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Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

October 27th, 2012

Medical Appointment Scheduling Software can take care of all your medical practice patient scheduling needs. Today, “digital schedules” are playing a major role in everyday life for many people. In a modern world people welcome the opportunity to book their medical appointment online: After all, research indicates more and more people are using the internet more than ever to find the services and products they want. Why not their doctor? For some professionals, their lifestyle fundamentally demands online patient appointment scheduling. With online scheduling patients can schedule a doctor appointment 24/7 – Much more convenient for patients with busy schedules and long working hours as well as the hearing impaired.

Error Free scheduling
Some of the largest health organisations in the US are using automated online medical appointment scheduling software to deal with patient appointments. By all accounts, the “good old days” of pen and paper scheduling are well and truly over,: And there are some very good reasons for this. Automated systems are 24/7: Unlike staff, they do not need time off and can multi-task way beyond any human capacity. Employing staff can be an expensive business. Deploying automated software is usually the more cost effective as well as efficient solution. In addition, medical appointment scheduling software does not suffer that “troublesome” human factor called emotion. Your patients call is dealt with quickly and efficiently 24/7 in a polite and orderly fashion.

Reduce No Shows
No shows cost health organisations and medical practitioners millions of dollars every year. When a patient does not show for their doctor appointment that time is lost: Therefore revenue is lost. Patient appointment reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. However, making those calls, or sending cards is time consuming. In a busy medical practice staff do not always have time to deal with reminder calls. Online medical appointment scheduling software can make patient reminder calls at scheduled times, automatically. More advanced systems can also send reminders via SMS and email.

Feature Rich
Automating reminder calls is probably one of the most useful features of medical appointment scheduling software: Aside it’s primary function of course, which is to schedule patient appointments. Some of the more advanced systems available can be customised and offer up many more features: Multiple language selections, billing, repeat appointments – Take a look at some of the features available. Without doubt, you will be amazed at just how advanced some of the software available is.

Problem: Staff Overwhelmed? Solution: Automated Appointment Scheduling

October 22nd, 2012

Automated online medical appointment scheduling can streamline workflows and so help your medical practice improve services: And when services improve your patients will remain happy patients – This can only be good for revenue. Front desk staff can often become overwhelmed because they have too many patients to deal with: And sometimes it is simply due to poor work ethics surmounting to bad organisation. Either way, it will invariably result in lost revenue for the medical practice.

A Simple Solution

When patients are consistently left hanging on the end of a phone to make a doctor appointment, they do have a tendency to start looking elsewhere. Additionally, if they are left in the waiting room due to mistakes in schedules, things can get very irate all around – If this happens too many times chances are they will also be changing their medical practice. An online medical appointment scheduling system can deal with all patient appointment scheduling tasks, including reminder calls. Your staff will have more to deal with patients and other tasks – By doing the relatively simple, inexpensive thing of becoming automated, you can improve your patient services.

Self-Service Patient Appointment Scheduling

Research surveys do indicate that patients want online doctor appointment scheduling. Why wouldn’t they? Today more and more people are hiring the services they need and buying products online. Indeed, in the twenty-first century it hard to imagine life without the internet. An online, self-service appointment scheduling system allows them to take control. Your patients can schedule, reschedule or cancel their doctor appointment online 24/7. Advance systems are very easy to use, for both staff and patients. There are free trials available and they are very good for test-driving exactly how user friendly a system is: As well as how efficient.

Multiple Uses

Advanced online appointment scheduling software and systems can support multiple doctors and even multiple medical practices. Great communication generally means excellent organisation. Medical practitioners on the move can be updated in real time: No crossover in communication, no time wasting.


Not all patient appointment scheduling software and online systems are the same. Basic systems are usually sufficient for a small medical practice and sole practitioners. However, larger medical practices with multiple doctors and specialist clinics would benefit greatly from being able to customise forms and functions. Some systems are also multi-lingual, which is very useful for practitioners working in more cosmopolitan environments – Online patient appointment scheduling is an effective as well as cost effective solution. Why let the siege on your staff continue?

