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The Advantages of a Virtual Medical Receptionist for Doctors and Patients

November 20th, 2009

While it is necessary to have a human receptionist, using this option alone has a number of limitations that will affect your medical practice. A good virtual medical receptionist will benefit both you as a medical professional and your patients as well. What you will spend on such a medical office assistant is minimal when you compare it to the benefits you will gain. Here are some of the practical ways in which both you and your patients will benefit from this setup.

Advantages to the patients

A virtual medical receptionist will give the patients an easy time in a number of ways.

• In case the lines are busy, no patient will be put on hold. Some medical conditions are emergency cases that need immediate attention. Instead of being placed on hold or being redirected to a voicemail system, the backup medical receptionist will direct the emergency call to the relevant destinations immediately.
• A modern speech-recognition based virtual receptionist has the ability to set appointment using natural language dialog with caller. Isn’t this a HUGE convenience to your patients and business advantage to you?
• The 24/7 backup medical receptionist will allow the patients to get in touch with your office at virtually all times, even when your staff has left for the day.

Advantages to you as a medical practitioner

On your part, you will also receive a number of advantages when you set up a good medical office assistant. The following are a few examples.

• A medical office assistant will free you from taking some of the duties that you can automate. As a result, you will have more time to focus on your patients. You will thus be able to deliver better services that will improve customer confidence.
• Your medical staff will also have more time to concentrate on other matters such keeping of accounts.
• The cost of using a virtual medical receptionist is relatively low, which means that you will be able to make significant savings.
• You will also save in the sense that you will not have to incur maintenance expenses.

A good virtual medical receptionist will give you a free trial period so that you can verify its effectiveness for yourself. Do not take these benefits for granted.

Online appointment scheduler –multitasking in medical management

November 16th, 2009

Online appointment scheduler is basically an online patient appointment scheduling system that fixes up the appointments of the patients using software.  When the world is toward globalization and everything has gone computerized, why leave the clinic or health care center behind! The software can tackle multiple tasks at the health care center that otherwise becomes expensive recruiting more people for different works.

The system that provides online appointment schedule can be used for several reasons. For instance, the system can be fed with tailored answers by the doctor or health care provider according to the need and wish. These answers can be played as and when required. It can also be turned into answering machine if the hospital or clinic has flood of calls from patients. Also, during some campaign where more calls are expected, this answering machine can tackle all of them without any hassles. In addition, answering machine can answer all calls and no caller would be getting a ‘busy, frustrating tone’. The answers are professionally tailored and the voice they hear is soothing and satisfying.

The beauty of answering machine cum online appointment scheduler is it can be also used as a patient reminding system! The system can call the patients and ask them about the follow up and regimen. Following up the patients means that they feel being personally treated and it brings a good rapport of the health care provider and also the center.

Driven by the latest technology and advanced settings, multiple language (multilingual) option is possible in this system. This helps in tackling foreigners who come as patients. Spanish, French and English, being the major languages can be set as per the requirement. Also, online appointment scheduler can synchronize appointments with Google Calendar that can be accessed using handheld devices such as iPhone, SmartPhone and Blackberry. This way, the health care provider or doctor is never away from the center and can be aware of what all schedules are fixed for today and coming days.

Other benefits that come with automated office system include…

  1. It is a 24/7 service so patients are never said to call between a few hours. Even after office hours, the health care center is accessible. This improves the availability.
  2. No patients are kept on the hold! All get response and this is very useful when there’s a flood of calls.
  3. Online appointment scheduler can fix up appointments anytime. It sends you data on your handheld devices and hence keeps you updated. No need for a human receptionist to inform you.
  4. It is more reliable and trustworthy. No tiredness from this virtual medical front office executive!

Patient reminder call system –care your patients

November 16th, 2009

When it comes to a customer care, there should be no compromise because that is the strength that keeps the business on. Satisfied customer brings more customers and this is a never-ending process to increase significant revenue every month.

To leave hassles behind, doctors now bank on the system that does patient reminder calls automatically. The system helps in keeping the record of patients and calls them back about their feedback or regimen. The good thing about such system is it can also be used for multi-purpose for a smooth medical clinic management. For instance, the system can be fed with different answers and can also be used as answering machine to tackle patients’ calls. The beauty of such answering machine is the callers are never kept on hold and will never get a busy call. They are answered separately but precisely.

Professional patient call answering machine can also be used as online appointment scheduler that helps patients to fix up an appointment with a doctor or health care provider. They can also fix up an appointment for routine checkup. All they have to do is dial the number or simply approach the health care center through internet and fix up the appointment.

