Autonomous Patient Appointment Reminders – A look into the Future

August 24th, 2013

Automated front desk services have become more and more popular in the recent years, mainly because of the developments that came not too long before 2010. A lot has happened in the sphere of autonomous robots, a lot of development and improvement, this allowed for services like automated front desk answering machines, automated appointment systems and reminder services to be implemented everywhere. A place where they would find great application is in a doctor’s office, where it can be hard to find well-qualified staff that can handle all of the workload.

These types of services are extremely applicable in cases where a doctor’s office is severely understaffed and said doctor cannot afford to hire another person, this means that patients can be overlooked, unwillingly of course, problems can be half-solved, and overall chaos can ensue if measures are not taken quickly. Here is where automated services come in handy, they will not only cost just the fraction of what the paycheck and health insurance of a human would, but with the newest improvements, these services have become even more reliable in some instances. Where a human cannot cope, the system will because it needs no sleep and if it does need maintenance all of it can be done online, that is right, no software or hardware installation is needed.

The system also allows for different kinds of reminders that will shorten the amount of people who forget their appointments, something highly unpleasant for both the doctor and patient. There are three kinds of reminder services, the email one, the phone reminder service, and text reminder services. All of them have their flaws but if used together they will create an almost fool proof system that will make sure your patients know when to come.

The email system allows for a direct contact with the patient, since most people already have access to the internet and emails this is the most reliable of the three. The phone service is also very reliable though the chance of a missed call is always there, the textual service is a good option, however, not all people have text service, so in order to ensure that everything is right one must choose to use all three services, just to make sure.

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