Automated Patient Appointment Scheduling – Everything You Need

November 24th, 2012

An advanced automated medical online scheduler can provide your medical practice with everything it needs to keep doctors and patient appointments organised. To survive in a consistently evolving world all businesses, including the health industry, need to keep connected with their clients: And the more ways they provide those clients with ways to connect the better.

A Welcome Service for Patients, Doctors & Staff

Research has certainly suggested that people want (and welcome) the opportunity to make a doctor appointment online – Indeed, most medical practitioners who do provide online patient scheduling find patients will book their doctor appointment online and in many instances the sheer convenience of it (patients are able schedule, re-schedule and cancel their doctor appointment online with ease 24/7), can help to reduce no-shows and increase revenues: With relatively little effort at all, on behalf of the staff or the medical practitioners.

User Friendly

The cost of implementing an online appointment scheduling system is relatively low when you balance up the advantages. An online scheduler can facilitate one of the most significant trends right now within business: Mobile internet. Patients can access the scheduling system while on the move, 24/7. Online systems can take a lot of the headache out of scheduling. Today’s systems are extremely user friendly; nobody will get frustrated. In fact most medical practitioners find patients love the new system and are amazed at the true simplicity of using it – Immediately they can see which appointments are free and are able to quickly and easily choose which suits them most: Of course, not every system is the same. However, invariably this is the case for medical practitioners that have opted for a reputable system with a proven track record.

Cost Effective

If you counted how many hours staff spent each week dealing with patient appointments it would almost undoubtedly surprise you. Without doubt, in a busy medical practice staff can spend a large percentage of the day answering calls, making and rearranging appointments. An online scheduler can deal with scheduling as well as reminder calls: Giving staff more free time to deal with patients and other vital medical practice management tasks such as billing.

More advanced systems will generally offer a more comprehensive range of features and customisations: It depends’ what the needs of the practitioner and patients are. A free trial can provide the opportunity to try out various online systems – Great for assessing what features are the most useful for your practice.

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