Automated Appointment Scheduling – Onsite or Online?

October 22nd, 2011

There are paid and free online scheduler services available online. Regardless of whether paid or free the features of each online appointment scheduler will vary. Beta versions may have the features. However, one should tread carefully. Beta Release software has never been use outside of the company who developed it before – A Beta version is what you might call a “test run” version. This can mean all sorts of setbacks with bugs and waiting around for fixes. As a result, usability might not be what it should be – As in, appointment scheduling software should solve your patient appointment scheduling problems. Beta appointment scheduling might be free but it could well create more issues than it solves. Another disadvantage of a free online appointment scheduler is that your customers information may be sold on to third party companies: A kind of “payment in lieu” – As they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch. This of course would be a privacy issue for most.

Who´s Hosting?
One of the major differences between automated appointment scheduling software and systems is whether they are hosted online or installed onsite. Automated appointment scheduling (Auto-dialers) have been available for many years. The new generation of appointment scheduling software and systems are much more sophisticated and advanced in comparison. It should not be necessary to install expensive hardware or spend time installing software. This is a somewhat “old hat” and primitive way of dealing with patient appointment scheduling today. A hosted online scheduler is accessible via the internet whenever required – 24/7. Onsite appointment scheduling software is vulnerable to corruption and viruses. Maintenance and repair can be an expensive business. In addition, software updates (usually inevitable) also pushes up the service cost. Online systems are maintained and updated by the service provider. This ensure your patient appointment scheduling system stays online and efficient as well as cost effective.

Try A Test Run
Automated appointment scheduling software can provide a cost-effective solution to patient appointment scheduling. Automating appointment scheduling frees up front-desk staff allowing them to deal with more “at-hand” and “on-hand” tasks. This can help to improve the level of care patient´s receive without having to take on additional staff. More and more health organizations are utilizing automated appointment scheduling systems. A free trial helps to assess which features are the most important to you: Try some first before making any commitment.

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