Patient reminder call system comes with many benefits. The first among all is it has an option of multiple languages and hence it is quite easier to tackle the patients from other countries, the foreigners. Foreigners can have the choice of languages such as French, Spanish and English etc. They fell homely and there is always a better communication. Patient reminding online system can also be tailored into 24/7 standby receptionists answering calls to the patients without any failure. Professional way to answer the patients’ calls is one of the best things that build the rapport of the health care provider and the clinic or healthcare center.

Another benefit of online virtual medical receptionists is it can synchronize the appointment information with Google Calendar and hence can be managed using handheld devices such as iPhone, SmartPhone and Blackberry. The appointments can be checked through cellular phone using single-word command SMS or plain text message.

How Medical Answering Service Will Profit You

November 13th, 2009

If you would like to maximize the potential of your medical practice, you should not just rely on human agents for your answering service. A good virtual answering service will give you a lot of benefits, and you should not take it for granted. Here are some of the great ways in which you will gain.

No more congestion

A good medical answering service has the capacity to handle numerous calls at the same time. When you rely on human agents, there may reach a point where patients will be placed on hold due to congestion. No one really enjoys being put on an indefinite hold, particularly when the needs are pressing, such as medical conditions. This takes us to the next point.

Ability to sort out emergency calls

A suitable medical answering service will be able to differentiate emergency calls from the others, giving them higher priority. These calls will be connected automatically to relevant sections so that they can be addressed promptly. This will not only save lives but also boost your business as patient trust is enhanced.

24/7 operation

With a 24/7 medical answering service, patients will be able to get in touch with your clinic easily irrespective of the time. However late it may be, the service will operate at its optimum level. Patients won’t receive poor response from tired and sleepy human agents.

Giving your front-office staff more time

This does not mean more time to relax and do nothing. Instead, they will have more time to focus on other duties. For instance, they will be able to attend to the patients who have already arrived more promptly. This means that a medical answering service will not just help you in the telephone department but in the general efficiency of your medical practice.

Cost efficiency

Affordability will ultimately play a very significant role in the choice you make. A good virtual answering service will not only improve your efficiency but also lower your expenses at the same time.

There are very many virtual answering services in the market, and you need to take your time to get the one that will give you the most value for your money. In order to do this, ask yourself what you would like were you the patient going to use the system.

Give Your Receptionist A Break – Get a Medical Answering Service

November 5th, 2009

In today’s market, many industries strive to work round the clock in order to boost productivity. This is even more important in medical practice, where your services may be required 24/7. Patients will call your clinic whenever they have a need, and it can be very frustrating when their calls goes unanswered. Since your receptionist can not possibly work all the time. You should therefore set up a truely dependable 24/7 medical answering service.

Common sense tell us that when the patients are not able to reach you, they will not just sit around waiting. They will simply go to another medical practice, resulting in business losses that you are not even aware of. This
should give you another motivation for an around the clock medical answering service.

Given the pivotal role that a medical answering service plays, you should not settle for any type that you find on the market. Focus on you patient’s need. Ask yourself “If I am calling as a patient, would this service be good enough for me?”

Is good answering service necesserily expensive? Live agent medical answering service could be expensive. However, technology today offers very competitive option that could replace live agent; Look and free trial an automated medical receptionist that can make appointment, dispatch emergency call and make appointement reminder call. You’ll be nicely surprised by such cost efficient, user friendly and reliable service.

There are comparison made between live agent and speech-recognition based backup receptionist. Check it out here and see if you can be convinced.

In short, in today’s competitive environment, you must find a suitable way to enhance your communication standards. Set up the best medical answering service is a must to stay ahead of the competition.

Is it worth installing a 24/7 answering machine cum patient reminder system?

November 4th, 2009

In this era of electronic revolution, everything has gone computerized in order that makes the management information easier and better than ever before. Till a few years back, computers just managed to take place in accounts and sending/receiving information but today, with latest and hi-tech software system in hand, we can certainly manage things in more effective and efficient way.

24/7 answering machine is nothing but a system that picks up the calls and answers what is appropriate. Especially in the field of health care management, it has become a mandatory tool. The health care providers can simply install automated online scheduler that works as virtual receptionists and performs multiple tasks. However, many doctors and health experts feel being in dilemma that is it worth installing a 24/7 answering machine cum patient reminder system?

To understand this, let us look at some important points that make online medical management system a must have thing:-

  • Since the system is automated, the doctors do not have to depend on human medical assistance. There are no excuses about the apathies as before.
  • The health care center is accessible even during off-hours (that is after the office timings)
  • It is a 24/7 online medical assistant and hence, more reliable than the humans
  • The customers never get a busy call and are answered instantly
  • Online appointment scheduler comes with foreign language settings for a better communication with foreign patients
  • Medical clinic management is smooth and free from hurries and worries, doctors can simply install and take rest
  • The system can synchronize appointment information directly on Google Calendar so it is accessible on handheld devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry and SmartPhone.

