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Appointment Scheduling Software – It’s Time!

April 9th, 2011

Today note pads and messaging amount to a somewhat antiquated approach to patient appointment scheduling: After all, we live in a high tech world where just about everyone and everything can be integrated and communicated with. Patient appointment scheduling software has advanced significantly of late and is extremely cost effective: Which means medical staff do not need to spend their relatively expensive time dealing with appointment scheduling and reminder calls – So why do they?

The Old Adage

Sometimes it can be the age old adage of ‘making the most of it’ seasoned with a touch of ‘not getting round to it’ – Indeed, in a busy medical practice it can be a case of ‘soldiering on’ because making the change will take too much time: The Doctors may feel that the upheaval of ‘change’ may cause more problems than it solves. However, with an internet based appointment scheduling system there is no need to have any special hardware or lines installed in-house. In fact, these systems can be taken onboard without interfering with the everyday running of the medical practice.

Do The Math

Another reason why a medical practice may not take on an automated appointment scheduling system is cost. However, there are systems available which do not require long term commitments or mountainous amounts of money be handed over – Either upfront or on a monthly basis. In fact, when considering the workload automated systems can deal with more for less. When adding up the hours staff spend each month dealing with patient appointments the costs are usually higher than they would be using an automated system – These systems can multitask far beyond human beings and never have to back-track to make good mistakes.


While these systems are extremely capable they are also very simple to use. Some are multilingual too which can save a lot of headaches with regards to mis-communication; which can occur, particularly in stressful situations – Having this option can make life easier for patients and staff alike.  Appointment scheduling software can also deal with reminder calls which can reduce no-shows as well as save staff a lot of their valuable time. With so many advantages; yes, why are your staff still spending their time scheduling patient appointments?

Integrated Online Appointment Scheduling – BE Organised

November 21st, 2010

Outsourcing has helped many business sectors expand and remain competitive in the marketplace: Online appointment scheduling software can help your medical practice in much the same way. Regardless of whether you run a solo practice or several multi-specialty practices web-based patient appointment scheduling services could be extremely useful with regards to organization – Indeed, many health practitioners find utilizing an online scheduler improves overall medical practice management and automated reminder calls significantly help to reduce no-shows.

Integrate Multiple Schedules

If you practice in several clinics appointment scheduling software will integrate your schedules easily. These systems are flexible and streamlined. The scheduling of a single as well as multiple patient appointments, re-scheduling and patient reminders between several medical practices and/or clinics can prove to be a scheduling nightmare.  With online appointment scheduling services room for error is significantly reduced. Features vary: It is possible to allow patients to book online, reschedule and cancel appointments as well as send email, SMS and make automated calls to remind patients of an up and coming appointment – All the appointment scheduling tasks which can consume your day: Freeing up you and/or your staff to deal with more immediate issues relative to patient care.

Patient Reminders

The statistics prove over and over again that making patient appointment reminder calls reduces no-shows. Even so, far too many medical practices fail to make the all important call. Why? Because they simply do not have time: Which is somewhat of a hypocrisy. Appointment scheduling software can make the calls automatically and extremely quickly – much faster than your receptionist, no matter how good they are at multi-tasking! Patients are able to cancel or reschedule their appointment which helps to reduce no-shows. Invariably, patient appointment scheduling services will more than pay for themselves making them extremely cost-effective.

Flexible Options

The level of service you choose is entirely flexible. Features include multi-lingual emergency call forwarding, appointment scheduling and reminder calls: Some systems are more advanced than others. Many large medical practices use these systems nowadays because they are efficient and extremely cost-effective – Much more economical than employing staff to carry out these tasks. Web-based software is maintenance free and requires no technical knowledge to employ – Simply sign up for the services you need and enjoy being organized!

Using Technology to Improve the Quality of Your Medical Practice

November 21st, 2010

Technology help simplify many aspects of our lives. One technology that you can use to enhance and improve the performance of your medical practice is the online appointment scheduler. Using the scheduler means providing your office with the necessary ammo to put you ahead of the competition. Read on to learn the many features of an online appointment scheduler and how it can help improve your bottom line.

Self-service booking

When you have an online doctor appointment scheduler in place, it allows patients to log in to the system and book the appointments themselves. They can simply choose a booking slot that is available and is the most convenient for them. In addition, they can also make changes to their appointments as easily as making them. Giving the patients the ability to do these things helps you avoid the dreaded patient no-shows.

Customizable question form

Doctors can create forms that the patients must answer when they book their appointments. The questions can range from essential patient information, such as their insurance detail, to specific question about the nature of their visit. The best thing about the feature is that it is highly customizable, which means different doctor can ask different questions.The finished form will be sent to both the patient and doctor. By asking these questions in advanced, doctors will be able to provide better medical advice.

