Benefits to Using a Virtual Medical Receptionist

November 11th, 2008

A virtual medical receptionist is an easy cost effective solution to assist physicians, clinical staff and patients in a healthcare facility. A virtual medical receptionist uses a speech recognition based scheduling system which can handle appointment reminder calls. The web appointment scheduler can be used as a backup receptionist and there is the ability to have after-hours answering service.

These types of solutions are usually fee based. The medical practice pays a monthly fee and has the opportunity to choose from a variety of packages which will fit the needs of their particular facility. The physician is able to pick and choose which type of service is right for them. They can choose to use only one solution or to use all of the services available.

The benefits of using this type of solution are many, including; being an economical solution for a medical office which has a shortage of staff. It can decrease patient no-show revenue losses with the use of the appointment reminder. The medical staff is able to spend less time on the phones scheduling appointments and making reminder calls which leaves them more time to interact with the patients. Patients have the ability to make appointments anytime and are not limited to just office hours.

Most appointment schedulers are customizable and have the ability to work for all medical specialties and for all types of healthcare service providers including chiropractors, spa and massage services. The systems allow for customizing the name of the service, when the service is available and what type of appointments can be set by a patient. Once you have set up specific and defined appointment profiles the software will function according to the restrictions you have set.

Automated telephone reminder applications have the ability to call patients and remind them of their scheduled appointments. The innovative ones will be able to provide reminder calls in various languages and provide the healthcare provider with logs detailing exactly when the call was made and if the reminder was delivered.

Telephone reminder applications with sophisticated technology will be able to detect the difference between a person’s voice and an answering machine or message service. Usually these systems will recall patients at different times until they have delivered the message. By using this system healthcare providers can dramatically cut costs and time spent manually making appointment reminder calls.

The automated response front desk backup receptionist and after-hour answering services usually provide the physician or healthcare provider with a telephone number and they have the ability to choose when the back-up service is to be used. This service can be used immediately, when the office line is busy or if there is no answer. Applications which have high-tech innovative software can take care of patient calls for appointments, emergency calls and voicemails. This type of service is very cost effective compared to the cost of having a live agent answering service.

Any medical practice or healthcare provider can benefit by using a virtual medical receptionist. These types of solutions can cut cost by doing tasks which frees up the medical staff so they can focus on patient care. There isn’t a need to worry about high medical staff turn-over rates or the cost and time needed to train new personnel. Patients are happier due to the fact that they wont’ be waiting on hold or repeatedly getting a busy signal. This type of system will save time and money for any type of medical practice or healthcare provider.

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