Automated Appointment Scheduling – Making All The Difference

December 25th, 2011

Regardless of how organized your current patient appointment scheduling system might seem to be, if it is based on the paper and pen then it can invariably be better: Invariably, in comparison to paper and pen, even the most basic web-based online scheduler with help to improve services. There are several reasons why that is:

Availability – A web-based online scheduler is available to doctors, staff and patients 24/7: Improving communications as well as availability without significantly raising costs.

Consistency – Automated patient appointment scheduling does not have “bad days”. It can multi-task beyond any human capacity, consistently and swiftly. In addition, with an automated system your patient´s can schedule, reschedule or cancel their appointment 24/7.

Accuracy – It is all too easy to make a mistake with the old paper and pen system: Especially if the front desk are busy. Mistakes made, particularly due to cancelled and rescheduled appointments, can leave your patient´s with an ´unscheduled´ wait on their hands: Or your doctors wit an empty slot which means lost revenue.

Need An Extra Pair of Hands?
Automated appointment scheduling can be utilized 24/7 online by patients, staff and doctors. The system can also be used to answer calls to the front desk, carry out patient reminder calls and advanced systems can even deal with emergency calls. During busy periods having an “extra pair of hands” available to deal with patient appointment scheduling can make all the difference to both staff and patients. You staff are free to deal with patients at the front desk and those wishing to schedule a doctor appointment are not left waiting on the end of a phone.

Which Features?
The features available depend upon how advanced the online system or software is. Most medical practitioners find the automated patient reminder feature invaluable. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. However, in a busy practice there simply is not always time. With an automated scheduler there is always time. Unquestionably, a cost-effective feature particularly for those with high no-show averages. A multi-lingual option is another feature which can help to keep the lines of communication clear: A true advantage for medical practitioners practicing in more cosmopolitan areas.

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