24/7 Virtual Receptionist Makes Reminder Calls Easy!

July 26th, 2009


“I don’t have enough time!!”. 

Have you ever heard that from your dedicated office staff?  After all, think of all the work your doctor’s office staff has to accomplish.  They are the front lines – the first people who come into contact with your patients.  And, they have to keep all of the paperwork straight, be friendly to patients and help facilitate office exams.  And make daily appointment reminder calls.

The doctor’s office staff is extremely important but many times they are simply overrun with too much to do; they are constantly on the phone making appointment reminder calls.  They try to fit in the calls throughout the day whenever they get a minute.  And, sometimes they get busy signals on those calls, or they can’t get through, or other annoying obstacles.

Understandbly, when they are so tired and overworked – they may not be putting their best forward on the phone, or to the patients at your waiting room or front desk.  The poor service at your front desk reception, in turn, may annoy your patients and send them elsewhere. 

If you feel like something MUST done done to fix this. You should consider use a virtual receptionist for your reminder service needs! 

What if I told you that your doctor’s office could have a reminder service that takes care of reminding your patients when their appointments are with very little hassle to your office? 

What if I told you that the reminder service could be done in a variety of different languages so you can communicate with your patients on their terms?  

What if I told you that a pleasant female voice could be programmed to call your patients with a recorded message of your choice? And that your office staff would no longer have to worry about making the appointment reminder calls throughout their busy day? 

Well, that is what I am about to tell you.  With a 24/7 virtual receptionist making all of your appointment reminder calls, your can make your problems a thing of the past.


The virtual receptionist has an extremely pleasant voice.  The virtual receptionist delivers your appointment reminders in English or Spanish, depending on your patients needs.  What’s more: your office staff will never have to worry about calling patients and reminding them of appointments ever again.  This frees up your office staff to interact directly with patients when they come in – and focus on more important jobs in the office.  What’s more – the 24/7 virtual receptionist is always calm, never rattled and delivers exactly the message you want them to.


All of this is not to mention the fact that a 24/7 receptionist that reminds your patients to come in cuts down on no-shows.  No-shows can cost your practice thousands of dollars a year, and a simple automated call can cut down on all of that.  The appointment reminder service is very easy to program, too.  Your patient’s phone numbers and appointment times can easily be entered into the system, and the rest is taken care of!  What’s more- you can attache a physician notes with the reminder calls and communicate a few details before your patient’s visits.

Try it out! This one is a no-brainer, a win-win for everyone!

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