Beware of Free Online Schedulers

May 4th, 2010

Whatever line of business you are involved in, if you expect things for free then you are bound to suffer in one way or another. There is really nothing that goes for free. Therefore, if someone promises to give you a free online scheduler, you need to think twice. Ask yourself why such a valuable service should be offered at no cost to you.

When I say that there is nothing for free, it does not mean that you cannot get something that you do not pay for. Even in such an instance, however, whatever you get is not free. Someone somewhere has paid for it. So, when it comes to an apparently free online scheduler, somebody must be paying for it. The question you should ask yourself is: who is paying for it?

A common explanation that the companies offering the free online schedulers will give you is that they have other sources of income. They effectively imply that they are so philanthropic that they are ready to share with you a portion of their proceeds by giving you such an important service for free.

This is all very good. However, there is something interesting that should not pass your attention. If there is nothing that they get from the free online schedulers, why do they go to great lengths to advertise them? Just do a simple online search on these services and see the results you come up with.

Perhaps you are already wondering about what I am driving at. Well, first of all, if you are interested in any such service for your medical appointment scheduling needs, you should take the time to read between the lines. Go through their terms of service very carefully. Chances are that you will find some places that seem to negate other parts. Such discrepancies should warn you that they are hiding something.

What they are trying to keep from you is the fact that they are actually making money from the free online schedulers. How? Simply put, they sell your details. Try to imagine the number of people who will use your apparently free online appointment scheduler. You are effectively giving the owners a comprehensive database of user details that they can sell to make more money than you imagine.

If you think that this is unethical, then remember that you will be responsible for the details of your patients. The consequences of divulging their details can put you in a very tight spot.

Sign up for a reputable online doctor appointment scheduling program that will ensure the safety of your patient details in addition to giving you a great service. Do not be scammed!

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