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Is Medical Appointment Scheduling Software Reliable?

May 29th, 2011

The primary objective of any medical practitioner is to provide a level of care that will ultimately mean their medical practice is a success: And an awful lot of that success relies upon day to day medical practice management – If it is poor then regardless of how good the medical practitioner is patients will often go elsewhere: After all, even if they are the best medical practitioner in the area if getting a patient appointment is consistently thwart with difficulties patients will regard this as ‘poor service’…. and that is never good for business.

First Impressions

Successful medical practice management relies upon efficiency. Indeed, in this day and age efficiency is a requisite demand. People are busy and to stay ahead you need to impress them with good orginisation – which to most means reliability. One of the first points of contact with your patients is when they schedule a patient appointment.

Patient appointment scheduling is an essential albeit time consuming neccicity that can create a positive or negative impression. Keeping them hanging on the end of a phone is definitely not the way to create a positive impression: Neither is making a mistake with regards to their appointment. In addition, an answering service with call-back for emergency calls can leave them feeling anxious – not positive. The problem is for most, how to offer a 24/7 scheduling service cost effectively – After all, efficient and capable staff on hand 24/7 is an expensive commodity…

The Cost Effective Solution

Medical appointment scheduling software can deal with patient appointment scheduling 24/7. More advanced software can also deal with emergency calls – Directing the call to a specific number any time of day. They are reliable in that they never have a ‘bad day’ or take holidays. Indeed, they simply never need to take a break at all! Unlike busy front desk staff medical appointment scheduling software never gets distracted or stressed – In fact it can multi task like no receptionist on the planet.

But what about cost? Invariably, taking on board an appointment scheduling system will be notably less than contracting a 24/7 receptionist. Want to put that to the test? Try out the software and THEN make up your mind – Chances are you are going to be extremely glad you did.

Manage Your Medical Office Better with Virtual Receptionist

August 7th, 2010

Though it seems you have made the perfect set up for your medical office, there is one detail that you might have missed. When you hire a medical receptionist, no matter how skilled and competent that person is, that receptionist is still bound by the fact that humans can’t perform too many tasks all at once.  As human beings, they are also flawed by the fact that their personal problems might interfere with their professional lives.

Just imagine this scenario; in the morning, your medical receptionist might appear cheerful and answer patients politely. But as patients pouring in, little by little the receptionist will start to lose temper and will not handle incoming patients professionally.  Remember, your medical receptionist is the front line of your business. They are the first thing that patients get in contact with. Leaving a good first impression from the get go is imperative to the success of your medical office.

If you want a system that will not get affected with personal problems, call in sick, or get overwhelmed easily due to the heavy work load; getting a virtual medical receptionist is the perfect solution. A virtual medical receptionist can run your medical office unattended and unsupervised for 24/7– day and night. While other medical offices may run only on normal operating hours, you can still serve your patients even when the sun has gone down.

With the virtual medical receptionist, your patients can make, change or cancel appointments through a simple phone call. The system will then automatically update the list on the fly. This will increase the satisfaction level of your patients, since no longer will they have to wait on the phone indefinitely while your medical staff is doing other tasks or writing the information down.

When you install a virtual medical receptionist, one of the most useful features is the appointment reminder service. What this does is, the system can automatically call or send text messages and e-mails to the patients to remind them about their appointments. The patients can choose how they would like to be reminded from the three options above. This is more efficient and effective than to let your medical staff do it manually.

Getting a virtual medical receptionist will ensure a smooth medical management; one that can support the growth of your business.

Medical Answering System –A multitasking medical management tool

June 22nd, 2010

Gadgets and software have changed our lives from complicated to simple! The task that involved a lot of calculations took too much time before to get done but with revolutionary computer machines, now we can perform it in seconds or minutes. For medical practice, medical answering system is the best example of cutting edge technology that helps not only in tackling patients but can also serve as medical virtual receptionist.

Medical virtual receptionist is far better than human medical front office executives as the former does not get tired or does not take decision driven by emotions! Also, it can get you 24/7 service without any hassles. The system with medical answering service comes with multilingual options wherein the health care provider can set languages (French, English (default), and Chinese etc) for better communication with foreigners as patients. Also, the system can be tuned and used as per doctor’s expertise.

When it comes to multitasking at medical office, specially designed medical answering system wins the race! It can be used as patient reminder tool wherein it can automatically call patients and inform them about their due visits to the center for various reasons such as body tests, follow-ups etc. Also, the patients can be reminded about their dietary plan and any regimen as suggested by doctors.

