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Appointment Scheduling Software – Take It For a Testdrive

June 23rd, 2012

Today people live busy lives, which means convenience and organisation are essential to keep things running smoothly: It´s not always easy remembering everything that has to be done! Appointment scheduling software helps patient´s and staff remain organised in a way that pen and paper scheduling never allowed. They old system of appointment scheduling books was always prone to problems. Rescheduled and cancelled appointments easily become confused with the old system. Medical appointment scheduling software significantly reduces the possibility of error. Software is organised and always available 24/7. Online appointment scheduling software allows patient´s to schedule, reschedule and cancel their doctor appointment 24/7. Nowadays, most people have access to the internet. Providing your patients with the option to book online or through an automated system is advantageous for many people. Today, people need (and in many ways expect) services to be easily accessible. They do not want to be left waiting on the end of a telephone line: They want to book their doctor appointment quickly and easily: Automated appointment scheduling software allows them to do that. Automated systems can handle several calls at once, and it is always available.

So Many Advantages
There are many advantages for using appointment scheduling software. Editing patient appointments is easier and less prone to mistakes. Automated systems are usually more economical than hiring extra staff. Plus, software does not need breaks, holidays or sleep! These are great advantages. However, probably one of the greatest advantages of all is the fact that many of the online appointment scheduling systems are able to make reminder calls at a specific time. It has been proven time and time again that reminder calls can significantly reduce no-shows. No-shows cost American health organisations millions of dollars every year. Automated reminder calls provide a cost-effective way to reduce no-shows. Staff do not always have time to make those calls. An automated system can ensure patient reminder calls are made on time every time. In addition, some medical appointment scheduling software can collect certain data, such as cancelled appointments. This can help medical practitionners to identify “problem” patient´s who might consistently cancel their appointment at the last minute or not show at all. This kind of data can be very useful and help practitioners deal with problem patients.

Try Before You Buy
Appointment scheduling software varies. Some are more feature rich than others. You may or may not need many of the features. The best way to assess which features are the most important for you is to test-drive the software.So try before you buy!

Online Appointment Scheduler – Meeting the Needs of Doctors & Patients

May 20th, 2012

An online appointment scheduler can streamline workflows enabling your staff to provide a more efficient service to patients. Patient appointment scheduling is an essential task. However, it is a task that can be swiftly and accurately dealt with using an automated online system. Unlike in-house software an online scheduler can be accessed by staff, doctors and patients from any internet connection at anytime. Patients can go online and book a doctor appointment 24/7 with ease. This feature alone can help to free up the front desk, giving them more time to deal with other tasks and so help to improve overall medical practice management – Within an ever increasingly competitive environment the more stream-lined and efficient your services the better.

Meeting Individual Needs
Today, automated appointment scheduling systems are used by some of the largest health organizations in the world. They are capable of dealing with multiple calls, which means patients are not left hanging on the end of a telephone: There call can be dealt with 24/7 effectively as well as cost-effectively. An online appointment scheduler can also provide a cost-effective solution to sole practitioners and medical practices. Many advanced systems are scalable and can be customized to suit individual needs.

Reducing No-Shows
No-shows, over-booking and scheduling errors are costly. Automated appointment scheduling is extremely accurate and this advantage alone can help to make your medical practice more efficient. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. However, staff do not always have the time to make them. Many of the automated scheduling systems available today can deal with reminder calls: Ensuring they are made on-time every time. Some are also able to send reminders for an up-and-coming patient appointment via email as well as SMS text – In a modern world, a clear advantage.

Improving Communications
Automated appointment scheduling can help to improve doctor-patient and staff communications: They can also help to actually save time. An automated scheduler can deal with appointments for several practitioners working in various locations. It works in real time and because it can be accessed from any internet connection, doctors, patients and staff are always up-to-date and in touch: Thus helping to improve communications.

An automated appointment scheduler can notably improve patient management and workflows: Making them a cost-effective solution. With improved workflows the pressure on the front desk can be lessened: And happier staff make for happier patients. Unquestionably, automated scheduling can help your staff to meet the needs of patients more efficiently and so cost-effectively. Indeed, the days of pen and paper scheduling are decidedly numbered!

