November 27th, 2010

Automated appointment scheduling is a convenient commodity that is efficient and extremely cost-effective: For any size medical practice or sole practitioner. Imagine how much more organized (and quiet) your medical practice would be without the consistent bombardment of calls to the front desk. Your staff would be free to deal with the needs of your patients and without the stress and distractions the entire ambiance of your medical practice can change for the better: To a welcome calm that both your staff and patients will appreciate.

Streamlined Efficiency

There are few medical practitioners who would not benefit from the streamlined efficiency of automated appointment scheduling: Particularly multi-speciality clinics. Web-based doctor appointment scheduling software can coordinate and integrate schedules with ease. Patients can schedule, reschedule or cancel a doctor appointment online as well as by calling the front desk: And in a modern world options are always good – For some, scheduling a doctor appointment online would certainly be the most convenient option: Therefore, web based doctor appointment scheduling can enhance not hinder customer satisfaction.

Safe and Secure

Some medical practitioners may feel automated appointment scheduling might seem offhand. However, keeping patients waiting on the telephone or at the front desk is surely more so. Disorganization and chaos doing little to enhance customer care. Web based doctor appointment scheduling systems which are HIPAA compliant are entirely safe and secure. They can be used when and where needed – as backup during busier periods – or relied upon 24.7.

Reduce No-Shows

These systems can deal with patient appointments as well as patient appointment reminders. No-shows cost in more ways than one. Not only do they represent lost revenue they represent lost opportunities for delivering a better level of patient care. Less no-shows means less waiting for patients – Over the year, this lost time can certainly add up. Automated patient appointment reminder calls as well as SMS and email can go a long way to reducing losses incurred by no-shows: Making these systems extremely cost-effective as well as efficient.

Web Based Doctor Appointment Scheduling Can:

  • Allow Patients to Make Appointments Online or By Calling the Front Desk
  • Send Patient Appointment Reminder Calls – SMS – Emails At A Specific, Scheduled Time
  • Take The Pressure Off The Front Desk
  • Streamline Medical Practice Management Overall

With so many benefits it automated appointment scheduling is definitely MORE than something to think about…..

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