24/7 Patient Scheduling – Not Just For Doctors

December 6th, 2010

Automated 24/7 Appointment Scheduling and patient appointment reminder systems are being successfully utilised all over the world by both private and fiscal bodies. This is because they are highly efficient, extremely reliable and so very cost-effective. Automated appointment scheduling is not a commodity reserved for government and corporate medical practices. Quite the contrary: These systems have proven to be equally cost-effective for small medical practices as well as sole practitioners: And similarly automated 24/7 patient scheduling is not solely reserved for Doctors!
Customised To Suit

While indeed many of the patient appointment scheduling software available has been developed with Doctors in mind some web-based services and software can be easily customised to suit other practitioners working within the healthcare sector: Such as Dentists, Chiropractors and Psychologists as well as those practising more holistic approaches to health care – Reflexologists for example. 

Improved Patient Care

Regardless of which health sector you practice within, scheduling patient appointments is an essential part of running your business. When you are already busy dealing with patients in the here and now, scheduling future patient appointments can become difficult – The cause of those constant interruptions which can and do distract you away from patients. Automated patient appointment scheduling can deal with the task easily; allowing you to concentrate upon providing attentive and dedicated patient care: Indeed, an automated appointment scheduling system can free up your time as well as your mind! 

Call Reminders

It has been proven time and time again: Patient appointment reminder calls reduce the percentage of no-shows and so increase productivity. A 24/7 patient appointment scheduling system can not only deal with scheduling, many of them can also make routine reminder calls on a daily basis: Some can also send patient appointment reminders by SMS as well as email. Utilising this service alone can increase the bottom line of your business:  More often that not, they can and will pay for themselves when comparing the cost of the service to the money saved/extra revenue created. 

Consider This…

All things considered it is no surprise that some of the largest and most advanced medical practices in the world are utilising these systems. Invariably, 24/7 patient appointment systems increase patient satisfaction without increasing costs: And in an ever competitive world that is definitely a plus side….

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