Appointment Reminders Keep Medical Staff and Patients Happy

November 17th, 2008

We just started with this reminder program here in our practice. It’s really neat and the patients love it. Before we had reminder program, we had a high rate of no shows for appointments. Now the automated telephone reminder system calls each patient that is schedule for a specified day, to remind them of their appointments. It’s great!

We sat down and figured the statistics of no shows were a lot higher than we thought. When patients were polled, they stated that they actually forgot that they had an appointment. The numbers were just astounding. The same no show patients, were polled again and they said they would really like to get a phone reminder.

After a month of having an automated telephone reminder system in place, we rechecked the numbers and were shocked to see the difference. Our no-show rate went drastically down. Reminder program has not only paid itself, but it is making money for us.

One of the other benefits of having the reminder program is, it frees up our front office receptionist to direct her attention to the patients standing in front of her desk, rather than being on the phone making those appointment reminder calls. This is very important, as our patients deserve more one on one attention and the system allows us to give that to your patients.

The system is set up to automatically dial the number assigned with each patient as the appointment is made. They receive a patient appointment reminder call two days before their appointment. These calls can also be made into a multilingual appointment reminder, as we do have patients that speak other languages than English. It allows us to be more patient friendly in all aspects of running a physicians office.

Our patients, as well as our staff are totally happy with this new system. The physicians in our practice have one less thing to worry about. Having the no-show percentage go down also allows the physicians to see more patients, which brings in more income for the practice. The physicians are totally thrilled with that.

The appointment reminder software was easy to have installed and works great. It’s one of the greatest things to have when we have someone off on vacation. The patients get calls for reminders without having to pull a staff member from their work and allows patients to receive the same level of care from all of the staff. A win – win situation!

Please consider the needs of your patients and staff and look into an automated appointment reminder system for your practice. It has made a significant difference in our practice making everyone happy and helps to keep the turn over down as well. When you keep your staff happy, they are more likely to want to keep their jobs and hang around much longer.

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