The best part of medical answering cum patient reminder system is its capability to serve as medical virtual front desk manager. It can book patients appointments without any human front desk staff’s interference. Called as online patient appointment scheduler, the system allows patients to book their appointments online (using web) from anywhere, anytime! Advanced online doctor appointment scheduling system can synchronize with Google Calendar that sends the entire schedule of patients to Google account automatically. You, as a user, can access the schedule from handheld devices such as Smartphone, iPhone or Blackberry. Furthermore, a two-way Google Calendar Synchronization allows you to reschedule the appointments without communicating with receptionist or staff at health care center. This feature of medical answering system is very useful for the medical practitioners who frequently travel out of their town.

All the benefits apart, medical answering cum online patient appointment scheduler can reduce the chances of loss of revenue to the center because of no-show cause patients (the ones who booked their appointments but never turned or turned late wasting needy patients’ time). An option called Prepaid patient scheduler asks for the consultation fees in advance and hence, patients are very likely to arrive on time.

Using patient reminder cum medical answering service is like hiring perfect manager for medical management.

Make Your Clinic Automated With Online Appointment Scheduler

June 6th, 2010

Today one can see that all sectors are highly influenced by technology and this time it is the health care sector. Most of these centers are making use of advanced tools and technologies to make their services better and better. One of the most popular tools being used by health care sector is online appointment scheduler. Once you buy it you can easily realize how efficient it is and how it can improve the overall condition of your clinic. This scheduler automates almost all processes in your clinic and offers manifold benefits that one cannot just resist.

Firstly, the scheduler can answer to the calls from patients when your clinic is closed or when everyone is busy with something else. The scheduler has been designed in a smart way so that it can answer to the queries of patients in a very natural tone without making them feel that they are talking to some computerized program. It takes care of your appointments and if any patient makes changes to its appointment then the doctor can directly get the notifications on his blackberry or any other smart phone. The scheduler plans appointments very efficiently and this will help your clinic in earning more revenues.

Secondly, it makes reminder calls to patients reminding of their appointments and this result in decreased or in fact negligible no show-up rate. This will again prevent loss or revenue and you can enjoy with the fact that your clinic is not losing any money because of others. In addition to all this when you start using it your customers will also be happy with it. They can easily fix up their appointments without waiting for long. They do not need to leave messages on voice calls and can quickly fix the appointments. Some online schedulers have the facility of prepaid appointments where patients need to pay some money in advance to fix their appointment. It can be your choice to ask the entire amount or some partial amount of fees when giving them appointment.

In all we can say that an online appointment scheduler can efficiently take over the work of all your staff when they are not around or your clinic is off. By using it, your clinic works 24 x 7 and both you and your clients will be happy. To buy the scheduler you can again take help from internet and can check out different schedulers. The companies offer trial versions and after getting satisfied with the services you can actually buy it.

Online Patient Scheduler: A Remote Access to Your Health Center

April 18th, 2010

Do you travel frequently? Do you want to manage patient schedules without any hassles? Do you want to access your health center sitting anywhere in city or state? If these problems annoy you, you should probably have online patient scheduler, a tailored software system that manages your clinic when the human staff is not so capable or reliable.

You usually do not have computer with Internet connection when you are away from your health center, Neither can you drive with medical front office executive the way you want. Of course, there are some hotspots where you can simply plug on your notebook, but it is unrelaistic to carrying these devices and open your notenook anywhere, anytime when patient calls.

All thanks to medical software technology that enables you not only to alter or reschedule online patient appointments but can also work on multiple tasks that your center always required.

Online patient scheduler is a system that takes and fixes up patient appointments without any human interference. Furthermore, the system synchronizes appointments with Google Calendar and sends it to Microsoft Outlook and handheld devices such as iPhone, Blackberry and Smartphone. You can simply view the appointments and reschedule it according to your plan. The system can also be tuned into prepaid online appointment scheduler that patients can use by paying consultation fees in advance. This tackles an issue of no-show patient, one of the most bothering things that contribute to loss of revenue.

Medical professionals can tailor online appointment scheduler according to their expertise and can also use them as medical virtual receptionist. The system comes with feature of multilingual option setting which, patients speaking French, English, and Spanish etc can communicate in a better way. A virtual receptionist is very useful when medical center is expected to have flood of calls from patients during event such as free medical camp.

The virtual receptionist can make automated patient reminder for you, The software can call patients and inform them about their forthcoming visits to medical center and can also be used to advise patients about their regimen and diet as prescribed by the doctor.

Due to its multiple uses, the all-in-one online medical appointment scheduler, virtual receprionist has become more and more popular. This is looked as one of the most efficient tools in managing medical office smoothly.

Automating Health Center? Try Online Appointment Scheduler

April 11th, 2010

If you are looking for the best automated system for your clinic or hospital, you should bank on the software that can work efficiently on multiple tasks such as online patient appointment scheduling, patient reminder, medical answering etc. It is a high time that your health center requires a tool using cutting edge technology and at the same time, the system can be tailored as per your need.