Why Choose Paid Online Appointment Scheduling Software?

April 29th, 2012

While the “Filofax” ruled the eighties, online appointment scheduling software seems set to rule the twentieth century. Today, more and more medical practitioners as well as some of the world´s largest medical organizations have turned to medical appointment scheduling software to deal with patient appointments. One of the first questions on the lips of sole practitioners and those with smaller medical practices is often, “why use a paid appointment scheduling software and not free software”? As they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Invariably, a free online scheduler will come with a “price” of some kind: And often that “price” will be “privacy” – To which the price could be rather more than your patients are happy with.

The companies that provide free appointment scheduling software will have “terms & conditions” – As do most things in life! Among the more commonplace “conditions” is the company are able to use certain personal information of registered users logging into the system – Perhaps for marketing or research purposes, for example. Professional online scheduling software companies, providing HIPPA approved systems would not.

Appointment Scheduling Made Easy
Scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling appointments are made easy online with appointment scheduling software systems. Virtually infallible (unlike paper based scheduling) appointment scheduling software can save costly mistakes being made. No-shows can also be reduced by utilizing the reminder services many companies can offer. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows: Even so, reminder calls take time, and time is something staff and practitioners can be frequently short of – To which, reminder calls can often be neglected. An automated scheduler can ensure reminder calls are made on time every time: And it can accomplish this is double-quick time!

The Future
The future of online appointment scheduling software seems secure: It´s growing popularity confirming it has proven to be a cost-effective option for many medical practitioners, practices and organizations. People use the internet more than ever: To which, online medical appointment scheduling seems a natural progression in a modern world. Some providers offer free trials, which offers up a chance to try out the system´s features. Obviously, not all systems are the same, which means not all of them will have the same features. While a basic system might be enough for your needs, advanced systems tend to be more customizable and feature rich. Either way, to ensure the privacy of your patients paid appointment scheduling software and systems will usually be the most secure choice.

Does Online Patient Appointment Scheduling Lack the Personal Touch?

April 7th, 2012

Automated appointment scheduling is growing in popularity as people become more proficient and comfortable with the internet. Online patient appointment scheduling offers up a myriad of advantages to medical practitioners and their patients. Some might feel automated appointment scheduling lacks the ‘personal touch’ they believe is important to the patients in their care: And for this reason (despite all the practical advantages) continue to work with ‘paper and pen’. However, a survey carried out by the Wall Street Journal suggests that is not in fact the case. Instead, the majority of adults who voted said they preferred to make appointments online. In actual fact, one could say online appointment scheduling is MORE personalized: In the way it gives patients total control.

All The Advantages…
Indeed, the advantages of an automated patient appointment scheduling system are many. One of the greatest advantages is that patients can schedule a doctor appointment 24/7, giving them total control: No waiting for their call to be answered in or outside of office hours – Some of the more advanced appointment schedulers can also deal with emergency calls 24/7. For the hearing-impaired online patient appointment scheduling is extremely convenient: Putting them in complete control of their own health care.

Without the Disadvantages
While initially automated appointment scheduling may seem impersonal, when you think about the advantages and people´s lifestyles today, it is actually more personalized…in all the right ways. Unlike every human being an automated system does not have bad days. It is never rushed, brusque, harassed or distracted. To which, when the pressure is on there are times when the ‘personal touch’ is actually a disadvantage.

Reduce No-Shows
An online appointments scheduler can generate patient appointment reminders automatically. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. However, in a busy medical practice they can be omitted simply because staff are too busy. An automated appointment scheduler can call patients as well as send email and SMS text reminders. Patients have the option to confirm, reschedule or cancel their doctor appointment quickly and easily – Usually, automated reminders are more economical than postcards and calls, which is comparatively labor intensive. In this way, an automated reminder service is a cost-effective and so financially viable option.
Online appointment scheduling can help to reduce the pressure on the front desk as well as minimise no-shows and eliminate scheduling conflicts. Indeed, an online patient appointment scheduler can enhance communications, improve workflows and reduce conflicts: In this way actually improving levels of patient care – So, if that is something you would like to do cost-effectively it IS worth taking at look at the options…

Is an Online Scheduler a Sound Investment? Read On…

March 24th, 2012

Many medical practices have invested in office automation in the form of appointment scheduling software and online appointment scheduling systems. As a result, those businesses have successfully improved workflows and so finances: After all, time is money. An online scheduler is a useful tool for many professionals, not just medical practices. Today, patient appointment scheduling software is successfully used by medical organizations across the US as well as psychologists, holistic practitioners, beauticians, dentists: Indeed, an online scheduler has proven to be a sound financial investment for many professionals.

