24/7 Web-based doctor appointment booking is the wave of the future

July 13th, 2009

Twitter. Facebook. My Space. Other social media sites. These are all the wave of the future. This is how companies are doing business these days. This is how businesses brand themselves and attract and retain new customers and clients. And, it’s all done over the Internet. More and more, the healthcare industry has embraced the Internet and acknowledged that the millions of people on facebook and twitter are patients as well! As a doctor, you may not see how the Internet can benefit your practice. Well, guess what? With millions of people online at any given moment of the day – the Internet is the perfect way to attract and retain patients.

Convenience is at the top of people’s list these days in terms of what they want. Going to the doctor is no exception. People often don’t want to take the time or effort to pick up the phone and call the doctor’s office and schedule appointments. What’s more – many people’s schedules are so busy that they don’t have time to call during normal business hours. The net effect is many people simply put off going to the doctor, or go somewhere where they don’t have to call during normal business hours. And, therein lies the secret!

With 24/7 web based doctor appointment, your patients don’t have to pick up the phone, and they don’t have to waste precious time filling out copious amounts of paperwork when they get to your office. With 24/7 web-based doctor appointment, patients can log in at anytime of the day or night and make their appointments. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and patients love it! All they have to do is log onto the web based appointment system, and schedule the appointment for anytime they wish. They can see – at a glance – what appointment times are open and available. And, there is much more.

When patients log on to make an initial appointment, they can fill out all pertinent paperwork at that time as well. Insurance documents, health issues, and all other necessary information can be submitted automatically online. Patient security is protected and the new HIPPA guidelines are fully followed as well. This saves precious time while the patient is in the doctor’s office, and allows office staff to focus on more important issues. What’s more, after the appointment a patient can log on and ask follow-up questions and schedule subsequent appointments. While some would call this informal, it is actually a great way to have even better access to your healthcare professional.

The trick is that by using the 24/7 web-based doctor appointment system – it makes patients happier, and it makes office staff happier as well. Patients love the convenience, and the access to the doctor. Office staff like that so much of their time isn’t taken up doing administrative paperwork, and they can concentrate more on their relationships with the patient. Getting and retaining patients is the name of the game and the web-based appointment system helps in each of these areas.

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