Appointment reminder solution important business tool for optometrists

October 29th, 2008

New technology has been improving the ability of optometrists to collect revenue that otherwise might be lost. As is the case with the entire health care industry, one good example is that eye care providers see a significant impact from their level of success scheduling and maintaining appointment times.

Typically, optometrists only collect revenue when appointment times are filled and kept by patients. The challenge is ensuring that a full schedule of patients leads to an optimal revenue performance. One important customer service technique that can significantly improve a practice’s efficiency with appointment times and revenue generation is the appointment reminder call. This sounds simple enough. Unfortunately, execution of appointment reminder calls in an accurate and timely manner can be difficult for a busy receptionist.

The good news for many eye care practices, and their overwhelmed receptionists, is that a best in class automated telephone reminder solution is available. A top of the line backup receptionist is a great help for a busy receptionist. This virtual receptionist can assist with many routine tasks that receptionists sometimes struggle to complete. Receptionists often must manage multiple in-clinic patients, constant phone calls, and still complete necessary insurance paperwork. All of these tasks can keep them from completing the all-important daily appointment reminder calls. Fortunately, with moderate up front investment, and little to no ongoing maintenance, an appointment reminder software solution can be the answer to great revenue generation for any optometrist.

An online patient appointment reminder is a great way to accurately and efficiently reminder scheduled patients of upcoming appointments. Many patients get caught up in the day-to-day rigor of life and can forget appointments, or neglect to make calls to cancel. A simple appointment reminder message through a quality and convenient automated reminder can make the difference between a high-revenue customer, and an empty appointment slot.

Along with bringing in important revenue, the appointment reminder is a key customer service and customer retention factor. Many patients appreciate the reminders and feel more connected with a provider if they are contacted consistently and are assisted with keeping up on appointments. Some patients get upset if they miss an appointment and cannot reschedule for weeks, potentially, at a busy clinic. Another advantage with the best phone reminder solutions is a multilingual appointment reminder that enables reminder calls to be effectively completed with non-English speaking clients.

The automated appointment reminder is beneficial to all key parties involved. The optometrist can save important revenue from being lost to missed appointments. Customers are happier as they do not miss appointments and they receive efficient and accurate appointment reminder calls. Employees feel less stressed from performing the routine but time-consuming calls and can deliver better service and complete required paperwork. All of these are reasons that any high-quality eye care provider or practice should strongly consider adding a virtual backup receptionist to its offering. It might be the best investment a provider could make considering the multiple benefits, modest cost, and lack of maintenance needed.

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