Automated Patient Appointment Scheduling – A Good Decision

November 3rd, 2012

Automated patient appointment scheduling online systems are principally used by sole practitioners and family practices as well as primary and specialty clinics. However, an online scheduler is also an extremely useful tool for just about any professional that needs a reliable, versatile, internet accessible appointment scheduling solution (hairdressers, holistic practitioners, beauticians etc).

Improve Customer Service
Automated scheduling systems are generally used by medical practitioners to manage patient appointments as well as by larger health organisations to schedule elective surgery. Indeed, advanced systems are extremely versatile and can be customised to suit just about any specification. Some systems are multi-lingual, which is extremely useful in what is today a highly cosmopolitan environment.

Ease of Use
Online systems can be extremely advanced and offer a wide variety of choices to both doctors and patients. By automating patient scheduling staff can be freed from this mundane and time consuming task: And with more time for patients customer services will invariably be improved. While feature rich quality systems are usually very easy to use. The technological experience of staff does not need to be advanced as online automated systems are designed to be user friendly for doctors, staff and patients.

Reduce No Shows
The statistics consistently confirm that patient appointment reminder calls do help to reduce no-shows. Even so, in a busy medical practice it can be difficult for staff to find the time to a) Make the reminder call, b) Organise postal card reminders. Most online systems can be scheduled to make reminder calls at a specific time automatically. Patients have the opportunity to confirm, reschedule or cancel their up-and-coming doctor appointment with ease (literally, at the press of a button). Automated reminder calls have proven to help reduce no-shows and as a result, help to improve revenue.

A Cost effective Solution
Without question, online patient appointment scheduling has proven to be a cost-effective solution for health organisations, specialist clinics and practitioners around the world. Research does suggest that many working adults would welcome an online 24/7 scheduling option. The health industry is competitive and people have never had more choice. Automating patient appointment scheduling is a cost effective way improve overall medical practice management.

The advantages and benefits are clear. It is possible to test drive some systems, which offers up the ideal opportunity for any professional that is considering utilising an online scheduling system, to assess which features are going to be the most beneficial for them – Without doubt, a good decision.

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