Appointment Scheduling Software – Take It For a Testdrive

June 23rd, 2012

Today people live busy lives, which means convenience and organisation are essential to keep things running smoothly: It´s not always easy remembering everything that has to be done! Appointment scheduling software helps patient´s and staff remain organised in a way that pen and paper scheduling never allowed. They old system of appointment scheduling books was always prone to problems. Rescheduled and cancelled appointments easily become confused with the old system. Medical appointment scheduling software significantly reduces the possibility of error. Software is organised and always available 24/7. Online appointment scheduling software allows patient´s to schedule, reschedule and cancel their doctor appointment 24/7. Nowadays, most people have access to the internet. Providing your patients with the option to book online or through an automated system is advantageous for many people. Today, people need (and in many ways expect) services to be easily accessible. They do not want to be left waiting on the end of a telephone line: They want to book their doctor appointment quickly and easily: Automated appointment scheduling software allows them to do that. Automated systems can handle several calls at once, and it is always available.

So Many Advantages
There are many advantages for using appointment scheduling software. Editing patient appointments is easier and less prone to mistakes. Automated systems are usually more economical than hiring extra staff. Plus, software does not need breaks, holidays or sleep! These are great advantages. However, probably one of the greatest advantages of all is the fact that many of the online appointment scheduling systems are able to make reminder calls at a specific time. It has been proven time and time again that reminder calls can significantly reduce no-shows. No-shows cost American health organisations millions of dollars every year. Automated reminder calls provide a cost-effective way to reduce no-shows. Staff do not always have time to make those calls. An automated system can ensure patient reminder calls are made on time every time. In addition, some medical appointment scheduling software can collect certain data, such as cancelled appointments. This can help medical practitionners to identify “problem” patient´s who might consistently cancel their appointment at the last minute or not show at all. This kind of data can be very useful and help practitioners deal with problem patients.

Try Before You Buy
Appointment scheduling software varies. Some are more feature rich than others. You may or may not need many of the features. The best way to assess which features are the most important for you is to test-drive the software.So try before you buy!

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