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Standardize Your Healthcare Center using Web Appointment Scheduler

April 25th, 2010

If you think of an automation of your medical office, you have to be careful before getting any of such system available on the market. Let us look at some important features that online patient appointment scheduler should have:-

  1. The most important thing you need in medical software is it should be HIPAA compliant that assures the security of patients’ information.
  2. Medical management system must have unique features that enables the system to work on multiple tasks such as it can be used as medical answering system and can also be switched on to patient reminder system as and when required.
  3. The system of medical answering should also have features such as setting for multilingual options wherein patients can interact in their own languages such as French, Chinese, and Spanish etc. Furthermore, the system can be tailored according to doctor’s expertise.
  4. Online appointment scheduler should be accessible anywhere, anytime. For this, the feature of Google Calendar Synchronization is very useful. It sets up patients’ appointments with calendar and sends it across handheld devices such as Blackberry, Smartphone and Iphone. A two-way synchronization enables the health care provider to reschedule or alter appointments.

The best feature of online appointment scheduler is prepaid appointment scheduling. The major factor that contributes to medical center’s revenue loss is a ‘no-show’ patient. The patients do not appear for the appointment provided on phone and that makes the clinic to suffer. Prepaid patient appointment scheduler is system by which the patients are to pay for the consultation, in advance. This ensures patients’ presence at the time allotted and lessens the chances of revenue loss.

Medical answering service can be used where high call volum from patients are expected. An event such as free medical camp requires robust system that can tackle many calls at a time, which is quite a difficult task for medical front office executives. Medical answering service can answer calls at a time without getting the caller a busy tone. This way, the accessibility of health care center is increased and expected footfalls to the center increase.

Role of Online Appointment Scheduler in Medical Practice Management

April 2nd, 2010

If you are a health care professional and run a clinic, at some point of time, scheduling the appointments of patients might have worried you. Mismanagement of patient appointment scheduling may be forgiven once or twice but then a daily practice of such malfunctioning may cost your practice severely. Applying online appointment scheduler takes of your worries and makes you to enjoy flawless clinic management.

There are many vendors that provide system that works as virtual receptionist. The system works wonderfully especially when you have good flow of customers and the staff finds it difficult to handle.  

The system allows patients to book their appointments online reducing the chances of negligence, which is quite common with human medical front desk.  In addition, such system can be used in several ways –online patient appointment scheduler can also be used as patient reminder service that calls patients informing them about their forthcoming appointments or health care center visits. A doctor can tailor such system according to his/her expertise.

The role of online appointment scheduler in medical practice management is essential, as said by hundreds of thousands of physicians and surgeons using the system successfully. More and more health care providers are now opting for an automation of hospitals and clinics to avoid human errors that otherwise affect their business. The biggest benefit of such office automation is the system checks out for no-show patients since prepaid online patient appointment system assures customer to be there at given time and date. Also, such system can also work as backup receptionist and can work for 24/7.

Many doctors use online appointment scheduler cum patient reminder as their medical answering system, especially when they have events where the flow of patient is enormous such as medical camp held at center. Nevertheless, specially designed systems are just above simple recorded monologue answering machines and that is why, the system that is interactive and has friendly voice is in demand. Such system also has option to choose the language such as French, English, and Spanish etc. This is very useful in communicating foreign patients who prefer to be interacted in their language.

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Looking for a Manager for your Clinic? Try Patient Appointment Scheduler!

April 2nd, 2010

Due to staff’s apathy or incapability to tackle the flood of patients seeking appointments, you may think to appoint qualified manager that can tackle all such hassle and gives you smoother, better medical management. The idea is to retain old patients, make new ones and at the end of the day, generate good revenue without compromising the quality of service. Let us look at a unique system that can not only tackle appointments scheduling but can also do many tasks for bettering overall health care center management.

The system that can fix up patient appointments can also be used as virtual receptionist that can answer patients’ calls in a friendly way. Furthermore, doctors can feed their own answers according to their expertise. Additional features include its multilingual support that can be set as French, Spanish, and English etc. –this kind of support is useful in interacting with foreign patients.

Online patient appointment scheduler is proven to be very useful tool for physicians and surgeons who frequently travel as the system helps them to get schedule on their handheld devices. This is because the scheduler synchronizes the appointments with Google Calendar, which is accessible on handheld devices such as iPhone, Smartphone and Blackberry. Furthermore, online appointment scheduler can have prepaid appointment facility that helps in tackling no-show patients, one of the reasons for revenue loss for any clinic.

Office automation using online appointment scheduler can serve you as medical answering system too! Patient reminder is a special feature of the system to call and remind patients about their forthcoming visits to clinic and also regimens suggested by experts. Automated medical answering can take over the job of human medical front desk reducing the chances of errors and apathy.