Getting Ahead Online
An online scheduler can provide your medical practice with the edge over your competitors. In a modern world more and more people are going online to search for the professionals, services and products they need. An online scheduler can be integrated into your website with ease. The simple fact they are able to book an appointment immediately could help to give you the edge concerning new patients.

Time Management
All medical and health professionals rely on patient appointment scheduling to keep their business going. The more accurately and easily those schedules are managed the more efficiently time is managed, which can only be good for business. Overbooking, no-shows and empty time slots cost. An online scheduler can help to reduce all these problems.

Patient Reminder Calls
Reminder calls can help to reduce no-shows. In a busy office or for a sole practitioner who is often out and about, getting those calls made can be easier said than done: There simply is not always time. An online scheduler can make reminder calls by calling the patient, emailing and/or even by SMS text. Patients have the opportunity to confirm, reschedule or cancel the appointment. This can be highly beneficial concerning the reduction of no-shows and so help improve revenue. In this way, an online scheduler can be a very cost-effective patient appointment scheduling solution.

Not all appointment scheduling software and online systems can provide the same features. Nevertheless, here are some of the more fundamental features you can expect to find available when looking for an online scheduler.

- Easy Website Integration
- 24/7 patient scheduling
- Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Calls
- Multiple Languages
- Seamless organization of multiple practitioners in multiple locations

An online scheduler has proven to be a sound, cost-effective solution for large and small businesses: And when it is so easy to integrate the software, there is every reason to believe it can also do the same for you.

Self-Service Patient Appointment Scheduling – Time Management at its Best

March 17th, 2012

Today a growing proportion of health organizations have automated their medical appointment scheduling tasks using a reliable and reputable online doctor appointment scheduling system. Providing self-service patient appointment scheduling frees up staff enabling them to dedicate more time to patients and more demanding tasks such as billing. In this way, incorporating automated appointment scheduling systems can help overall medical practice management by streamlining workflows and so lead to an improvement in the standard of care provided. When comparing the advantages and improvements v cost, a majority will find automated appointment scheduling a cost effective option.

No Time to Waste…
In this day and age who has time to waste? Time management is just as important for sole medical practitioners as it is for large health organizations: In some ways, even more so. Online doctor appointment scheduling is far superior to the old pen and paper scheduling – Overbooking and double bookings will become a thing of the past. No-shows are another problem for many medical practices: Costing health organizations millions every year in lost revenue. Many of the online doctor appointment scheduling systems available will carry out reminder calls routinely. Patients are able to re-schedule, confirm or cancel their doctor appointment with ease. Patient appointment reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows: To which, the recuperation of lost revenue can be offset against the cost of the system. In this way, automated appointment scheduling can be very cost-effective.

HIPPA Compliant?
HIPAA Regulations allow healthcare practitioners across the US to communicate with patients at their home with matters concerning personal health. Reminder calls can be made by telephone call, SMS or email and the guidelines are adhered to. In relation to HIPAA´s Entity Definition Online doctor appointment scheduling systems are not required to comply with HIPAA regulations BY LAW. Nevertheless, respecting the privacy of patients should be paramount to every medical physician – Opting for an online self-service patient appointment scheduling provider committed to respecting HIPAA guidelines is surely the most responsible way forward.

Is This a Cost effective Solution for Your Practice?
Large and small healthcare organizations can benefit from the advantages of using an online, self-service patient appointment scheduling system that is HIPPA compliant. More advanced systems can provide more advanced features; which can include multi-lingual scheduling and reminder calls, medical billing, recurring medical appointments and much (much) more. Giving the system a trial run before making any commitment gives you the chance to assess which features are most crucial and most beneficial for you: Therefore the most cost-effective.

