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Appointment Scheduling Systems – Make Sure You REALLY Are at Optimum Efficiency

June 5th, 2011

Efficient medical practice management demands a good admin team as well as (usually) some select pieces of electronic equipment: That can be pricey. Nevertheless, ask any medical practitioner about the cost of no-shows and they will probably start beating their head again the accounts book: Regardless of whether they are a family doctor, specialist, dentist or otherwise – The fact is no-shows are costing the medical health sector millions every year.

Much to Gain

Medical appointment scheduling software is taking the health sector by storm: Some of the largest establishments in the US and Canada now utilize automated appointment scheduling systems. This is because automated systems are extremely efficient and can be deal with patient appointments 24/7. This effectively takes the pressure off the front desk allowing staff to get on with more important tasks such as dealing with patients and of course billing: As well as the whole soiree of other administration responsibilities they need to carry out in order to ensure efficient medical practice management is achieved. As a consequence reliability is enhanced, costs stabilized and so profits improved.

But Could It Be Better?

Even so, those no-show calls have a nasty habit of being overlooked: Simply because staff do not have the time to make them – regardless of the fact the statistics invariably prove that patient appointment reminder calls DO lower the percentage of no-shows. This is why it is so important to ensure that if you do take on an automated medical appointment scheduling system it DOES have the capacity to make those calls. If it does not your medical practice is still not running at optimum efficiency. Which means things could definitely be better with regards to profit.

As the old saying goes time is money and it has never been so essential to make sure that your medical practice is making the most of its time and so the most of its potential profit. It is a competitive world where inefficiency is neither tolerated by patients nor profit and can be the difference between success and failure of any business: And today even the health sector is a business so it has to be treated as such…like it or not!

So if you already have appointment scheduling software which is not capable of making patient reminder calls maybe its time for a change. If you are looking around for software then it is best to start with the most efficient system available – And that IS a system which can make those calls.

Patient Appointment No-Shows – Dealing With It?

April 23rd, 2011

Unquestionably, patient appointment no-shows can play havoc with overall medical practice management: Having a negative affect upon patient care as well as productivity and so finance. Today many medical practitioners are utilising patient appointment scheduling software to deal with no-shows: And for good reason.

Pros and Cons
Over the years various strategies have been undertaken to deter no-shows. Even so, research indicates that a typical family medical practice can experience no-show rates as high as thirty percent – That amounts to a lot of lost revenue. Charging a fee for a missed patient appointment is certainly an option. However, while it can deter regular patients – It can also deter new ones.
Overbooking is another commonplace medical practice management strategy undertaken to deter no-shows: And it can protect revenues. However, overbooking can actually cause more problems than it solves. In addition, it has to be noted that this approach neither deals with no-shows nor deters them.

Patient Appointment Reminder Calls
While patient appointment reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows, taking the time to make them can be an arduous task – Particularly in a busy practice. Plus, while they may indeed work, one has to balance the cost of staff taking the time to make them (and inconvenience) in comparison to the cost of missed appointments – Pulling staff away from the front desk to deal with this tedious task can negatively affect overall patient care; which is not good for the doctor-patient relationship.

Hence, more and more medical practitioners are turning to patient appointment scheduling software. It is extremely cost-effective. Not only can it keep the pressure off the front desk by dealing with appointment scheduling calls; many appointment scheduling systems can also deal with reminder calls – Ensuring they are made at the right time, on time, every time.

Costs v Results
With patient appointment scheduling software your medical practice can reduce no-shows cost effectively as well as effectively. These systems can multi-task and work above and beyond human limitations which makes them faster, more accurate and comparatively low cost. Some web-based systems can schedule appointments paid in advance. With so many options offering so many solutions medical practice’s can finally deal with no-shows – Which has to be a way forward..

How To Avoid Patient Appointment Scheduling Problems and Reduce No-Shows

March 26th, 2011

Regardless of whether your practice is individual (as in sole practitioner) or is a large establishment with several doctors and perhaps even specialist: No shows, cancellations and rescheduling can be a medical practice management nightmare. There are resources available such as Google Calendar for Doctors available which can help smooth things along but ultimately if you do not have a fully comprehensive patient appointment scheduling methodology things can quite literally, ‘go off the rails’.

Patient Reminder Calls

In a busy medical practice things can get forgotten. Both patients and staff can lose track – Particularly in a specialist clinic where patients might need to schedule their doctor appointment many months in advance. Sending out patient appointment reminders by post is an option although time consuming and so relatively costly. The stats tend to suggest that calling is the most proficient way to handle this task. However, staff do not always have the time to make reminder calls. Hence, automated appointment scheduling is definitely making notable headway within the health industry – Indeed, automated appointment scheduling is being utilised by some of the biggest health associations in the US and Canada today.

