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March 19th, 2011

Demand and supply: Regardless of your business sector without both the road ahead can be bleak indeed. Today people demand higher levels of service than ever before: And they want those services supplied as the most economical price possible. Office automation allows businesses to make this a reality and so remain competitive within an ever increasingly competitive environment. Within the medical and health sectors providing at least adequate levels of patient care is essential and there is little room for error: If any. However, when the front desk is suffering ‘overload’ errors can occur – They are only human!

The Advantages

Automated appointment scheduling can free up key staff giving them more time to deal with patients. In addition, regardless of how busy the front desk becomes patient appointment scheduling errors will be neatly and cost-effectively eliminated from the equation. More and more medical practitioners are utilising automated patient appointment services. Why? Because they can be utilised 24/7, are always having a ‘good day’ and are low cost in comparison to their human counterparts. Indeed these systems – office automation on the whole – has evolved to meet the changing demands of business. Enabling medical practitioners to provide more for less: Cutting costs without cutting services.

Patient Appointment Reminder Calls

Many appointment scheduling systems can also deal with patient appointment reminder calls. Patient appointment reminder calls will invariably reduce no-show averages. Even so, in a busy office they can be overlooked – And even when they are not overlooked it is a laborious task. An automated system can usually make scheduled patient appointment reminder calls in a fraction of the time it would take your front desk staff.

Ready When You Are

These systems can be utilised to cover staff during busy ‘peak’ periods or they can be deployed 24/7. Effectively, there is no need for a patient to be hanging on the end of the phone or left unanswered ever again. They can handle incoming calls during, deal with scheduling as well as reminder calls, 24hrs a day everyday. There are many options available to medical practitioners throughout the US and Canada – And many are opting for automated scheduling services to provide a solution which can meet modern demands and of course expectations.

While the advantages of these systems are clear the scope and features of the systems available will vary. Rushing ahead and committing to long term contracts WITHOUT being sure the system is suitable for your practice could invite a heap of new problems your way later on. Try out software: Ask questions: Access exactly what it is your medical practice needs to keep patients happy. Then you have the right answers as well as the right answering system.

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