Automated Appointment Scheduling – A Step In The Right Direction

July 3rd, 2011

Whether your practice schedules hundreds of patient appointments each week or a hundred every month no-shows cost. Until fairly recently even the largest health providers were failing to make reminder calls on a regular basis. Mainly due to the fact that front desk staff need to prioritize dealing with the patients they have coming and going during the day: Usually therefore only being able to make reminder calls if and when they have a spare moment – And that can be particularly difficult for staff working in larger medical practices.

Automated Appointment Scheduling
The consequences of no-shows are variable. However, lost productivity is usually inevitable. And for larger health providers that loss is substantial: Hence generally speaking they have been the first to realise the importance of making patient appointment reminder calls – And that doing so does make a notable difference with regards to reducing no-shows. However, for the most they also realised that taking on more staff to deal with this was not as cost-effective as utilising an automated appointment scheduling system.

Automated Appointment Scheduling is now utilized by some of the largest health providers in the US and Canada – To deal with patient appointment scheduling as well as reminder calls. The statistics have revealed that patient appointment reminder calls work. And because no-shows are reduced, waiting lists are reduced which means patients are generally seen quicker.

Redeploying Resources
Another benefit of automated appointment scheduling is that staff are free to other tasks. Patient appointment scheduling can literally consume the time of front desk staff which can leave patients either waiting in reception or on the end of the telephone. Medical appointment scheduling software can deal with calls as well as make reminder calls. Staff can be redeployed which also means overall medical practice management can be improved.

Customised To Suit
Automated appointment scheduling software can be customised to suit the needs of each individual practice. More advanced systems also have language selection. Email reminders as well as sms text reminders are also an option with some systems. Overall automated appointment scheduling and reminders helps medical practices utilise their human resources to the max. They are cost-effective and can help improve overall medical practice management without too much hassle. Implementing web based systems is relatively easy and maintenance free – For most, a step in the right direction…

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