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Why Choose Paid Online Appointment Scheduling Software?

April 29th, 2012

While the “Filofax” ruled the eighties, online appointment scheduling software seems set to rule the twentieth century. Today, more and more medical practitioners as well as some of the world´s largest medical organizations have turned to medical appointment scheduling software to deal with patient appointments. One of the first questions on the lips of sole practitioners and those with smaller medical practices is often, “why use a paid appointment scheduling software and not free software”? As they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Invariably, a free online scheduler will come with a “price” of some kind: And often that “price” will be “privacy” – To which the price could be rather more than your patients are happy with.

The companies that provide free appointment scheduling software will have “terms & conditions” – As do most things in life! Among the more commonplace “conditions” is the company are able to use certain personal information of registered users logging into the system – Perhaps for marketing or research purposes, for example. Professional online scheduling software companies, providing HIPPA approved systems would not.

Appointment Scheduling Made Easy
Scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling appointments are made easy online with appointment scheduling software systems. Virtually infallible (unlike paper based scheduling) appointment scheduling software can save costly mistakes being made. No-shows can also be reduced by utilizing the reminder services many companies can offer. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows: Even so, reminder calls take time, and time is something staff and practitioners can be frequently short of – To which, reminder calls can often be neglected. An automated scheduler can ensure reminder calls are made on time every time: And it can accomplish this is double-quick time!

The Future
The future of online appointment scheduling software seems secure: It´s growing popularity confirming it has proven to be a cost-effective option for many medical practitioners, practices and organizations. People use the internet more than ever: To which, online medical appointment scheduling seems a natural progression in a modern world. Some providers offer free trials, which offers up a chance to try out the system´s features. Obviously, not all systems are the same, which means not all of them will have the same features. While a basic system might be enough for your needs, advanced systems tend to be more customizable and feature rich. Either way, to ensure the privacy of your patients paid appointment scheduling software and systems will usually be the most secure choice.

Online Medical Appointment Scheduling – The Clear Advantage

April 22nd, 2012

The number of people using the internet is consistently rising worldwide: And most of us have noticed the internet is having a greater impact on various aspects of our lives – Indeed, the internet can provide us with just about all the services and products we could ever want! Research suggests that a majority of adults welcome online medical appointment scheduling, and the convenience it provides. Today some of the largest health organisations in the world rely upon medical appointment scheduling software: And, the trend is catching on fast. This fact in itself indicates these systems work well and are cost-effective: Even for smaller medical practices and sole practitioners.

Improve Workflows
Online medical appointment scheduling systems have many significant benefits over in-house, offline appointment scheduling software – And can offer up even more advantages in comparison to conventional patient appointment scheduling, which can take up a good majority of your staffs time. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of online medical appointment scheduling is the fact that patients can make a medical appointment online 24/7. Not only will your patients find the convenience of being able to book an appointment after hours of great benefit, the pressure should be taken off your front desk – And while patient appointment scheduling is most certainly essential, your staff will be able to spend more time on more demanding tasks.

Online medical appointment scheduling systems have another great advantage; they can be accessed from any internet connection (including mobile connections) anytime, anywhere. This gives added convenience to patients as well as medical practitioners and staff who are also able to access the system from any location 24/7. For medical practitioners working in several locations and specialist clinics the advantages of this are definitely notable.

Clear Advantages
Waiting is definitely not the in word of the twenty-first century. Indeed, time is of the essence for most people which means they want to make their appointment easily and most of all quickly. Consistently keeping patients hanging on the end of a phone is not good for patient-doctor relations and can seriously damage the health of your revenue over time. This is true for those patients wanting to schedule a medical appointment as well as those who wish to cancel or reschedule an up-and-coming appointment. An online medical appointment scheduling system ensures patients get through first time, every time. In addition, reminder calls can be scheduled routinely. Indeed, the advantages of online medical appointment scheduling software, over in-house software are clear.

Can Your Practice Save Time and Money with an Online Appointment Scheduler?

