Boost Productivity with Automated Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Calls

October 23rd, 2010

Automated Appointment Scheduling and Voice message broadcasting software has been available to the medical profession for some time. Today this software has never been more advanced, nor has the American health industry. As the health sector becomes more competitive the need to provide better service while keeping costs to a minimum has become essential. Appointment Scheduling Software is ideal for providing 24/7 Appointment Scheduling to your patients as well as deal with Reminder Calls.

Needs Must

Appointment Scheduling is an absolute necessity for medical practitioners. A Patient Appointment can be scheduled weeks if not months ahead: Hence no-shows happen. Reminder Calls can reduce the percentage of no-shows. Even so, in a busy practice there is not always time to carry out the task. Appointment Scheduling Software can make scheduled Reminder Calls every day: And it can make them faster than even the most experienced Receptionist: Able to make multiple Reminder Calls at once, Automated Appointment Scheduling can actually boost productivity and improve the overall management of a medical practice.

Make Time

With these essential but time consuming tasks dealt with your Receptionist – and/or personnel – is free to deal with all those other crucial and demanding tasks that require attention. There are times when a machine is the faster and more economical option: However, there are also times when the humans touch is necessary. Automated Appointment Scheduling services can be utilized when and where you need them most.

Secure 24.7 Solutions

24/7 Appointment Scheduling Software is advanced and all your patient’s details are secure if it is HIPPA compliant. It can deal with tasks automatically and in a highly professional manner. The message can be customized specifically to suit: The Patient Appointment can be rescheduled and canceled as well as confirmed – This software can also communicate naturally in several languages. Some Automated Schedulers can also send an email AND SMS Text to remind patients of their up and coming Patient Appointment. With economy a HUGE advantage also, it is no wonder more and more medical practitioners are utilizing Automated Appointment Scheduling Software.

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