Automated New Patient Sign Up and Modern Medical Appointment Scheduler

March 16th, 2009

Technology just keeps getting better and this is good news for busy people on the go who still need to make appointments with doctors while they are at work or at home after office hours. When you see a doctor for the first time, you must sign in and give copious amounts of information about yourself to medical office staff. Health insurance availability will usually come up in this initial conversation, or lack thereof.

Self service patient registration is now being offered by some tech savvy physician’s offices since the new patient sign up process takes up the time of regular staff when they could be performing more useful inner office functions.

The new patient sign up system is ideal for those physicians who are trying to increase the size of their practice. Utilizing your patient list, family and friends of your current patients can be notified via a link that you are accepting new patients and that they can connect directly to your patient sign up system. They would then simply enter the requested information and when the system determines they are a match to your list of health care insurance providers, they will be able to choose an appropriate appointment time.

One advantage of this self-serve system, specifically for matching insurance carriers, can be useful for avoiding awkward in-office rejections for those without proper coverage failing to match up with your list of qualified insurers.

Your staff will avoid time-consuming information gathering from potential patients. The information will already be entered into your database for easy retrieval when the patient attends their appointment. Your staff will be ready and waiting for their arrival and be able to welcome them appropriately, minus the initial interview process and saving valuable time.

New patients who qualify will be automatically logged into the appointment scheduling system that is also self-serve, saving them time. With access to your virtual office receptionist and the automated appointment scheduler, patients can change, cancel or page medical personnel for an emergency if required, all through the 24/7 medical front desk receptionist. Your newly qualified patients will feel reasonably comfortable attending their first doctor’s appointment knowing the paperwork is completed.

As the administrator of your automated new patient sign up system, you will have the option to accept or turn down any new patients who have been received through the initial filtering of the new patient sign up application. As the physician, you will receive a notification concerning all new patient sign ups and can determine in advance if you wish to take a particular sign up on as a new patient. If you choose to decline a would-be patient submission, they will be notified of your decision via email if you and or your staff prefer to remain at arm’s length when refusing an individual for whatever reason.

Once again, the new patient sign up system can take the delicate personal contact out of the new patient registration equation. The patient will be able to save not only time but also perhaps some self-respect, allowing them to maintain their decorum if they are refused an appointment. Medical visits can be emotional and sometimes locating a doctor can be difficult. Medical practices using the automated new patient sign up will not only be utilizing cutting edge technology, but may also be doing themselves and potential patients a good turn for a number of reasons.

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