Effective and Progressive Solutions

Email patient appointment reminders and even text messaging is progressing within the health industry. Even so, calling the patient remains one of the most effective tools with regards to combating no-shows. Nevertheless in a modern world the modern client appreciates adaptability and modern conveniences therefore it helps to provide options. Some medical practitioners feel that patient reminder calls encourage patients to cancel and reschedule. However, the stats do not suggest nor support this theory as they support the notion, patient appointment reminder calls can reduce no-shows and so can improve revenues. In addition, even if your patient does re-schedule better to know that not.

On The Ball

Automated appointment scheduling frees up staff: Giving them more time to actually deal with patients on the front desk. They can help to avoid all the scheduling problems which can and do arise, in particular with regards to no-shows and re-scheduling. Automated systems can help reduce your appointment scheduling nightmares keeping your medical practice on time and on the ball.

Boost Productivity with Automated Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Calls

October 23rd, 2010

Automated Appointment Scheduling and Voice message broadcasting software has been available to the medical profession for some time. Today this software has never been more advanced, nor has the American health industry. As the health sector becomes more competitive the need to provide better service while keeping costs to a minimum has become essential. Appointment Scheduling Software is ideal for providing 24/7 Appointment Scheduling to your patients as well as deal with Reminder Calls.

Needs Must

Appointment Scheduling is an absolute necessity for medical practitioners. A Patient Appointment can be scheduled weeks if not months ahead: Hence no-shows happen. Reminder Calls can reduce the percentage of no-shows. Even so, in a busy practice there is not always time to carry out the task. Appointment Scheduling Software can make scheduled Reminder Calls every day: And it can make them faster than even the most experienced Receptionist: Able to make multiple Reminder Calls at once, Automated Appointment Scheduling can actually boost productivity and improve the overall management of a medical practice.

Make Time

With these essential but time consuming tasks dealt with your Receptionist – and/or personnel – is free to deal with all those other crucial and demanding tasks that require attention. There are times when a machine is the faster and more economical option: However, there are also times when the humans touch is necessary. Automated Appointment Scheduling services can be utilized when and where you need them most.

Secure 24.7 Solutions

24/7 Appointment Scheduling Software is advanced and all your patient’s details are secure if it is HIPPA compliant. It can deal with tasks automatically and in a highly professional manner. The message can be customized specifically to suit: The Patient Appointment can be rescheduled and canceled as well as confirmed – This software can also communicate naturally in several languages. Some Automated Schedulers can also send an email AND SMS Text to remind patients of their up and coming Patient Appointment. With economy a HUGE advantage also, it is no wonder more and more medical practitioners are utilizing Automated Appointment Scheduling Software.

Making the Most of Your Online Appointment Scheduler: More Features to Know

October 23rd, 2010

We have covered some of the features that you should definitely know to use the online appointment scheduling system to its true potential, which includes the automated appointment system, customizable form, and the online patient reminder. Here are more features that you can utilize to improve the bottom line and quality of your medical practice.

Prepaid appointment

You have provided an easy access for your patients to book appointments. Moreover, you also have an online patient appointment reminder in place that can remind them about their appointment. But life is still full of uncertain circumstances that may force your patients to not show up. In such a case, you can avoid incurring losses by using the prepaid appointment feature.

This is a nifty feature that allows you to collect payment from your patients prior to their visit. When they book their appointment, in order for them to secure an empty appointment slot, you can set the system so that they will have to pay for the appointment in full first. This means even if they don’t show up, you will not be incurring any loss of income.

Google calendar synchronization

Do you have trouble getting yourself up to speed to the appointment schedule of your patients? You’d be glad to know that you can use the online calendar synchronization feature to make sure that you have the latest schedule with you wherever you are. This feature is possible if you have a Google calendar account, as well as a smartphone such as a BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile or the iPhone. Even though you are out of the office, you can have access to the patients’ schedule data.

Virtual Receptionist

Ever made a phone call to a company only to be greeted with a grumpy voice on the other line? No doubt you will be less keen on dealing with said company. Now, try to see things from the perspective of your patients. How would they feel if the calls that they make to your office are answered by your receptionist who happens to be in a bad mood? This would certainly give out a bad impression. A virtual receptionist, on the other hand, can always answer in a consistently friendly and warm voice. Further, it is multi-lingual and can handle multiple calls at the same time.

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling – Patient Reminders – HIPPA Compliant

October 8th, 2010

An Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling system used by Doctors in the US and Canada should be HIPPA Compliant. This means when patients make their Doctor Appointment any personal data transferred online must be secure.

