Appointment Scheduling Systems – Make Sure You REALLY Are at Optimum Efficiency

June 5th, 2011

Efficient medical practice management demands a good admin team as well as (usually) some select pieces of electronic equipment: That can be pricey. Nevertheless, ask any medical practitioner about the cost of no-shows and they will probably start beating their head again the accounts book: Regardless of whether they are a family doctor, specialist, dentist or otherwise – The fact is no-shows are costing the medical health sector millions every year.

Much to Gain

Medical appointment scheduling software is taking the health sector by storm: Some of the largest establishments in the US and Canada now utilize automated appointment scheduling systems. This is because automated systems are extremely efficient and can be deal with patient appointments 24/7. This effectively takes the pressure off the front desk allowing staff to get on with more important tasks such as dealing with patients and of course billing: As well as the whole soiree of other administration responsibilities they need to carry out in order to ensure efficient medical practice management is achieved. As a consequence reliability is enhanced, costs stabilized and so profits improved.

But Could It Be Better?

Even so, those no-show calls have a nasty habit of being overlooked: Simply because staff do not have the time to make them – regardless of the fact the statistics invariably prove that patient appointment reminder calls DO lower the percentage of no-shows. This is why it is so important to ensure that if you do take on an automated medical appointment scheduling system it DOES have the capacity to make those calls. If it does not your medical practice is still not running at optimum efficiency. Which means things could definitely be better with regards to profit.

As the old saying goes time is money and it has never been so essential to make sure that your medical practice is making the most of its time and so the most of its potential profit. It is a competitive world where inefficiency is neither tolerated by patients nor profit and can be the difference between success and failure of any business: And today even the health sector is a business so it has to be treated as such…like it or not!

So if you already have appointment scheduling software which is not capable of making patient reminder calls maybe its time for a change. If you are looking around for software then it is best to start with the most efficient system available – And that IS a system which can make those calls.

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