April 22nd, 2012

Client – patient appointment scheduling is a major element of medical practice management for every medical practitioner working within any sector of the health industry. Managing appointments (scheduling, reminders and dealing with cancellations for example) can take up a significant amount of time, even for a sole medical practitioner – Without doubt, whether practitioners deal with the appointment scheduling or the front desk, this can be a time consuming task. Incorporating an automated scheduling system into workflows can make life a lot easier.

Services v Systems
Outsourcing is an option: There are ´answering services´ available and they can help to make the whole process a whole lot smoother. However, an automated appointment scheduler has many extra advantages, and among the most significant is cost – Invariably, online appointment scheduling is the more cost-effective solution: Hence patient appointment scheduling software is being utilized today by some of the largest health organizations in the world.

An online scheduler can be integrated into an existing website. This gives patients and staff 24/7 access, which is generally welcomed by most working adults: Indeed, 24/7 online scheduling gives patients much more control and can notably improve communications. Plus, allowing patients to schedule their own patient appointments saves time and money. It is not compulsory to own a website to use the software: It is simply an option.

More advanced services can be customized extensively and include many features. Online scheduling systems can be customized to suit the needs of medical practices, massage therapists, yoga teachers, dentists, holistic therapists, nutritionists and many, many more….

Take it for a Test Drive
In an increasingly fast paced world technology plays a huge role in our lives – with regards to eliminating the need to spend time on tasks that can be automated more efficiently and so cost effectively using that technology. If your medical practice has never used online services before, it can be tricky to assess which features are going to be the most useful for your specific needs: And so the most cost-effective. Therefore, test-driving any appointment scheduling software before making any type of commitment is the best foot forward.

Unquestionably, automated appointment scheduling offers up notable advantages: Advantages that will, in turn, be advantageous for your patients as well as your practice. Can your practice save time and money with an online appointment scheduler? With so many advantages available, the answer seems to be somewhat crystal clear…

Does Online Patient Appointment Scheduling Lack the Personal Touch?

April 7th, 2012

Automated appointment scheduling is growing in popularity as people become more proficient and comfortable with the internet. Online patient appointment scheduling offers up a myriad of advantages to medical practitioners and their patients. Some might feel automated appointment scheduling lacks the ‘personal touch’ they believe is important to the patients in their care: And for this reason (despite all the practical advantages) continue to work with ‘paper and pen’. However, a survey carried out by the Wall Street Journal suggests that is not in fact the case. Instead, the majority of adults who voted said they preferred to make appointments online. In actual fact, one could say online appointment scheduling is MORE personalized: In the way it gives patients total control.

All The Advantages…
Indeed, the advantages of an automated patient appointment scheduling system are many. One of the greatest advantages is that patients can schedule a doctor appointment 24/7, giving them total control: No waiting for their call to be answered in or outside of office hours – Some of the more advanced appointment schedulers can also deal with emergency calls 24/7. For the hearing-impaired online patient appointment scheduling is extremely convenient: Putting them in complete control of their own health care.

Without the Disadvantages
While initially automated appointment scheduling may seem impersonal, when you think about the advantages and people´s lifestyles today, it is actually more personalized…in all the right ways. Unlike every human being an automated system does not have bad days. It is never rushed, brusque, harassed or distracted. To which, when the pressure is on there are times when the ‘personal touch’ is actually a disadvantage.

Reduce No-Shows
An online appointments scheduler can generate patient appointment reminders automatically. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. However, in a busy medical practice they can be omitted simply because staff are too busy. An automated appointment scheduler can call patients as well as send email and SMS text reminders. Patients have the option to confirm, reschedule or cancel their doctor appointment quickly and easily – Usually, automated reminders are more economical than postcards and calls, which is comparatively labor intensive. In this way, an automated reminder service is a cost-effective and so financially viable option.
Online appointment scheduling can help to reduce the pressure on the front desk as well as minimise no-shows and eliminate scheduling conflicts. Indeed, an online patient appointment scheduler can enhance communications, improve workflows and reduce conflicts: In this way actually improving levels of patient care – So, if that is something you would like to do cost-effectively it IS worth taking at look at the options…