24/7 Synchronicity

Angela is a HIPPA compliant Online Appointment Scheduler which allows patients to book their Doctor Appointment online – This 24/7 appointment scheduling system is suitable for healthcare professionals and can be synchronised with the Google Calendar: Allowing Doctors to access their schedule 24/7 from any handheld device (A Smart or iPhone for example)

Lightening The Load

Doctor Appointment Scheduling is an essential process for any medical practice – And in a busy practice this can occupy a major part of the day – Even without accounting for patient appointment reminders. If a Doctor moves between medical practices this task becomes even more complicated and when staff are under pressure, mistakes can be made: After all, people are only human!

Online Appointment Scheduling can simplify matters and so lighten the load. With staff free to deal with more immediate tasks productivity can be improved: And this can only be good for patients and staff – As well as the overall management of your medical practice.

Automated Doctor Appointment Reminders

Reminding patients of an up and coming Doctor Appointment notably reduces the percentage of no-shows. Even so, sometimes it simply is not possible for staff to find the time to make those calls. Angela is a versatile Online Appointment Scheduling system which can automatically send emails to remind patients – As well as make an automated call giving patients the option to cancel or reschedule: Angela can also send text reminders.

Automated Doctor Appointment Reminders along with 24/7 Appointment Scheduling Online can streamline your office operations and actually save money. Angela is a HIPPA compliant

Safe and Reliable – HIPPA Compliant

Angela is an advanced Online Appointment  Scheduling system. The system is multi lingual and can make automate Doctor Appointment reminder calls as well as send text and email.

Safe & Reliable – HIPPA Compliant – Contact AngelSpeech Inc for a FREE TRIAL Period

Make The Most of Your Automated Appointment Reminder With These Tips

August 1st, 2010

In the hope of increasing the productivity level of your medical office staff and improving the quality of service, you have decided to use an automated appointment reminder. This is an important step that can lead to the success of your medical practice in getting new patients, while maintaining existing ones by making them feel satisfied. To get the most benefit of the reminder system, there are some things that you should be paying attention to as well. These are tips you can use on how to best utilize the automated appointment reminder.

When you first installed the appointment reminder system, it is essential for you to sit down with your staff and explain thoroughly how the system works. It is an important part of setting the right expectations – both for you and your staff. You must explain how the automated appointment reminder will work for the benefit of the office – as well for the benefit of all staff members. Tell them how the system can reduce unnecessary loads that the staff usually encounters. Inform them that the system can make your staff focus more on their main tasks –to care for the patients and providing only the best level of service.

However, you should also stress that the system is not meant to takeover all your operation and that it merely acts as a great supporting device. Hence, your staff will still need to work hard and not feel easily content – knowing that there’s a system that can back them up.

Having a great appointment reminder system will only work if your patients are happy with it. Some reminder service such as mobile text message reminder, email reminder, maybe not easily set up compare to phone reminder which requires nothing to be done by patients.

Some may not be too tech savvy to understand the instructions given out by the system. You can overcome this possible problem by providing signs and handouts to the patients explaining how the system works. They will appreciate the effort that your medical office is giving and will learn to use the system for their convenience.

To run a successful medical office, asking for feedback from your patients should always be on your list. If you use the right system, you can be sure that you will receive good feedback. Nevertheless, it is always good to make your patients feel that you value their opinions and are willing to implement their suggestions.

The Benefits of Using an Automated Patient Appointment Reminder

July 24th, 2010

When you are using an automated appointment reminder system, the task of reminding your patients about the appointments that they made in your medical practice can be done automatically by the system. This will be done effectively and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of manual system. If you are still unconvinced about making the move to automated system, knowing what benefits the system can provide you with should remove all your doubts.

When your medical staff makes those reminder calls during office hours, there’s a good probability that they can not reach anyone on the other end of the phone. An automated reminder system, on the other hand, can make that reminder calls beyond the typical working hours. The calls can be made in the evening and even on weekends, when there’s a better possibility that your patients will be home.

An automated reminder system is also reliable. If you leave it to your staff to make phone calls after phone calls to remind the patients, there’s a good chance that they’d be bored by the 15th calls – which could negatively affect the tone of voice of the caller. On the other hand, an automated system will have a consistent tone and manner – since the message is pre-recorded using professionally trained voice actors. The recipient of the calls can repeat the message easily if need be.

When you rely on your medical staff to make reminder calls – you will only cut into their efficiency. Either they would be too engrossed in other tasks to be able to complete making all the phone calls – or they would run out of time to do so. This is where an automated reminder system excels.

The system can also compile a report of all the appointments made during a given period of time. What’s even better, you will be access the report even when you are outside the office – since it will be available online as well.

Having learned of all the benefits that an automated reminder system can provide you with, it would be foolish not to invest in one.

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