In event such as medical camp, the center expects hundreds of calls from patients and it becomes unmanageable tasks by staff to answer each of them. Fixing answering system can tackle patients’ calls and the best feature of this software is let many patients call at a time, no patient would get busy boring tone that otherwise annoy patients.

Keeping online appointment scheduler as you manager is the best deal you can ever have for better and smoother health center management.

Can You Customise Your Office Scheduler?

March 29th, 2010

Automation is the buzzword in virtually every industry as people take advantage of the technological advancements. When looking for office automation solution related to scheduler, there are many things you will need to consider as you search for the best, one of which is the ease of cutomisation.

The medical field is very broad and different medical practioners have different needs. This is one of the areas where a medical office scheduler that you can customise easily comes in handy. Whether you are a pediatrician or chiropractor, the automation system should serve your needs equally well.

In addition to suiting whatever line of medical practice you are involved in, the medical practice management programme you use should allow you to make several other customisations. It should allow you to give it as much personal touch as you would like to make your business stand out.

The following are some of the ways through which you should be able to customise your system.

i) Define your own appointment rules, name, appointement duration, what day of week you perform the service, if pre-payment is required or not.
ii) Customize your emails for appointment confirmation, reminder and appointment followup
iii) Customize your new patient signup form, what are the insurance you accept.

You should also have the ability to choose whether the patients can make their own appointments for the required services. You will thus set the services that the patients can book on their own and the ones that need to be booked from the office. If you want to give the patients an even greater personal attention, you should be able to give them special pieces of information relating to their appointments, which will help them to be better prepared.

If you can customise your online scheduler in such a way, you will manage to cut down the chances of incorrect booking. Pre-pay requirement, for example, will also help you eliminate no-show.  In short, the more your scheduler allows you to enforce your own business rule with customization, the more efficient your scheduling is.

Who is in Control in your medical clinic?

March 8th, 2010

Is technology controlling you or are you controlling it? Do you find that your medical practice management system determines how you work, or are you the one who determines how the system should function?

There are very many types of remote receptionist services that you can choose from, and here is where you should start determining whether you will be in control or not.

Live agent vs an automated system

This begins by considering whether you want to use an automated appointment scheduling programme or a live agent. While you may think of hiring the services of a live agent because of the human touch among other things, there are several drawbacks to using this method. For example, a live agent will simply relay all the messages without making any distinction between emergency and non-emergency ones. A good medical office assistant online, on the other hand, will filter the calls and give more priority to the emergency ones.

Another very significant consideration is the cost of the services. An effective automated system will give you 24/7 medical reception at just a small fraction of what you would otherwise spend on a live agent service.

Payment methods

Another way that you should determine whether your medical practice management program will have the upper hand is the way you make the required payment. First of all, a reputable system will give you the ability to test the services before you make any commitment. This will give you the best way of verifying whether you will really benefit from what is being offered.

You should as well consider whether the system requires you to make a large upfront payment that effectively ties you up for several months. You should find an online scheduler that you just use on a monthly subscription basis, without making such long-term commitments.

Another consideration as far as payment is concerned is the ability to choose different payment plans. For instance, would you like to go for a flat rate monthly payment? Or would you rather opt for a method that charges you per call? A good system will be flexible enough to offer you both methods among others.

Freedom of accessing your scheduler from your blackBerry, iphone or smart phone

This refers to both the way you will manage your online scheduler and how easy it will be to reach your patients. Basically, a good system will not tie you to your office to be able to check and make your appointments. For instance, it should be able to synchronise with Google Calendar so that you can check your appointments and make any necessary adjustments. It should even go further by allowing you to use it whenever you may be, even if there is no internet connection by using sms service.

You should as well have different ways of reaching your patients, which ensures that you cater well for the needs of different people. These ways include via the telephone, email, and mobile text message SMS.

Be in control.

The Secret to Cutting Patient No-Shows

February 24th, 2010

“If patients don’t have a relationship with physicians, they don’t mind not showing up,” said Dr. Tim Gorski from Arlington, Texas. If this is the case, how do you form a relationship with a patient who has not yet shown up for an appointment? This is where your office automation system comes in handy.

You should know that the monthly fee of a good scheduler with telephone, email and mobile text message reminder is roughly about the cost of one patient no-show to you. So can you afford NOT to use a reminder service?

The appointment stage

Your first contact with a patient will often start at the appointment stage. You should therefore ensure that you use a medical appointment scheduling program that is friendly to the patients. Although the patients will obviously like to speak to a live human being, they would rather find a faster alternative than being put on hold.

