24/7 Medical Appointment Scheduling – Reliable, Convenient and Cost effective

March 12th, 2012

More and more medical practices are automating everyday tasks to help streamline patient administration. Office automation is replacing paper and pen by integrating computerized systems giving medical practice staff more time to deal with patients efficiently. Not only will automated appointment scheduling ease the pressure on front desk staff (and so help to improve patient services), it is also a very convenient service for patients.

Reduce No Shows with Automated Appointment Scheduling
We live in a fast-paced world. Therefore, 24/7 patient scheduling is a welcome service for most. Not only can patients book a medical appointment at their convenience, day or night, they can also reschedule or cancel an appointment. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no shows. Missed appointments cost time and money. Most online doctor appointment scheduling systems are able to carry out reminder calls routinely. This is of great benefit to patients, front desk staff and doctors. Staff do not have to allocate time to make reminder calls and so can use this time to deal with other tasks (indeed, in a busy medical practice reminder calls are often neglected). This basic feature alone can make automated appointment scheduling extremely cost-effective.

User Friendly
While the medical appointment scheduling systems available today can be extremely advanced and feature rich, most are “user friendly”. The features available vary and you may not need many of them: On the other hand, you might need all of them! It is a good idea to try out any online doctor appointment scheduling system or software you might be considering to 1) Ensure it has the features you need 2) That it is user friendly for both staff and patients.

Online doctor appointment scheduling is generally low maintenance and extremely reliable – Certainly more reliable than paper and pen. No specialist hardware is required as a rule and if it is HIPPA compliant the privacy of your patients is assured (NOTE: A “Free” online appointment scheduler usually comes with a price, and that price is often the privacy of your patients).

Consistency is vital with regards to patient appointment scheduling. Even so, sometimes front desk staff simply cannot keep up. Automated appointment scheduling can help staff keep patient services consistent. These systems can be utilized 24/7 or they can be relied on to back up front desk staff during busy periods – Indeed, a medical appointment scheduler provides an extra pair of hands there when you need them most: Cost Effectively.

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