Appointment Scheduling Software – It’s Time!

April 9th, 2011

Today note pads and messaging amount to a somewhat antiquated approach to patient appointment scheduling: After all, we live in a high tech world where just about everyone and everything can be integrated and communicated with. Patient appointment scheduling software has advanced significantly of late and is extremely cost effective: Which means medical staff do not need to spend their relatively expensive time dealing with appointment scheduling and reminder calls – So why do they?

The Old Adage

Sometimes it can be the age old adage of ‘making the most of it’ seasoned with a touch of ‘not getting round to it’ – Indeed, in a busy medical practice it can be a case of ‘soldiering on’ because making the change will take too much time: The Doctors may feel that the upheaval of ‘change’ may cause more problems than it solves. However, with an internet based appointment scheduling system there is no need to have any special hardware or lines installed in-house. In fact, these systems can be taken onboard without interfering with the everyday running of the medical practice.

Do The Math

Another reason why a medical practice may not take on an automated appointment scheduling system is cost. However, there are systems available which do not require long term commitments or mountainous amounts of money be handed over – Either upfront or on a monthly basis. In fact, when considering the workload automated systems can deal with more for less. When adding up the hours staff spend each month dealing with patient appointments the costs are usually higher than they would be using an automated system – These systems can multitask far beyond human beings and never have to back-track to make good mistakes.


While these systems are extremely capable they are also very simple to use. Some are multilingual too which can save a lot of headaches with regards to mis-communication; which can occur, particularly in stressful situations – Having this option can make life easier for patients and staff alike.  Appointment scheduling software can also deal with reminder calls which can reduce no-shows as well as save staff a lot of their valuable time. With so many advantages; yes, why are your staff still spending their time scheduling patient appointments?

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