Beat the Patient Appointment Blues – Get Automated

November 1st, 2010

Patient appointment is probably the first words that come to mind when someone brings up the topic of medical practice management – and with VERY good reason! Without a reliable patient appointment process in place life at the practice can get very hectic indeed: And when the pressure is on mistakes are made and tempers can become frayed…. This is not an ideal environment for building a reliable and positive reputation – And without that, the probability of any medical practice or practitioner surviving the competition or expanding their horizons are slim.

An accurate and efficient appointment scheduling system is the mainstay of every medical practice or practitioner: The smooth running of any practice being heavily reliant upon the precise administration of patient appointments and medical records. As the pressure mounts to raise the level of care without raising the price of that care; more and more medical practices are adopting online and automated appointment scheduling systems. Why? Because they work 24/7, are accurate and efficient, and so highly cost effective.

What to Expect

Expect benefits. The functionality of the automated call and online appointment scheduling software and services available do vary. Even so, invariably the software will offer up benefits to doctors, patients and staff alike. Features can include:

Automated e-mail and text reminders as well as automated reminder calls Emergency call forwarding Doctor appointment scheduling, rescheduling and cancellation via the front desk 24/7.

Multiple Language Options
Online appointment scheduling

In the US any online appointment scheduling software used by any medical practice in any state must be HIPAA compliant. This is to ensure patient’s details are kept safe and secure. When this type of software is safe, secure, efficient and cost effective it can have a positive influence upon overall medical practice management and so reputation – Hence, more and more medical practitioners (especially larger practices) are using this type of advanced automated technology.

Reminder Calls

While patient appointment reminder calls can reduce no-shows the time therefore labour costs involved can sway the odds: And there are also times when staff simply cannot spare the time to carry out the calls. Automated reminder calls remove the burden, reduce the percentage of no-shows and so increase revenue. If you are looking for a way to improve overall medical practice management and cure those patient appointment blues…get automated!

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