Automated Appointment Scheduling – Meeting Demand

February 6th, 2011

Unquestionably we are living in an automated world. Today consumers are able to gain access to an array of utilities, products and services electronically: From banking to shopping, to confirming travel arrangements – It can and is done online and/or electronically 24/7. However, communicating with a medical practice – Booking a doctor appointment online – is something only a minority are able to actually carry out: Despite the fact there is evidence to confirm this is a service many would welcome.

A Welcome Adage

Web based appointment scheduling is low cost, reliable and efficient. Studies have indicated less than 7% of medical practices routinely email communications to their patients. They have also indicated that up to 70% of those who are unable to communicate with their doctor via email would welcome the ability to do so – Altogether, sufficient indication to suggest that patients would not be adverse to making a doctor appointment online: It would also suggest that emailing patient appointment reminders would be a plausible form of communication.

Be Competitive

The demand of the consumer and so patients is on the rise. As demand grows it is likely if not inevitable that so will the competition. Accommodating the needs and indeed the demands of patients by providing the services their patients want will place any medical practice in a competitive position. Web based, automated appointment scheduling and reminders can provide those services without the need to employ more office staff or assign the time of a medical practitioner to carry out the task. Fast, efficient and low cost web based systems can deal with patient appointments and reminders in a fraction of the time: Plus, they are available 24/7. Reminder calls can be made via email and SMS: Automated reminder calls can also be made at a scheduled time on time every time regardless of how busy the practice is.

Less Is More

With less calls to the front desk there are less interruptions which means patients attending your medical practice can be dealt with more effectively and efficiently without irritating distractions. Patients can make an appointment 24/7 and receive reminders in a way that suits their lifestyle. Meeting demand can not only help doctors maintain good relations and so retain their existing patients: Providing good services can also go a long way to attracting new ones: Therefore ensuring that your medical practice remains at least inline if not one step ahead of the competition.

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