An all-in-one online appointment scheduler typically behaves as medical virtual assistant that offers several services such as fixing up the appointments asked by patients, reminding them about their forthcoming visits to the medical center or calls them instructing regimens suggested by doctor etc. Also, it should answer the calls made by patients for queries or advice.

Specially designed online appointment scheduler comes with great features such as it synchronizes schedules with Google Calendar and sends you on your handheld devices such as iPhone, Smartphone and Blackberry. You can alter, postpone or reschedule such appointments –no matter where are you sitting. This is very useful feature for the health care providers, surgeons, physicians and other specialists who travel out of their centers frequently.

Another benefit that comes with online appointment scheduler is it can be used as prepaid appointment scheduler where patients pay in advance for your consultancy. This tackles no-show patient issue, which is known reason for revenue loss.

When the center is expected to flood with patients’ calls, online appointment scheduler can be tailored to virtual medical front desk that answers the calls according to your need. Doctors can feed the system according to their expertise. Also, the system comes with multilingual option (such as English, French, etc) for a better conversation with foreign patients.

The system can also make calls to patients reminding them about appointments and other schedules at health care center. This, again, is to assure their visit to clinic or hospital and increase the potential.

A fully computerized automated medical office can not only save your time and money but can also help you in generating good revenue and managing the clinic without any hassles.


Is Your Medical Office Still Using Voice Mail?

April 2nd, 2010

If your medical office is still using voice-mail to answer your phones it’s time that you look at some of the new options that are available.

Virtual Medical Receptionist

It’s time that you start to think about upgrading your voice-mail to an interactive appointment setting service that can also handle all of your reminder calls to your patients.

Having a virtual receptionist will help your office staff be more efficient and offer a great service to your patients.

How It Works

A virtual medical answering service is much more than just taking a message.  They can even set appointments for your office 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

You can set up the service so that it answers your phone during the day after a set number of rings.  That way, if your staff is busy on another line, out to lunch, or helping you with a patient, the phone will still get answered.

After all, people don’t just get sick during office hours.  What a great service to offer your patients.  The ability to make their appointment during the day or in the evening, on the phone or even on line.

You set up your handheld device, smart phone’s calendar tool to sync with the online appointment scheduler as often as you want to make sure that there are no double bookings.  This also offers you a great way to check on appointments when you are away from the office on your blackberry or other web conectable device.

How Much Does It Cost?

An online appointment scheduler will actually make you money in the long run.  By making it easier for your patients to set and change their appointments, then adding the appointment reminder service so they don’t forget about your appointment these medical receptionist programs will slash the number of no shows.

No shows are lost opportunities to bring in the income that an appointment creates.  Just having one no show becoming a income generating appointment will pay for the cost of these easy to use programs.

Your medical practice has enough other balls that you need to juggle that using one of these services will help your office be more successful, profitable and efficient while offering your patients several great services that they will appreciate.

Points to Consider While Choosing a Medical Answering Service for Your Office

March 27th, 2010

When there is no one at your front desk or your clinic is closed who takes your important calls? If the answer is no one then it is high time you have a good medical answering system in place so that when a patient calls he/she finds someone who can fix an appointment without any unnecessary delay.

A back-up receptionist will make sure that your patients get desired attention when your staff or you are not available to answer their calls.

You must keep in mind some points while choosing your answering machine.

Friendly voice

Most patients will hang up on hearing a cold answering machine with an unclear voice. So, when you choose your virtual receptionist, make sure that you choose one who is pleasant to here and can provide the caller with a human touch even in the absence of one.


If your answering machine needs to take the place of a ‘virtual receptionist’ then it has to be interactive. Most answering machines just have a recorded monologue. You can go for a Patient reminder service which comes clubbed with an answering machine with the capability of voice detection so that the calls can be redirected to required lines by the responses of the caller, without him having to press different numeric keys.

Handling Multiple Calls

A good backup service will have the ability to handle multiple calls at a time so that your patients are never put on hold! Due to such an efficient service it can have an advantage over the live receptionist. The emergency calls will be transferred speedily and without human error. Moreover, a backup receptionist should be one which can work for you 24/7 without fatigue. This will help you tremendously in slashing your patient no-shows so that you can get most out of your business.


If you choose to set up an automated office, you should make sure that the system is reliable and error free. You should not need to spend money on its maintenance again and again. A virtual receptionist must be able to do its job consistently so that you are stress-free and can be sure that no patient call is missed. An automated medical answering service and an appointment manager will not only accomplish the job of your front desk receptionist with ease but will also be able to remind the patients of their fixed appointments via e-mail, SMS, or follow-up calls. Important tasks such as patient care and medical billing can keep your staff busy while your virtual receptionist takes care of your appointments!

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