24/7 Medical Appointment Scheduling – Reliable, Convenient and Cost effective

March 12th, 2012

More and more medical practices are automating everyday tasks to help streamline patient administration. Office automation is replacing paper and pen by integrating computerized systems giving medical practice staff more time to deal with patients efficiently. Not only will automated appointment scheduling ease the pressure on front desk staff (and so help to improve patient services), it is also a very convenient service for patients.

Reduce No Shows with Automated Appointment Scheduling
We live in a fast-paced world. Therefore, 24/7 patient scheduling is a welcome service for most. Not only can patients book a medical appointment at their convenience, day or night, they can also reschedule or cancel an appointment. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no shows. Missed appointments cost time and money. Most online doctor appointment scheduling systems are able to carry out reminder calls routinely. This is of great benefit to patients, front desk staff and doctors. Staff do not have to allocate time to make reminder calls and so can use this time to deal with other tasks (indeed, in a busy medical practice reminder calls are often neglected). This basic feature alone can make automated appointment scheduling extremely cost-effective.

User Friendly
While the medical appointment scheduling systems available today can be extremely advanced and feature rich, most are “user friendly”. The features available vary and you may not need many of them: On the other hand, you might need all of them! It is a good idea to try out any online doctor appointment scheduling system or software you might be considering to 1) Ensure it has the features you need 2) That it is user friendly for both staff and patients.

Online doctor appointment scheduling is generally low maintenance and extremely reliable – Certainly more reliable than paper and pen. No specialist hardware is required as a rule and if it is HIPPA compliant the privacy of your patients is assured (NOTE: A “Free” online appointment scheduler usually comes with a price, and that price is often the privacy of your patients).

Consistency is vital with regards to patient appointment scheduling. Even so, sometimes front desk staff simply cannot keep up. Automated appointment scheduling can help staff keep patient services consistent. These systems can be utilized 24/7 or they can be relied on to back up front desk staff during busy periods – Indeed, a medical appointment scheduler provides an extra pair of hands there when you need them most: Cost Effectively.

Self Service Patient Appointment Scheduling – Easy Does It..

February 25th, 2012

Today some of the largest health organizations in the US and Canada have turned to appointment scheduling software to improve efficiency – Very successfully too. Self-service patient appointment scheduling can be made available to your patients 24/7. The sheer convenience of this alone helping to improve the services provided. For staff working in a busy medical practice ensuring a consistent level of efficiency can be extremely difficult. Juggling their time between answering patient appointment calls as well patients at the front desk can be a precarious balancing act. Being courteous and most of all friendly to patients at all times is extremely important. When staff are over-stretched mistakes can be made and nerves can become frayed; which can be extremely detrimental to patient – practice relations.

24/7 Patient Scheduling
Providing patients with 24/7 appointment scheduling can help to ease the pressure on the front desk. As any experienced receptionist or medical practitioner understands, there is little room for error when dealing with people´s health. Automated appointment scheduling gives staff the helping hand they need, allowing them to focus upon other tasks and of course, most important of all, your patients. 24/7 patient scheduling makes this possible.

Change is Coming…
Automated appointment scheduling is replacing the old pen and paper “calendar” scheduling in medical practices across the U.S and Canada. Online doctor appointment scheduling can do much more than schedule patient appointments. It can deal with reminder calls, helping to reduce no-shows and it can also gather vital statistics which can help doctors and staff improve productivity. Recurring appointments can be scheduled automatically and double bookings can become a thing of the past – Just like the pen and paper method!

Requirements & Training
Advanced online doctor appointment scheduling services are maintenance free and generally do not require any specific “in-house” hardware to be installed. Generally, self-service patient appointment scheduling is designed to be easy to use. Even so, a free trial period allows staff to investigate and familiarize with the software´s features. Using any demo available is an excellent way to get a feel for a particular software: In this way they can also be used to train staff. Most software companies do provide support as part of the user agreement. In addition, certain web tools can also provide staff and doctors with the support needed to better utilize the software.

Self Service Patient Appointment Scheduling can make life a lot easier for staff, patients and doctors – And when life is easier you can be sure that everyone is a lot happier….

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