Automated online patient scheduler can also remind patients about their forthcoming appointments and visits to the clinic. The best part about automated answering system is the doctor can feed the answers as per his or her requirements. The answers can be played or tailored according to the wish. Also, doctors can feed their specialization and manually manage the system as per their expertise.

Turning office automated using online answering and online patient reminding service is certainly worth for a better service and growth. In a long-run, doctors can cut the cost of recruiting numbers of virtual receptionists as the system itself can perform multiple tasks.

Virtual Medical Assistant –A Real Companion in Your Medical Practice

October 26th, 2009

There are many chances that the partner you choose for your business may dupe you and get away with your all efforts that you made to make your business successful. But have you ever come across any event where your real companion, virtual medical assistant left you halfway! Yes! We are talking about virtual medical assistant that is computerized automated answering machine that can also be tuned as 24/7 online scheduler.

Web based appointment system can make your medical practice much efficient than ever before because it comes with multiple functions as you can set it as per your medical expertise and also can record the answer or reply you want. The voice such automated answering machine has is very beautiful, polite and lovely that every caller will appreciate. The best thing come with appointment scheduler is that you can also fix it as an appointment reminder that keeps calling patients, your valuable customers and keep them updated with their forthcoming appointments to see you or to visit your health care centre.

Virtual medical assistant is a real companion in your medical practice because it has no or minimal error in fixing up patients’ schedules for getting doctors’ appointments. In addition, the service available here is 24X7 so that you do not miss any important calls off the clinic hours that would make patients happier as they can contact health care centre anytime they want. Other benefit that comes with medical automated answering machine is it does not keep any patient on hold and there will not be any frustrating busy tone that otherwise can annoy every caller.

If you have foreign clients who speak different language than your human medical assistant does, you find it no difficult tackling them! Appointment reminder or patient appointment automated scheduler comes with different language options (multilingual option) that include major languages such as French, Spanish etc. This, in turn, helps in building a classic rapport with foreign patients and they do not feel any communication gap talking to your virtual medical automated answering system.

Fixing up multilanguage virtual automated patient scheduling system makes the entire clinic management smoother than ever before. Top of all, it is quite affordable and in a long-run, it is profit making.

Headline: 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Is the way to go for your Practice!

July 1st, 2009

How many times have you said to yourself – I wish I had a polite, friendly, receptionist around the clock to field calls from my patients and customers? We all have the same problem. None of our employees want to be sitting in the office at two in the morning answering phones. It’s late, it may be unsafe, and people get irritable. The problem is – it may be the middle of the night when our customers or patients need us the most.

Don’t worry- the solution is here! Our 24/7 virtual receptionists does so many things and costs so much less than hiring and retaining staff to answer the phones. First of all, the 24/7 virtual receptionist doesn’t get tired. She maintains the same friendly demeanor around the clock. She can also be programmed to speak in a number of different languages – in case your clientele requires that. Perhaps most importantly, the 24/7 virtual receptionist can triage calls and enable the caller to get in touch with whomever they need to very quickly. With simple menu options, callers can get in touch with the doctor on call or get answers to any other emergencies they may have. But the upside to the 24/7 virtual receptionist doesn’t stop there!

Not only does the 24/7 virtual receptionist answer your calls in a friendly way, and triage the calls –she can do something even more. She can automatically call your customers and patients and remind them of upcoming appointments. She will do it in the same friendly voice, and in any language you want. This saves your office staff from having to take care of these calls during normal business hours instead of doing more productive tasks. All of this- and you won’t have to pay for health benefits or deal with the added stress of more employees because your virtual assistant can take care of all of these tasks.

And, there’s more. The virtual assistant can happily direct your patients or customers to an interactive website where they can make their appointments around the clock and even add in personal information. Of course, the personal information is safeguarded with the highest security standard. What’s more – patients can add in their insurance information and any other personal notes they would like to send to the doctor.

As for you, you can now – through google sync – sync up your appointment and calendar book with any handheld device you have. Wow, you can have access to everything you need within a moment, simply by looking at your handheld device!

In a few easy steps, all of your contacts, and appointment information can be synced up with your blackberry, I-phone – or any other device. And – get this – you won’t even need Internet access to view your calendar at any hour of the day. You will be able to view all of the information – 24/7- regardless of whether or not you can get online.

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