There are also other patients who would prefer to use the internet to book their own appointments. Self-service patient appointment scheduling makes this possible, where you will set up an online scheduler.

Remind the patients

After the patients have booked their appointments, it is important to make a follow-up by having an effective reminder service. There are some important factors you should consider when finding a good reminder service.

First, it will be very boring for a live agent to keep calling patients with the same message over and over. The frustration and exhaustion that results can easily make the receptionist talk in an unpleasant tone to the patients, and this will cost your business.

You should therefore let a computer that does not get tired or experience boredom do the job. This does not mean that you need to install any hardware or software in your office, which will be unnecessarily expensive. You just have to sign up for an appropriate service to take care of your needs. In this way, preventing just one patient no-show per month will be enough to pay for your subscription.

The appointment reminder service you use should enable you to get in touch with the patients in a variety of ways. For example, you should be able to reach your patients via the telephone, email, and mobile text message (SMS). This will ensure that you reach different types of patients. Each method has its strengths and drawbacks, hence using all of them will offer you the best possible deal.

You can also opt to give your patients the ability to cancel their appointments during the reminder process to further eliminate patient no-shows. You will be able to re-schedule the empty slots in good time.

Your office automation system should help you to maintain a good relationship with your patients and cut patient no-shows.

Office Automation – How to Get the Best Medical Practice Management Program

February 17th, 2010

The importance of office automation has resulted in the supply of many types of programs in the market. It is therefore very crucial that you go for a system that will give you the best value possible. This means that you should consider some factors before you even start looking for your office automation program. The following are some of the pertinent points that you need to bear in mind.

Compatibility with your office work flow and multiple communication channels

You most likely already have some system in place. For instance, you are already using telephone in your clinic. The automated telephone reminder that you would like to set up should not create a complete overhaul because it will not be able to operate seamlessly with your present telephone system.

People use different modes of communication in today’s world of Information Technology. You should therefore ensure that the office automation system you want to use is compatible with many types of systems and devices. This means that apart from using the telephone, the program you are looking for should be able to send emails, and instant text messages among others. In this way, you will be able to cater for the needs of different types of patients. While there are those patients who will prefer to use the telephone, particularly the elderly, others will prefer using the Internet. There are still some patients who have busy schedules and would like to receive automated reminders on their cell phones.

24/7 medical reception with automated virtual receptionist

While your medical office front desk receptionist will not be able to work round the clock, the virtual medical office receptionist should give you a 24/7 service. You will therefore have a self-service patient appointment scheduling, whereby the patients will be able to book their own appointments at any time of the day or night.

This means that your system should be robust enough to handle unlimited number of appointments in a day.

In addition to these considerations, you should use a pre-paid medical scheduler. This means that the patients will make some small payments when they make their appointments. As a result, you will be protected even when some patients do not show up. Patient no-shows result in what are known as invisible costs.

The type of office automation that you use will either make or break your medical practice. You should therefore ensure that you get the best service that suits both you and your patients.

Effective Office Automation

January 26th, 2010

We live in a world of advanced technology where people use a wide variety of machines to simplify the things they want to do while they get a better output. You should not let yourself remain behind as technology passes you by if you have a medical clinic. If you would like to streamline your medical practice in order to be more productive, you should ensure that you set up a good medical practice management system. In order to achieve this, you need to set up an effective office automation system.

There are various areas that you need to take into consideration as you look for your office automation system. One of the crucial areas has to do with booking of appointments. You should use a system that gives your patients the opportunity to book their own appointments. The self-service patient appointment scheduling program that you use should enable the patients who would like to use the phone to do so. In order for this to be more effective, you should put up a very robust automated medical receptionist that will work round the clock, even during those times when your front desk receptionist is off duty.

In addition, the service should enable those patients who are Internet savvy to be able to carry out online medical appointment scheduling. You will thus take care of patients with different tastes.

The office automation system you use should also incorporate the ability to remind the patients of their approaching appointments. A good appointment reminder service will help you to deal with the problem of patient no-shows, which can affect your business significantly. Apart from this, you should use a system that will protect you in case a patient still fails to show up even after being reminded of the appointment. Are you wondering how you are going to achieve this? Simple. Just use a pre-paid medical appointment scheduling program, which will require the patients to make a small payment during the booking process.

You should ensure that the system you use gives you as much anywhere-anytime convenience and flexibility as possible. First, the program should be easy for you and your staff to use. Second, you should be able to access your records irrespective of where you are. You should be able to access your records either online or via instant text messaging, which means that the system needs to be compatible with a wide variety of devices, including ordinary cell phones, iphone and Blackberry devices. Remember that you are automating your office, not yourself!

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