Patient Appointment Scheduling Solutions – Office Automation

October 13th, 2012

Without question, if you are a medical practitioner then patient appointment scheduling is normally an essential part of the process. Improving workflows invariably leads to better patient service, as overall medical practice management is enhanced. Streamlining the way your patient appointment scheduling is handled can help your medical practice perform more efficiently overall, which is important for any practice that would like to improve revenues.

Minimise Errors

Medical appointment scheduling software can help to minimise errors, and so the time usually wasted from dealing with appointments manually. Unquestionably, in a busy medical practice keeping up with patient appointment scheduling and reminder calls can be a challenging task; even for experienced staff – And when staff are overwhelmed mistakes will invariably happen.

Good for Staff & Patients

Automated appointment scheduling software can help to take the pressure off the front desk. This is not only an advantageous solution for staff it is also extremely beneficial for patients. When it is consistently difficult to schedule a doctor appointment a percentage of patients will decide to switch their medical practice – With an automated scheduling system in place they are never left hanging on the end of the phone: Good for patients and so good for your medical practice.

Online Medical Scheduling

One of the greatest advantages of an online medical scheduling system is that patients can schedule, reschedule or cancel a doctor appointment anytime online: Indeed, research indicates that a notable majority of adults would ‘gratefully receive’ the opportunity. Therefore this would give most medical practices the edge, in what is an increasingly competitive environment – Today, one could certainly argue that the health industry is as cut-throat as any other. Real time, online scheduling is also extremely advantageous for medical practitioners who are on the move. They can access the system from any internet connection, which means they are always informed and updated.

A Cost Effective Solution

Automating patient appointment scheduling can help your medical practice stay competitive by improving services: And it can do this remarkably cost- effectively. The features of the online medical scheduling systems available do of course vary. Free trials allow you to test run the system and the features available: Not every medical practices’ needs are the same. However, automated patient appointment scheduling and reminder calls as well as online scheduling are probably the three most fundamental of all for most. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. Automated reminder calls offer up a cost effective way to reduce no-shows and so improve your medical practices’ bottom line – All in all, the advantages of office automation are very (very) clear….

Free Patient Appointment Scheduling Systems – What Are They Worth?

October 13th, 2012

The modern way of dealing with patient appointment scheduling is to use an automated online scheduler or in-house medical appointment scheduling software. Both solutions are more efficient than pen and paper. An outdated practice riddled with errors and so problems. If you are looking for a patient appointment scheduling solution then an online scheduler is an excellent solution. Unlike in-house software an online scheduler is maintanance free. You will find free online appointment scheduling systems available. The problem with free systems is they usually come with a list of terms and conditions: And all too often those terms and conditions include sharing certain information with third parties. For medical practitioners this can be skating on thin ice with regards to HIPAA guideline – Hence, it really is in the interest of your patients as well as your medical practice to opt for a HIPAA compliant online scheduler. For this reason alone it is worth paying.

There are several tactics that can be used to help your medical practice reduce no-shows. Patient reminder calls and postal reminders have proven to help reduce no-shows. However, they can be time consuming. An online automated system can deal with many aspects of patient appointment scheduling. The system can be used by patients to book a doctor appointment online: It can deal with all patient appoint scheduling calls to your medical practice: It can also make scheduled patient appointment reminder calls as well as send SMS and email reminders. Advanced systems can also provide your staff with the information they need to pinpoint patients consistently missing their appointment. Without doubt, an advanced system can deal with many aspects of patient appointment scheduling.

Streamline Workflows
Patient appointment scheduling is vital to every medical practitioner: It is impossible to function without scheduling. However, it can really consume the time of your staff, unnecessarily. Imagine how much extra time your staff will have to deal with other tasks if they do not have to deal with patient scheduling? For the most, patient services are improved as workflows become more streamlined.

Basic systems can be utilised by your medical practice for the cost of cable a month. While some systems are highly customisable and feature rich, there is little point paying for features you do not need. Free trials allow you to try out some of the features and assess which are the most essential and to your medical practice and patients. By ensuring you only pay for what you really need trials can save you a lot of money in the long run: So take advantage of them.