the largest medical institutes in the US and Canada: By implementing medical appointment scheduling software to deal with patient appointments as well as patient reminder calls. An automated medical appointment scheduler can help to streamline workflows and so improve services. Advanced appointment scheduling software can be customized to suit individual practitioners, practices and specialist clinics. For practitioners and organizations with multiple sites a professional online appointment scheduling system can centralize scheduling and can be accessed by any internet connection – Perfect for keeping practitioners in touch and updated in real time. While advanced a well-organized system should be quick and easy to understand. Online systems require no maintenance and usually offer support – You may well be surprised and just how easy, efficient and cost-effective it can be!

Reducing No-Shows
Reducing no-shows can only be of benefit to both practitioners and patients: No-shows as well as last minute cancellations and re-scheduling costs. Lost appointments can never be recuperated. They cost the practitioner and they cost patients. Medical appointment scheduling software can deal with patient reminder calls. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows and yet in a busy medical practice it is not always possible to get those calls made. An automated appointment scheduler can ensure those calls are made. Patient´s have the opportunity to confirm, re-schedule or cancel their up and coming appointment. Some more advanced appointment scheduling systems can also send text reminder and/or email. In addition, they can track cancellations which means you can decipher which patients are repeat “offenders”.

Reliability Counts
A HIPPA compliant system is the safest and securest. When choosing medical appointment scheduling software the privacy of your patients should be at the forefront of your mind. Free systems often come with a price, and that price is the privacy of your patients. Opting for a HIPPA compliant system with a company that has proven to be reliable and secure is the responsible way forward. In addition, the systems provided by companies with a proven track-record usually provide the best functionality: After all, they have the experience it takes to develop their systems to help your team work smarter not harder!

Prepare For Growth
Medical appointment scheduling software offers up a myriad of advantages and has helped small and large health organizations across America streamline workflows and improve services – Bottom line as to why they use it? Because it works!

Online Appointment Scheduling – Why Make The Change?

February 4th, 2012

An online appointment scheduler is providing a “virtual receptionist” for medical offices, specialist clinics and sole practitioners across America and Canada today. Even if you are not part of this growing number already chances are, you are aware of some of the possible advantages already. Primarily, providing 24/7 appointment scheduling is a veritable plus for patients living in a modern world. And, it also provides overwhelmed receptionists and staff the opportunity to concentrate on more pressing tasks by dealing with patient appointment scheduling in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Take A Break
In a busy medical practice it can be difficult for receptionists to deal with patient appointment calls and reminder calls consistently. After all, this task is one of many! Tempers can become frayed when they are unable to take a break during peak hours and mistakes can be made when they are pushed too hard. Automated appointment scheduling gives staff time to deal with paperwork and patients as well as get their break: Effectively, it is another pair of hands! Unquestionably, an online appointment scheduler can take quite a load off the daily, routine tasks.

Reminder Calls
No-shows happen and every time they do happen, it will invariably cost your medical practice revenue. Many online doctor appointment scheduling systems can also deal with reminder calls, which has proven to reduce no-shows: Hence reminder calls ARE considered important. Even so, in a particularly busy medical practice they will not always be made and hiring staff simply to deal with this task can cost more than the savings made. Automated reminder calls provide an economical solution that is efficient and a fraction of the cost.

Today there is an abundance of medical appointment scheduling software available. Ensuring the system you choose is safe, secure and reliable is vital. Online systems do not require in-house hardware and software to be installed, nor do they require maintenance. Multilingual features are not so common, yet can be extremely useful for medical practitioners working in more cosmopolitan regions. Check out the features carefully to ensure you ARE making the most of what´s on offer – That you are indeed getting the services your practice needs. Free trials provide an excellent opportunity for you to test-drive the software and so ensure you are actually getting what you need, your staff need and your patients. Get it right and everyone will be very glad you made the change.