Remind patients about their appointments

An online scheduler also comes with a feature that reminds patients about their appointments. The system can be set to remind patients by calling them — on their landline or mobile numbers, or send e-mail and text messages. This is a great feature that, again, can cut down patient no-shows significantly.

Streamline your medical office

By having the system in place, it allows you to streamline your medical office. Since everything is done electronically by the system, it means no longer must your receptionist write appointments down manually. Every appointment that is made on the system will be recorded and placed on a secured database that is HIPAA compliant. Things will run more effectively and efficiently.

To conclude, an online appointment scheduling system is one investment that you will not regret making.

Top Reasons to Use an Online Patient Appointment Scheduler

October 1st, 2010

Effective and efficient – these are some characteristics that a medical practice should have in order for it to succeed in today’s  fierce competitive world. If you don’t feel that your medical office possess the two traits yet, it’s high time you invest in an online patient appointment scheduler. If you need more convincing, these are some reasons that should help you decide better.

1. Time and Cost-effective

Using an online patient appointment scheduler means providing ample time for your staff to focus on their core tasks. Understandably, it goes without saying that every phone call should be answered. But if it means distracting them from doing other important jobs, such as tending for the patients, then you should definitely have them do the former. The online scheduler is an effective backup that can replace most things that your receptionist can do. This includes taking phone calls from patients, as well as allowing patients to make appointments. You are saving both you and your patients’ time.

The fee for using an online appointment scheduler service is affordable and it can be renewed on a monthly basis. If you feel that it is helping your medical practice, which no doubt it will, then you can use it for the long run – as recommended.

2. Turn your office into a paperless one

Using an online appointment scheduler means turning your office into a paperless one. The use of paper can be reduced significantly, which in the end will boost productivity and save money. Since everything is done automatically by the computer and is stored electronically, you can easily get a patient’s file by a click of a button. No longer will you have to scour thousands of hard copy documents when a patient comes in.

3. Comes with a reliable patient reminder feature

An online appointment scheduling system also comes with a built-in patient reminder. This means you can significantly cut down on patient no-shows in your medical practice. Patients can set how they’d like to be contacted – either by phone call or text and e-mail messages. When you can reduce or eliminate patient no-shows, no doubt it will increase your bottom line.

24/7 Medical Appointment Scheduling – Angela Has it Covered

October 1st, 2010

An Automated Medical Appointment Scheduler is like having a receptionist on hand 24/7. Imagine all the advantages! Angela is Multi Lingual, excellent at multi tasking, HIPPA compliant and never takes a day off or needs a coffee break: And that is just a few of her capabilities!

The front desk can be somewhat of a battle field – Medical Receptionists need to schedule Patient Appointments, remind patients of their Doctor Appointment AND deal with all the other operations that ensure your medical practice runs efficiently: In a busy practice this can be a tall order; which invariably means reminder calls are not made and errors often are.

Appointment Reminders

Today patients have options and want the best health care they can afford. Invariably, this means any medical practice must keep costs to a minimum without cutting care. Angela can provide an efficient and economical way to deal with Medical Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Calls.

Automated Appointment Scheduling offers up an affordable and practical way to take the pressure off the front desk.  This can improve patient relations and actually increase income. No-Shows cost money. They also affect the overall running of your practice – All those lost appointments extend the time other patients need to wait for a Doctor Appointment: And patients do not like waiting.

On Call 24/7

Angela can be utilised to provide a 24/7 Appointment Scheduling call service; or be used to cover busy times and out of hours calls: Including Emergency Calls. This service can also be made available to patients online: Which means, any which way, Angela has it covered.

Online Scheduler

In a modern world Online Appointment Scheduling is a welcome offering for many patients. Angela is a HIPPA compliant Medical Appointment Scheduler that is easy to use and extremely secure. Your patients can safely access the system online 24/7; which means they can schedule their Doctor Appointment at their own convenience.

No matter the time of day Angela is ALWAYS efficient, friendly AND on call. Many healthcare professionals are realizing the huge advantages of having an automated Medical Appointment Scheduler in place to schedule appointments and make reminder calls: It pays to automate….

Let Your Patients Fill Forms before Appointment

October 1st, 2010

While the use of forms in medical practice is not new, you do not have to use the forms in the same old way. Use this tried and tested method in a new way to serve your patients even better, which is what will bring the desired revenue. You should not wait until a patient has booked an appointment for you to use a form to collect necessary data. Let the patients fill the forms before coming for appointment by integrating the forms into your online medical scheduler.

