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October 1st, 2010

An Automated Medical Appointment Scheduler is like having a receptionist on hand 24/7. Imagine all the advantages! Angela is Multi Lingual, excellent at multi tasking, HIPPA compliant and never takes a day off or needs a coffee break: And that is just a few of her capabilities!

The front desk can be somewhat of a battle field – Medical Receptionists need to schedule Patient Appointments, remind patients of their Doctor Appointment AND deal with all the other operations that ensure your medical practice runs efficiently: In a busy practice this can be a tall order; which invariably means reminder calls are not made and errors often are.

Appointment Reminders

Today patients have options and want the best health care they can afford. Invariably, this means any medical practice must keep costs to a minimum without cutting care. Angela can provide an efficient and economical way to deal with Medical Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Calls.

Automated Appointment Scheduling offers up an affordable and practical way to take the pressure off the front desk.  This can improve patient relations and actually increase income. No-Shows cost money. They also affect the overall running of your practice – All those lost appointments extend the time other patients need to wait for a Doctor Appointment: And patients do not like waiting.

On Call 24/7

Angela can be utilised to provide a 24/7 Appointment Scheduling call service; or be used to cover busy times and out of hours calls: Including Emergency Calls. This service can also be made available to patients online: Which means, any which way, Angela has it covered.

Online Scheduler

In a modern world Online Appointment Scheduling is a welcome offering for many patients. Angela is a HIPPA compliant Medical Appointment Scheduler that is easy to use and extremely secure. Your patients can safely access the system online 24/7; which means they can schedule their Doctor Appointment at their own convenience.

No matter the time of day Angela is ALWAYS efficient, friendly AND on call. Many healthcare professionals are realizing the huge advantages of having an automated Medical Appointment Scheduler in place to schedule appointments and make reminder calls: It pays to automate….

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