Automated Appointment Scheduling vs. Paper and Pen

July 9th, 2011

The days of paper and pen appointment scheduling seem destined for deletion. Rescheduling and last minute changes can make appointment books look more like a war zone than the kind of neat order which ultimately ensures things run smoothly. In addition manual appointment scheduling that could be spent consumes time: A tiresome thorn in the side of cost effective time management of staff.

In short patient appointment scheduling is like a never ending headache: Nevertheless, it is a necessity regardless of how petty and tedious the process. How appointment scheduling is carried out affects both staff and patients. Staff forced to manually schedule appointments using outdated ways and means does little for employee job satisfaction. Pushed for time efficiency deteriorates, oversights and mistakes are made. As a result patients will undergo the negative effects of those mistakes which will invariably and ultimately mean everybody suffers: Not good for business.

We’re Only Human

Unhappy staff and patients can lead to lost revenue as well as deal a serious blow to reputation. The health sector has never been so competitive and so at a time when your medical practice should be looking for cost effective solutions it is actually incurring loss: Unnecessary loss. However, staff are only human and there are only so many hours in the day. An automated appointment scheduler however is not, and can work 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Avoid The Pitfalls

The option to schedule a patient appointment any time of day through an automated system can only be beneficial for everyone concerned. Overall medical practice management can be improved as staff are free to deal with more demanding tasks: Thus utilising their skills more fully. This means patients receive the care and attention they need: No hanging around on the end of a phone to make a patient appointment: Patients are not left waiting at the desk while staff deal with patient appointments on the phone: And never will they have to endure being left without an appointment when mistakes are made – All in all, neither patients nor staff will have to deal with all the pitfalls which dog manual appointment scheduling.

Choose To Be Competitive

Some of the largest medical establishments in the US and Canada have already moved over to automated appointment scheduling. Today more and more private practices are doing the same. This is because they are as reliable as they are cost effective and can help to improve the level of patient care delivered: And in a competitive world such as ours, this can be the difference between becoming a successful business or not: Its your choice.

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