Automated Patient Appointment Scheduling – A Step In The Right Direction

December 15th, 2012

Today, many sole medical practitioners, family and specialist medical practices, are utilising the same doctor – patient scheduling technology, as some of the worlds leading health authorities. An automated patient appointment scheduling system can help improve efficiency and bring your medical practice up to par with the rest of the ‘advancing’ world in the twenty-first century. Without doubt, automation is becoming the norm for more routine tasks in the world of business: And while of course people’s health is a ‘personal’ matter, at the end of the day a medical practice has to make money; just like any other business – Indeed, the health care industry is in fact worth billions of dollars a year.

Keeping Up With Business

To keep up, businesses (including medical practices and practitioners) need to be competitive, and one of the best ways to do that is ensure the services they provide are meeting the needs of their clients: With regards to health care, this could not be truer. An automated patient appointment scheduling system can help to improve overall medical practice management by improving office efficiency. Think about the time staff spends on the phone dealing with patient appointments and reminder calls: In a busy office, this can actually amount to ‘most of the time’! Is this really a cost effective way for them to spend their working hours? The hours you (and your patients) are in fact paying for.

Improve Workflows

With an automated scheduler in place your staff will have more time to deal with patients – In this way, workflows can be improved. Nobody likes to spend time hanging around on the end of a phone. Automated patient appointment scheduling systems can deal with multiple calls, usually in a fraction of the time. Most medical practitioners can substantially improve services using a relatively simple patient appointment scheduler. Basic (necessary) features include patient appointment scheduling and automated reminder calls. Reminder calls have proven to help reduce no-shows. Automating ensures reminder calls are always made, as well as always made on time: In this way revenues can in fact be improved by reducing no-shows. Advanced systems can deal with much more. Features include multiple languages, customisations, billing, pre paid appointments and much more.

Does Your Medical Practice Need an Automated Patient Appointment Scheduler?

If your medical practice is still ‘getting by’ using pen and paper then it is probably time to consider moving on and into the twenty first century – Give some of the systems and their features a try out: Surely a step in the right direction.

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