Automated Appointment Scheduling – That’s No Mistake

November 7th, 2010

Patient appointment scheduling is a fundamental necessity for every medical practitioner and/or practice – Indeed, where would we be without schedules! Invariably it is a time consuming task which demands the attention of front-desk. Incessant phone calls and inpatient patients can push even the most experienced and dedicated receptionist to the max – We are only Human after all: Which brings us to the solution: Automated patient appointment scheduling.

Safe Mode

Indeed, it is the age of the machine and while there may be certain tasks that will always be better deal with by humans, some are not. Automated appointment scheduling systems can work 24/7. The software never need a break and is always in the same mood….or perhaps we should say mode….. They can also multi task beyond your imagination!

Ease the Pressure

In a busy medical practice staff are invariably pushed to the max: Dealing with patients in the here and now as well as answer the phone, schedule patient appointments AND make reminder calls can get tricky (to say the least) – Sometimes simply impossible – Hence, tempers can (and do) become frayed. Automated appointment scheduling software can be used 24/7 or can be used to back-up the front desk whenever the pressure is on.

Patient Satisfaction

Not only will staff be glad of the helping hand; patients will also be more satisfied: Their call will be answered more quickly and patients at the front desk can also be dealt with more professionally (and faster) without said distractions. All in all, appointment scheduling software can help improve overall medical practice management as well as patient satisfaction – That surely has to be good news for everyone.

Reliable – Cost Effective

Automated appointment scheduling software offers up a reliable solution that is extremely cost-effective. Some of America’s leading medical practices are already using automated appointment scheduling systems – Because they work! The software can be particularly useful when cross-scheduling patient appointments for a doctor working in several practices: Resolving this potential administrative nightmare with ease.

Web-based systems are easy to use – They require neither installation nor maintenance. Pushed staff invariably means mistakes are made…and this can cost in many ways: Almost definitely more than the system itself…

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