The forms that you integrate into your medical appointment scheduling program will give you several advantages. They are easy to customize to suit the types of services you are offering. This means that the patients will fill forms that are specifically targeted to their needs. The forms will ask questions that are directly related to the type of appointment they want to make, and all they have to do is fill in the necessary details.

You will thus have pertinent information about the patients before they come for appointment, putting you in a better position to serve them more effectively. In addition, you will save time, as you will not try to get the details during the appointment. Appointment scheduling software that uses customizable forms will therefore help you to ‘kill two birds with the same stone’, as it were. You will use less time while you serve more patients better.

Such an online scheduler will help you to get more accurate information. The patients will take time to fill the necessary details, so you will not need to rush to take notes by hand, which is prone to errors. The electronic forms will also remove the need for paper forms, something that will not only help your medical practice but the world at large. You will play an important part in placing less demand for resources and helping to have a cleaner environment at the same time.

When you are shopping for a medical appointment program, look for one that integrates customizable forms that allow you to collect relevant information before appointment. Such an apparently simple add-on will go a long way in improving the efficiency of your medical practice.

Easy Clinic Management by Office Automation!

July 24th, 2010

If you think that managing the health care center is quite a difficult task, you are absolutely right there! Managing the medical center requires multiple skills that include arranging the patients’ schedules without any time overlapping, calling them and informing them about their visits (also regimen, dietary suggestions etc) and top of all, answering the patients’ calls without getting frustrated.

As the luck would have it, there are many software tools that help in managing the medical center effectively. Nevertheless, choosing the best one is the key to success. Typical online patient appointment scheduling system would have several features that you require in a day-to-day health center management. The system not only helps in management and generating revenues but surprisingly some of the features save the clinic from financial loss. Let us learn how this tool is helpful in automating medical office…

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduler

ODAS works as medical virtual receptionist wherein it fixes the appointments as sought by the patients. Simply put, the patients can directly log into the system and book their appointments. A two-way Google Sync feature would directly send the data to web that is accessible using iPhone like hand-held devices. You, being the health care provider, can manage and reschedule the patients’ appointments according to you plan.

Patient Reminder

Reminding patients could be a challenging task, especially when the number of patients is significant. The human medical desk receptionist may forget to have a follow up and inform the patients about their due visits, body tests or any important information to be conveyed. ODAS can also work as patient reminder system that can do things for sure!

Medical Answering System

During some events, where great flow of patients is expected (such as free medical camp), answering the phone calls throughout the day becomes difficult task for human medical receptionist. Online patient appointment system can do this job in quite a better way. It can answer any number of calls (no matter one or more patients calling at a time) without getting tired!

You can take clinic management as duck takes to water since medical answering cum online patient appointment system comes with multiple features such as multiple languages (setting different languages to communicate foreign patients) and prepaid appointment (that saves revenue loss because of no-show cause patients) etc.

Medical Virtual Receptionist Makes Happy Medical Office!

July 18th, 2010

Do you really get out of character when some patient complaints about not getting proper reply from the front office when they called to book their appointment? Do you really care patients and think that they, just beyond prescribing drugs, require personal care and attention? If your answer to all these troublesome questions is a BIG YES, I suggest you to go for Virtual Medical Receptionist that can make you, your patients and your staff happy. It will leave you  to enjoy your medical practice treating patients other than always banging your head against wall to manage the medical office with incapable human staff.

Medical Virtual Receptionist, as the name suggests, takes off all the worries you got for managing the medical office, clinic or health care center. The best part of this uniquely designed virtual medical front office tool is its capability to book patients’ appointments online! It is a web based online patient appointment system that allows patients to book their appointments online, without contacting human medical staff at front desk! Overcoming the issues of time-overlaps, patients’ appointments are scheduled perfectly. A prepaid option in same system reduces the chances of losing the revenue due to no-show cause patients as it asks for consultation fees in advance before patients see health care provider.

Online doctor appointment scheduling system can also synchronize the entire data with Google Calendar. It can then be accessed using any handheld devices such as Smartphone, iPhone and Blackberry. Simply put, no matter where you are, you can always access the data of patients’ schedules at clinic and can reschedule according to your plan for the day or week.

Other benefits that come with medical virtual receptionist is it can answer patients’ calls with sweet voice. No matter how many patients call at a time, all get lovely answers as fed by you as health care expertise. Events such as medical camp require such kind of facility where human medical staff is found incapable attending more than one call at a time, throughout the day.

Also, online doctor appointment scheduler can be used as patient reminder service wherein it can call patients automatically and remind them about their forthcoming or due visits to health care center. Furthermore, it can be used to remind patients about their body tests, dietary regimen and other important advice by concerned doctors.

All-in-all, online patient appointment scheduling system is best medical management tool that you can have to make medical office automated.

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