24/7 Patient Scheduling – Giving Patients What They Need

May 29th, 2011

Never has it been so essential to offer 24/7 appointment scheduling to patients. Why? Because today we live in a world that just keeps on ticking twenty four hours a day seven days a week.  Today people lead busy lives and need flexibility. If you cannot give them that then they just might move on to a medical practitioner that can: And with the health sector as competitive as any other business sector – and becoming notably more so than many – It is important to ensure your patients are receiving the services and care they need.

Twenty-First Century Solutions

Some web based appointment scheduling systems can deal with appointments and even emergency calls to the front desk 24/7. Providing 24/7 patient scheduling need not be expensive. An automated patient appointment scheduling system is invariably less budget consuming than the alternative options available. Scheduling patient appointments is vital. Providing self-service patient appointment scheduling 24/7 can take the pressure off the front desk during office hours: And it can do it efficiently as well as economically – Solutions that are cost effective as well as practical are what every business needs in the twenty-first century.

Dealing With Patient Reminders

No shows can really eat into revenues and can lead to reduced levels of patient care – After all, that appointment could have meant another patient could have been seen sooner. Over the months the numbers can really start to add up. Patient appointment reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. Automated appointment scheduling systems can also deal with reminder calls.

Keeping Up

The health sector is competitive. Some of the largest health organisations in the US and Canada are already providing 24/7 patient scheduling by making available self-service patient appointment scheduling systems: Both online and off.  This is because they are reliable, efficient and cost effective. Web-based systems do not need any special ‘in-house’ hardware: Nor do they make excessive demands upon your existing staff – For example, it is not necessary for them to spend three weeks becoming trained to use them! Nor will they have to plough their way through a instruction manual the size of the Encarta Dictionary! These systems are straight-forward. They are designed to make life easier around the office: And invariably they succeed.

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